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   Chapter 15 Flashback

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"Papa, papa! Something is wrong with Ali. She's crying in my room, and I don't know what has happened to her." Elena yelled at the top of the staircase.

Ryan was the first to take two steps at a time up the stairway until he reached Elena. Salvador didn't make a move as he stood next to his father, Marco, Vlad and I were already near Elena as she tugged Marco's hand leading him to her room.

I had to drag Vald with me as he stared at Salvador, "I knew he would not pay any attention to her with his father here. He is playing with her papa, he will hurt her. He is afraid of his father." Vald complained.

"I will deal will Salvador later." I said Reaching Elena room, as I entered the room. Marco and Ryan were comforting Alicia. "What happened Brad? Why is she crying?" Ryan said rubbing his sisters back gently. The gesture and love the boy's showed to my daughter made me feel at ease. I knew they loved her, maybe more than her real family did.

"I don't know, she just wants to go home. She said she's not feeling well." Brad said as he held Alicia in his arm's.

"Don't cry Alicia, I'm sorry." Elena soft voice said as she sat next to her. Alicia faced Elena and grabbed her, she hugged her tightly as tears fell. My heart broke into pieces seeing her suffer, I should have given her more time. I knew she remembers, but how much, I don't know.

She pulled back from the hug and spoke. "I'm sorry for scaring you Elena, I just don't feel well and when I don't feel well, I cry." My princess said. God, she has her mother's features in the ever way.

"What is bothering you Alicia, you can tell us. We are your family, I meant... We are like your family, you can tell us anything." Marco said as he stood inches away from her. He handed her a glass of water, which seemed she wanted at the moment.

"Can I speak with Mr. La'stat alone for a few moments please." Everyone in the room tensed up a bit, even I felt an unease feeling.

"Are you sure Ali", Ryan said. She nodded her head, and everyone left the room except I. I felt nervous at some point but closed the door after everyone was out. I faced her and started to walk towards her but what she said made my heart stop completely.

"I know you're my father, I mean, your my real father. Right?" Her eye's held so my pain and hurt, making me feel as if it was my fault for everything that has happened to her.

Flabbergasted, I didn't know how to reply. "The pink door, I remember, Necco I remember, the house I remember but I don't remember you or anyone else. I mean I do, just faded images", she said crying into her hand's uncontrollable.

Should I hold her? Tell her the truth? Tell her how everything happened that awful night? Tell her it's my fault her mother and brother died? That she was kidnapped because of me? My mind was lost and my heart was aching, "Princess", I said and her sobs were even louder than before.

"I'm your missing daughter that they took away from you, you let them take me."

I felt my heart beating faster, I needed air. I couldn't breathe anymore, my body fell on the floor. Why was my hand numb? "MARCO", Alicia yelled as she ran towards me.



"Help him, do something", I yelled as everyone came in the room. "DO SOMETHING", I cried out.

"What happened? Papa, are you alright? Someone call an ambulance now", Marco yelled. He tried to pull him out of my embrace but I refused to let him go.

"It's not your fault, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say that. Someone do something, he can't breath." My voice said pledging.


Several hours later in the hospital.....


"You're going to tell me what happened to Mr. La'stat Ali", Ryan said as he sat next to me in the waiting room.

I haven't said a word or should I say couldn't say a word. Tears were my only answer, Marco was sitting in

ns." I pushed myself to the wall and walked towards the elevator. facing them with a smile as the elevator doors shut. Letting out a deep breath, I loosened my tie.

"La'stat room please", I said. After getting directions and reaching the room, "I just can't remember you guy's, I mean I do, but is just like a faded dream that I'm lost in. I'm terrified to even ask how this all happened." She said as her eyes caught a glimpse of me.

She fell into a daze as she constantly stared. Vlad caught her and turned to face me, "It's family only Sal, get the f*ck out." I didn't reply, knowing he's hurt at the moment. "I said get the f*ck out", he yelled. Maybe he just hates my guts.

"I need to talk with him Vlad, I'll be back soon." Marco released her hand as she walked towards me, she closed the door on her way out. Reaching the seating room in the nurse lounge, I poured her a cup of coffee. "Are you hungry", I asked while handed her the cup.

"Why didn't you show any attention or affection towards me while your father was here Salvador? It was like I was invisible to you."

"My father will only break me again if he knew I had fallen for you. I satisfied his need only so he will keep away from me, But he's gone now."

Her soft sarcastic laugh caused me to panic a bit. "So you "satisfied his needs" by hurting and ignoring me? How does that sound? Stupid! Right?"

"Alicia, please! Let's not, ok!", I kneeled in front of her. "You really do have a hold on me, I really having feelings for you."

Her lips connected on my left cheek. "Do that one more time and I'll kick you're a** or better yet. I'll have all four of my brother's kick your a**."

Four brothers? Wait, she remembers?

"You remember them", I asked astonishingly. Her sad smile appeared as her left hand ran through my hair gently. She sipped her coffee as a teardrop fell on her cheek. "If it wasn't for the pink door, I would have said it was all a hallucination. But as soon as my eye's laid on it, my heart shattered, my feet took over me and walked towards it. My hand opened the heavy door with a heavy heart, it opened fully and I felt all the memories flooding back. I wanted them to go away to I slammed the door shut as fast as I could. I went into Elana's room and just lost control, sobbing uncontrollably. She came in the room with Brad by her side, they went to get her doll from the playroom, just to find me crying on her bed, I must have scared her."

"She's fine, the question is, are you?"

She shook her head and wrapped her arm's around my neck. "I'm scared."

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