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   Chapter 22 6 months later..

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Six months after the crowning...


"I know don't where to start, I didn't come to take anything. I just want to talk to the both of you, actually, I wanted to ask you both something." I said as I was facing Pablo and Anthony.

We we're at the La'stat home, Alicia and I have been in Italy for over six months now. After the crowning, we just left. Frederic wasn't himself so Aroldo just told us to leave, so we did.

A lot has happened since then, father and mother along with Alicia and I were living at Xavier's place until we figured out everything.

Alicia was missing her family so we decided to come visit them. Luckily Anthony was visiting Pablo, the two men have become a best friend through the love they both have for their baby, for Alicia.

"What is it Salvador?" Anthony asked as he picked up his beer and took a sip. Pablo did the same as both men were calm while I was starting to sweat like a pig.

"Well, you both know I love Alicia so much. I don't think I can live without her." I said while releasing a deep breath. "What I'm trying to say is, I'm asking for permission to have her. To propose to her, with your blessings of course." I said a bit nervous.

They both just stared at me, "I don't think that's a good idea Salvador." Pablo said as Anthony looked up at him. "Yea, I agree with Pablo, " Anthony said.

"I'm nothing like Eros, I'm in love with her Pablo. Please say yes." I begged.

Both men had a smile on their faces before laughing loudly. Anthony shook his head while Pablo came and stood by me. "What took you so long to ask Salvador, I thought you came here to tell us that you two were already married, " Pablo said.

"What the hell, you had me thinking that you don't want me to marry Alicia because I was..." I trailed off my word's.

Both men had a sad look on their faces as they took in mines. After the truth was revealed, I had a bit of trouble with myself. I didn't know why I thought drinking away would ease the pain but it didn't. It only made it worse, luckily mother and father along with Alicia snapped me out of it. Assuring me that it was ok that I felt sad about Eros because after all he was the man who raised me. It wasn't the best but still he was there for me, it was a hate love thing I felt for Eros. Causing me to lose my mind, but Alicia was always there.

"Salvador, we know that it's hard for you but we wouldn't want anyone else but you to care for our Alicia. We we're just playing your leg, of course, you have my permission. It would be an honor to have you as my son-in-law." Anthony said.

"Yes, it would be an honor indeed. I

ow Marco, maybe she's in the kitchen. So you two are dating? Since when? How come she hasn't told me?" I questioned him.

"Woah Sis, we not together yet. This will be our first date, I kinda though Vlad had a thing for her but when I asked him if I could date her, he said yes." Marco said as he walked me outside the house.

I pulled his hands into mines. "Marco, Liz likes Vlad and I'm sure Vlad like her as well. Maybe you shouldn't go out with her." I started as I watched his face turned into a confused look.

"Oh!" He said in a hurt tone. "Thanks for telling me before I got in deep shit." He said as he hugged me then walked over to his car and sped off.

"Is everything ok my sweet?" Salvador asked as he watched Marco speed off like a madman.

I was going to fucking kill Liz for hurting him but first I needed to know what was going on. "Yea, I'm coming."

I walked over to where papa and dad were standing next to Salvador.

"Well, since you were the second in command then I think you should take everything Eros owned Pablo. I'll take care of Alicia, I promise. We have to be heading back, I left Anna with father and mother at Xavier place." Salvador said as we entered the car.

"I will let you know what I will do with his money which I still think it belongs to you, " Papa said as we buckled up.

"I don't want anything from him, I'm good. Take care men and please visit soon." Salvador said as he brought the car to life.

"Bye papa, by dad. I love you both so much, please come visit us soon." I stated as Salvador drove off.

"Can't wait to go back, I miss Anna so much and I have a big surprise for you, " Salvador said.

And I have a bigger surprise as well.

I said to myself as I looked out the window.

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