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   Chapter 21 The crowning

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"The Crowning"


"You look so sexy Salvador, you kinda look like your father mixed with your mother. Now I know where you get your good looks." Alicia said as her arms were around me.

I pulled her in closer to my body, "did I tell you how I can't wait to see you in a white gown like this as you walk down the aisle. You look so sexy, making me want to rip that dress off you and make love to you." I said as she giggled.

"Caveman I tell you." She said as her hand gently touched my lips. Her eye's flashed in pain before she spoke again, "Promise me you'll be safe tonight, I don't want to lose you Salvador." She said as she waved her hands against her eyes. "I'll start looking like a panda bear if the waterworks start falling down."

I pulled her closer as I kissed her lips, she was nervous as well as I but Frederic knows what he's doing. This night has to end, and hopefully, it will end peacefully.

I wasn't Frederic right hand anymore but I was still his friend. I was actually happy that I don't have that burden on my shoulders, I knew Aroldo would be even better as his right hand as I'd ever will be.

I would be lying if I said I haven't changed since I shot Eros, I was sad because he was still the man who raised me. Not in the best way but it was probably his way of being a parent to his ex-wife child. He treated me with so much hate, not physically but mentally.

He wanted me to become like him which I never wanted to. Gave me all the essential to live but never the love, never showed me the love I've always craved for. But I felt that love when my father hugged me that night, I felt it so much that my heart ached.

"What are you thinking about Salvador?" Alicia questioned as she hugged me. I wrapped my arms around her, "Thinking about how my life was. How Eros caused me so much pain, how he f*cked up my mind." I replied with the truth.

She held me even closer, "forget about him, you have a father and mother that truly loves you. Can't you see that?" She asked as she pulled away.

I smiled and nodded my head, "I do see it my sweet, I see it very clearly too." I replied as my arms went up t

de his way to me. The man didn't let go as he gripped even harder than before. Salvador pulled out a gun and placed it on the man's head, the entire table stood up but the men who were surrounding it pointed their guns at them.

"Let go of her hand, can't you see the Dom is coming down with his queen, " Salvador whispered lowly in his ear.

The man just looked at me then up at the stairs where Frederic and Zena we're coming down. He let go of my head, Salvador pulled the gun away and pulled me closer to him.

"This is Varro's son." He said to me that caused me to lean in further into Salvador's arm. Papa bent his head close to the man's ear, "That is my baby your father and Eros took from me when she was a child. That is my Alicia." Papa said as he pulled Salvador away from him.

"Go sit with your family and keep Alicia safe, " Papa said as he pushed Salvador away.

We reached the table where Salvador was sitting on, everyone stared at me as we sat down. "Are you ok?" Salvador asked as he took my hand.

"Yes I'm fine, he just startled me, " I said as I looked over at the man who was staring back at me.

Salvador growled loudly but his father grabbed his shoulder. "Easy son, he will get what is coming to him very soon, " Christian said, trying to calm Salvador down.

Salvador gulped down the wine that was in his glass. "I'm going to fucking kill him tonight." He whispered quietly as he stared at him.

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