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   Chapter 20 The truth part 2

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"What's going on?" Alicia's voice questioned. I turned to face her. she stood between Zena and Emma. She couldn't see what was going on due to the men blocking the way.

"We don't know yet my sweet, come, someone is here that you would love to see, " I said as I held my hand out.

Sara and El Camin were locked in each other's arms. Alicia took my hand as Emma went to stand next to Aroldo.

"Who are those people?" Alicia questioned as she stared at them. I wanted to see if she remembered the man, "does he look familiar in any way Alicia?" I asked curiously. She shook her head as she stared at the El Camin. He was old, maybe he changed over the years for her not to remember him. "He is the man who took you, " I whispered lowly. She shook her head in shock.

She walked over to them, she was behind Sara as her face was buried in El Camin arms. He looked up at her as she tried to remember him, "You were the one fighting with the other man as you tried to take me back home, right?" Alicia said as confusion took over us.

Sara raised her head as she heard Alicia voice. She stood up, her back was still facing Alicia. She slowly turned around to face Alicia, causing her to take a couple of steps back.

"Omg.'' Alicia gasped as she couldn't believe her eye's. "Sara?" She questioned while looking at everyone.

"Yes sweetheart, I'm Sara. My you've grown into a beautiful woman." She said as she walked closer to Alicia. Her hands went to her face as she gently pulled her into her arm's. "I thought you were dead, " Alicia yelled as she cried loudly.

"You're alive, oh god you're really alive, " Alicia said as she hugged her tightly. Tears were nonstop from both ends, "I think it's time we all sat down and asked who's the real devil that tortured both Sara and Alicia. Who's behind this f*cking plot." Frederic spoke.

Sara pulled back, wiping Alicia tears that can't seem to stop."Do you not remember him, Alicia?" Sara asked as she held her. "I remember the place but not his face, " Alicia answered.

"Please, everyone come in."

Frederic said as he walked over to El Camin and his son. "Don Carlos, thank you for bringing him." He said as he shook his hand. He faced El Camin and kneeled on one knee, "I have to call Pablo La'stat to attend this, you will speak your side but you will also be held accountable for the murder of his wife and son. It is up to him if he can forgive you for what you have done." Frederic said loudly causing Alicia to back away from Sara.

"He's the one who killed Nata and Necco?" She yelled as she stared at Marco and Vlad that we're holding back from attacking him. "I was told that your father had a hand in killing Sara and unborn twins that I never got the chance to hold. I was framed, he made me think that it was Pablo who committed the crime. I was angry and hurt, I wanted revenge. I didn't listen to anyone, I just wanted payback that was all. If I knew that he framed Pablo for what he has done, I wouldn't have attacked him that night. He was the one who told me where Pablo's whereabouts were, how would I have known, huh?" El Camin yelled as Marco and Vlad rushed over to attack him.

Aroldo and Xavier grabbed them before they could do anything. "You killed my mother and brother for no f*cking reason, " Marco shouted as Xavier held him in place. Frederic stood up and stared at both boy, "Enough." He hissed angrily.

"I didn't shoot her." El Camin said firmly as everyone looked at him. "As I've said, I have been framed for their murder. Yes, I came that night to kill all of you. But I wasn't the one who shot Nata or you're brother." He yelled loudly.

"You f*cking did, it was you. Eros men said it was you." Vlad said as he rushed over to him but Aroldo held him back.

"F*cking listen to me, Eros men came into the house and attacked me and my men. I fled the scene after one of my men took your sister, I never order him to do so. I never shot your mother nor your brother, I left and they were still alive. How did the house magical went up in flames? How come they came minutes after I came, causing chaos?" He questioned causing me to frown.

"Are you accusing my father of killing his best friend wife and son? Oh, you will say anything to save your skin, you murderer." I shouted as I walked over to him.

His eyes opened widely as he tried to figure out who I was, he rolled his wheelchair closer to me. Sara left Alicia side to stand by him, "You are Eros son?" She asked as El Camin h

said in shock as she stared at Salvador.

Eros stood up, Salvador pointed the gun at him which caused him to frown. "Tell me where you took her children, WHERE?" Salvador shouted.

Eros stared at him before speaking."I left them both at the orphanage in Rome. But you are my son, I raised you. Are you going to shoot me, my son?" Eros questioned as his eyes drifted from Salvador to the gun in his hand.

"Tell me what's my mother's name?" Salvador questioned him. He stared down at Sara then back at him, he walked up to Salvador and pressed the gun to his chest. "Shoot me, if you're man enough you will shoot me?" Eros hissed as his eyes pierced through Salvador. "You wonder why I never taught how to shoot? It's because I never wanted you to kill me when you found out the real truth. Found out that you weren't a Gibinshy but an El Camin. Yes, you're not my son. Your his and hers. Yes, I plotted all this for revenge. Yes, I was envy of Pablo's happy family while I had nothing." Eros said as he pulled the trigger on himself.

His body fell on the floor, Salvador watched him bleed to his death. Aiming the gun towards Eros, "You f*cking a**hole." He hissed.


Salvador shoots him once more, causing Eros to die. Salvador got on his knees as he watched Sara or should I say his mother crawl to his side. She wrapped her arms around him, causing him to let out a loud painful roaring sound through the hallway.

He held his mother in his arms as he cried, causing the room to become silent. He raised his head up and stared at his real father that was staring at him. Xavier walked over and pulled his mother up in his arms, "I always felt something in my heart the first time I laid my eye's on you. Who would have ever thought you would be my mother. I always thought you I was a sinful child you never wanted." He said quietly causing Sara to cry even more.

He held out his hand for Salvador, helping him to get up. They both embraced each other before they both stared at El Camin. Salvador walked towards him and kneeled down, placing his head on Christian lap.

"I'm sorry." He whispered but we all could hear the pain in his voice. Christian pulled his head up and stared at him, "You have nothing to be sorry about." He said as he pulled him into his arm's.

The truth was revealed, now it was time for Varro's death as well. "Eric, take Eros body out and have someone clean this mess, " I said as everyone stared at the El Camin family reunite in tears.



The night came to an end, El Camin wasn't the one who was behind the killing of Pablo's family but Eros, Salvador's father or he thought he was. Turns out Salvador and Xavier were brothers, Christian El Camin and Sara were their real parents.

Pablo La'stat and El Camin made truths. Everyone was happy but still shocked at the news, how can one as Eros be so devious? He was truly a devil in disguise.

So we knew the truth, why did I have this uneasy feeling in the pity of my heart.

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