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   Chapter 18 Love me..

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"So, let me see if I understood this clearly, your dad, Alex's dad, Pablo, Santos, that Frederic guy and you are all in the Mafia? Alicia asked for the hundredth time.

I nodded again, she just sat there, trying to get it through her mind. Pablo and Anthony already talked with her, now it was my turn. "Like, actual mafioso, like the people who kill?" She asked curiously while biting her nails.

Letting out a loud irritated huff, "I don't go shooting people Alicia, goddammit." I yelled.

She picked up her legs and folded them on the bed. "Salvador, I'll ask you some questions and you answer with a yes or no, ok."

Pulling off my shirt along with my pantsuit, I jumped in bed. I placed my head on her thighs, "bad** pillow you got here." I said making her giggled as her fingers went through my hair. "You haven't killed anyone Salvador?" She asked with fear in her eyes.

I stared at her, "I haven't been in a situation where I have to kill anyone, but threatening people, that I have done." I said which caused her to exhaled loudly. She was lost in her thinking, I wanted to know what was going on in that pretty little head of hers.

"What are you thinking about Alicia?" I questioned her while playing with her hair. She stayed quiet for sometime before speaking, "I'm thinking about my birth control pills, do you think a month is enough for them to kick in or should we wait longer until we have sex."

"I'll wait until you're ready." I smiled softly. She pushed me off her, causing me to fall on the bed. "Hey, what was tha....." I didn't get to finish what I wanted to say.

She was standing on the bed, taking off her dress, then she took off her bra, leaving her only in a pair of sexy white lace panties. She got on her knees and crawled on all fours until she reached where I was then laid flat on her stomach to face me. Her fingertips brushed along my shoulders until she had my chin in her hand. She gently pulled my face so close to hers, only inches away from her lips. She flipped her hair to the side as her eyes flashed through so many emotions all at once, "F*ck me Salvador."

My hands dug into the comforter as I tried to control myself, she smiled while turning on back. Her hands went into my hair, pulling me down slowly as her lips kissed my chin. My lips caressed her lips then her nose then finally her forehead, the kiss lingered a bit longer. I pulled away to look at her, her eyes misted up a bit which caused me to place another kiss on the forehead.

"How about we make love first then we can f*ck after, that's if you still want to, " I said as I played with her hair. She flipped over on her stomach again, this time her hand gently caressed my cheek, "Make love to me Salvador."

"I'll be honest with you, make love to me made my heart flip while fucking me Salvador my cock sift." Her laughter filled the room.

I jumped on the bed pulling her body into my arm's. "You're so perfect, " I whispered into her

to you. That I will be your wife one day." She said

"Promise, you'll keep it on your finger no matter what, " I stated.

"I promise."

Snapping out of my thoughts, my smile got wider. "You see this ring", Alicia said as she lifted her hand towards Gabrielle. "Salvador placed it on my finger last night. I want you out of my house by the end of the day or I'll have Zod and Robert kick you out." Alicia said as she took another strawberry in her mouth.

"You have no right to fire me, I don't work for you, " Gabrielle shouted.

"You heard what my baby said, leave before I have the men kick you out, " I said walking into the closet.

"Did you tell her about how we f*ck", Gabrielle yelled.

"Yup, he told me you guys only f*cked twice in the past nine months I've been here and one of those times was when I first arrived. Save it, Gabrielle, I never like you, leave and don't let the door hit you on the way out." Alicia said.

I came back in the room, luckily Gabrielle left. "You get some sleep, I'll go get the plane ready. We have to be in Moscow by tomorrow." She wrapped her hands around my neck and kissed me long and hard before I got out and closed the door behind me.

I noticed Anna's room door was open, I pushed it all the way and walked in. Her crib was empty, I went out the room and down the hall and stairs until I reached the kitchen.

"Where's Julie, is Anna with her, " I yelled at Sue.

"Anna is in her crib sleeping dear, is something wrong?" Julie said as she came out from the laundry room.


I ran out the house, looking for Zod or Robert or anyone. I heard yelling coming from the back of the house. I ran through the house as fast as I could, I made it to the patio where Ryan and Lena we're hovering over someone. I was shocked when I found Gabrielle body floating in the pool, I ran over to Ryan. My heart stopped completely as I watched Lena doing CPR on Anna.

I couldn't move, couldn't breathe.

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