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   Chapter 23 I love you

Anything My Sweet By MarillaGarden Characters: 9479

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We reached Italy safely as Xavier was waiting for us. We exited the airport doors, I looked around for Xavier that was leaning against the car.

"There he is, " I said as I pulled Alicia's hand. "Did we keep you waiting for little brother?" I questioned as I opened the back door for Alicia to hop in.

He pushed my shoulder, "Just because mother told you that you were older than me by two minutes doesn't mean nothing." He stated as he went over to the driver's side and entered.

I laughed loudly, he hated it that I was the oldest and I always boss him around just because I was the could. I got in the car and grabbed his shoulder while squeezing it. "I'm only messing with ya little brother."

He laughed while shaking his head, "I know silly, mother cooked dinner for us. She can't wait for you two to arrive, but I think Anna has forgotten you. She doesn't love to sit with anyone besides father, good luck trying to win her love back dear brother." Xavier said as he took off.

I was happy that I had a brother, I was happy that I had a real family. We have bonded so close these past few months. I just wanted to complete it with asking Alicia to be my wife then everything would be perfect.

"How is your family doing Alicia? Do you miss them already?" Xavier questioned her as I looked back at her. "Yea I do but I? wouldn't be happier without being next to Salvador, he kinda completes me." She said as she pinched my cheek.

"Any news on Frederic and Zena?" I questioned Xavier. He was in touch with Arnold that was in touch with Frederic more than all of us.

The two became close friends that understood each other very well, "Aroldo said that he asked for you to call him. He said just because you're not his second in command doesn't mean you're not his friend." Xavier said.

It was true, I wasn't in touch with Frederic as I was before. Some friend I turned out to be but I just been too busy with my family. "I'll call him as soon as I reach your place, " I stated.

We reached Xavier's place and I was beyond tired, I just wanted to take a shower, say hi to mom and dad then sleep.

The maids took our luggage in as Alicia phone rang. ''I'm going to take this. You go shower and come back down." She said while walking away from us.



I was nervous as I? answered the call.

''Hello'', I said.

A soft voice answered back, "Hi", she replied. "When do you think we can meet?" She questioned while I was looking around to check if anyone was around me. I stared at Xavier as he was talking with his parents, they were sitting in the garden while the sun shined on this very beautiful day.

"Whenever you like, I don't know how he will take it but I just wanted you to get a chance, that's if you still want to meet?" I asked curiously.

I didn't know if I was

u." He said which caused me to laugh.

"Yea babe, more than you think, " I stated. "Let's make a baby together Alicia." He said as my jaw went down south. I stared at him with wide eye's, and f*ck he really meant it.

Did I want a baby?

Was I ready?

I didn't know, all I knew and felt was his lips capturing mines into his as he took me into la la land. By his kisses, I was sure to easily say yes.

Sela interrupted our moment, "Thank you Salvador. It truly means the world to me that you gave me a chance. You have an angel in your arm's, take care of her. I know my Anna will be safe with her, I'll come and visit Anna when I have the chance, that's if it's ok with you two." She said.

Salvador nodded his head as she placed Anna in my arm's. "Thank you, Alicia, I hope you invite me to your wedding." She said as she laughed.

"You're married right, Sela?" I asked.

She smiled warmly, "Yes, he is so sweet and kind and I truly love him as Salvador loves you." She said as she faced Salvador.

"I want to say that it was never you, I just couldn't deal with the fact I got pregnant without knowing how I truly felt about you. We had our time but it's over, I hope we can be friends for the sake of Anna. I'm happily married and you are happily in love with this amazing woman. Please let me see Anna whenever I can, that's all I ask of you." She said to him with pledging eye.

"You can be in Anna's life as much as you like Sela, I won't denied you that, " Salvador replied as she smiled happily.

"Thank you so much." She said as tears fell. "I will be leaving now, thank you for understanding and thank you for giving me a second chance." She said as she left.

Salvador pulled me closer into his arms as Anna's heavy eyes drifted to sleep. "I love you my sweet." He whispered against my cheek.

"I love you too, " I replied as I snuggled into his embrace.

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