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   Chapter 17 We're sorry

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It's been two weeks and Pablo was out of the hospital, recovering with his wife and children. Everyone was excited that Alicia knew the truth, well, somewhat of the truth. I just knew she will ask questions about why and how but, we'll just have to wait and see what the night holds for us.

''Open your eye's Alicia.'' It was almost time for everyone to arrive. She was dressed and ready but exhausted, I asked for her to take a nap. Today, she was going to know her real family, Pablo and Anthony decided it was best if they had a family meeting. Both La'stat and Washington's, I wondered if the dinner would go to plan?

"I don't want to do this", She whispered into the pillow. I sighed deeply and sat beside her.

"You have to, you need to, you want too. It's ok if it doesn't go perfectly, but at least try. Pablo and his boy's love you, just like Anthony and his boy's do. Don't blame them for something they couldn't control. They've searched for you nonstop, for thirteen year's and never gave up hope. Even when everyone said that you were dead, they kept going. I should know, I was there the whole time."

She still had her face in the pillow but listened to every word I said. Getting up, having her knees on the bed, her beautiful eyes stared at me. I laid my head back on the headboard and watched her play with her fingers nervously. "Can I ask you to do something for me when the night is over."

"Anything my sweet, " I replied with a smile.

Her hands brushed back her hair while a smile appeared. "Can you be gentle with me when we make love to each other tonight."

My breath was caught stuck in my throat. My mouth hung open as my eye's stared at her, I couldn't comprehend what she just said. A knock on the door came at the wrong time, "leave" I shouted at whoever was knocking.

"I just wanted you to know that your guest has arrived, " Julie stated.

We stared at each other as if we were dueling. "Don't f*cking play with me Alicia, I've waited and I can wait some more."

She inhaled while looking down at her fingers. "You always say I'm a virgin but I always tell you I'm not. I run away from you because I've only had sex halfway." She said. Raising her head to face me, I nodded my head for her to continue.

"I was only fifteen when I dated this guy from school for four months, we both decided to just do it. He didn't force me and I wasn't educated enough to know how sex was. All we knew that a d*ck goes into a pu**y and that's about it." She said, giggling at the thought.

"We began, and as quickly as he entered, he pulled out, stating that we were done. Got up, wiped himself off and said it was the best. I frowned as to think it was supposed to be longer and more passionate as you see in the movies, where they moan and kiss like crazy, but it wasn't. All I felt was a stinging pain that left blood all over his back seat car. He felt extremely proud of himself and I felt extremely disappointed. I was in shock, bleeding heavy as I sat there. I asked him to dropped me off home, which he did. Asking if I was ok, I nodded my head when all I wanted to do was cry and scream. He was talking but I wasn't listening. I ran into the house and into my mom's arms, I remember crying as she held me tight, letting me know that everything was ok." A teardrop fell as she remembered.

Wiping her tears away, she continued to speak. "Taking me into her room and sitting me down on her bed, we started to talk about what happened. She was trying not to blow, she was mad and upset that I didn't come to her and asked her about sex or even Google it online. Then asked me if I used protection, I shook my head and hell was upon me. Got grounded for a month and wasn't allowed to have a boyfriend until I knew what was right and what was wrong." She exhaled loudly as her eyes laid on me.

"I wasn't those girls that wanted to know everything. Instead of Googling porn and whatnot, I would Google missing people. I was stuck in my world of nightmares that I forgot about my life. So I started taking the pills to forget, I just wanted to be normal. Time went by and I started to forget my dreams little by little. They would still come but everything was blurry." She crawled over, straddling me.

"I was too scared to ever date any other guy because of how I was and one night stands weren't my thing. If I felt the need for anything, I would pleasure myself but now, I want you to pleasure me."

A shiver came over me and a f*cking knock came once more on the door. "Jesus, I said leave. Well, be there soon." I yelled. The beauty that was on my arm's, giggled as she got off me to open the door.



Opening the door wid

ve." He said looking at Salvador.

He laughed loudly, "Welcome back cuz and welcome to our new family, Washington's." Everyone cheered again and I just sent him a smile from my heart.

I don't just have four crazy brothers but also a crazy cousin as well. Liz and Lena, we're checking out Santos from head to toe. He was really cute, Salvador was strong but Santos showed his strength, he carried himself better than Salvador.

The night came to an end, everyone left besides dad and Pablo who was talking far away from us. The night went well as I sat there with my four brother's, Lena and Liz, plus Santos and Salvador. "So cuz, are you coming to Salvador to Frederic wedding?" Santos said as he chugged his beer.

"If you had given me time to tell her, I would have asked her." Salvador hissed.

"Who's Frederic?" I asked

Salvador faced me and spoke, "He is my friend."

"Boss", Santos declared.

Sighing loudly while rubbing his eyes, "Yea, my boss and dear friend of mines", Salvador said. "He is having this royal ball you can say and asked me to bring you along with me. Santos will bring his girl as well." He stated.

"Royal ball? What is he, like royalty." Lena asked.

"You can say that", Santos said. "And I don't think doll face will come with me. We're kinda not together anymore." He said in a sad tone, emptying the beer bottle while grabbing another.

"You call her doll face?" Liz said in awe. He smiled widely and shook his head, "She's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life but I caused her pain and I don't want to see her in pain." He said.

Not only was he outspoken and tough, he was a softie as well. "So, will you come with me, Alicia?" Salvador asked. I nodded my head. "Where is this Frederic and how come I've never seen him before, " I questioned.

"He's all the way in Russia cuz, you'll be going to Moscow, " Santos said while getting up. "I'm going to leave now, I'll see you there beautiful." He came up and kiss my cheek, "if this ass gives you a hard time. You tell me, I'll personally take care of him for you."

The girls giggled loudly, "You tell him Santos, ain't nobody gonna hurt my Ali." Lena said. Santos laughed loudly, "Oh, you can count on that." He stated before leaving. I got up and followed him quickly.

"Santos", I yelled out. He faced me smiling. "Yea cuz."

"I want to meet doll face, please try to bring her with you." He looked down before replying back to me. "I really hurt her Alicia, I don't think she has feelings for me as I do for her. I don't want to force her into being with someone she views as dangerous. She's too innocent to be with someone like me, I'm not a good person." He said.

I grabbed his hand and held it tight. "I know you're a good person, just try once more before giving up." He brought my hand up to his lips and kissed it softly before leaving.

I felt someone's arm wrap around my waist. "I want to tell you something before we go to Moscow, " Salvador said. Dad and Pablo stood there watching me, "We all have something to tell you." Dad said loudly.

I felt whatever it was, it wasn't going to be good.

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