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   Chapter 14 Father vs Dad

Anything My Sweet By MarillaGarden Characters: 19326

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{I am me, I am the girl who sees, what true importance of women worth means.

I am me, in a world that leads tiny human being's, that my seed will grow in knowing that a woman's mind is more important than her image will ever be.

I am me because no amount of man will hold me from being free.

I am me because I felt how love should truly be.

I am me, because I chose to be me.}

Never let a man hold you down. If he loves you, he will help you rise.




''Can you tell me more about what happened to Mr. La'stat family'', I asked Salvador as he watched me get ready for the Elena birthday party.

I was in a red off-shoulder dress that stopped above my knees. Ruby red lips and black eyeliner to make them look more elegant. My hair was down in waves, I grabbed my black pumps and wore them.

''You know, you can't keep torturing like this Alicia.'' He said rubbing his face in frustration, I walked over to him and sat on his lap.

''What have I done this time'', I asked innocently.

His deep brown eyes possessed an inner desire that I also craved too.

''How long will you keep giving me blue balls, I'm so tired of you always going so far in, but at the last-minute, you pull back. I knew you were a virgin if you weren't then you would have'', he grabbed ear and whispered. ''let me f*ck you.''

Didn't I tell you that I was a savage?

''Why haven't you taken me. You can easily claim me but yet you don't. Hmm! Tell me Mr. Edible, what are you waiting for." I knew I was holding back but I don't want to have sex until I feel it was right. A little fun without poking never hurt anyone. We'll, except for Salvador blue balls.


''Ok, tonight there's no running away sexy. You, me, bed, sex.''

I laughed and rubbed his beard. It suited him well, ''Ok caveman. You, out. Me, finish.''

He smiled showing me his perfect set of teeth. He held me tight and kissed my collarbone. ''Just know I'm here for you. Ok!'' He said pulling me tighter into his embrace. "You didn't sleep well last night, maybe we should stay. I'll order pizza and we can watch a movie, then pass out before the movie is even done.''

That sounds so good and tempting.

''Rain check? I promised Elena I would make it to her party. You don't feel like going'', I asked while rubbing the back of his neck slowly.

He eyes were closed. I placed my lips on his chin and kissed him. ''You have a hold on me, you know that right.'' He said looking at me through hooded eyes.

You have no idea how much my heart beats when I'm in your arm's.

"Do I'', I asked as I nuzzled into his neck. God, he smells so good.

"Would you still give me a chance, if you knew I held a big secret from you?'' He said.

I pushed back and looked into his eyes. ''What kind of secret Salvador?''

''Will you tell me what you dreamt about last night and why don't you sleep in my bed, next to me. I want you in my arm's Alicia but you always run away.''

"You followed me and watched me, in my sleep? Why are you changing the subject Salvador? What secret are you not telling me'', I asked a little annoyed?

''Nothing my sweet, it was just a question. Don't over think it, Ok.'' He said caressing my cheek.

The look on his face showed he was thinking really hard about something. I kissed his cheek, ''I'm sorry, I'll try harder. Just give me time, I still don't know why you want a crazy girl like me.''

He laughed gently. ''You have no idea how this crazy girl makes me feel. I feel like I'm going to lose you before even having you.'' He said as something in his eye's flashed by quickly.

I don't know why but my eye's were starting to mist. Why did he say it like that? ''You're really hiding something from me aren't you?''

''How strong are you Alicia'', he asked me.

''I don't know, depending on what bombshell you'll drop on me. Everyone is strong, it's just, each and every one of us has a different way of showing it. It all depends on the circumstances that will either break us or make us. The question you should be asking is, what's the breaking point of one's strength? Everyone is strong, but everyone has a breaking point where something or someone brings them to their knees. I know I'm strong physically but I don't know about mentally.''

He blew out a loud sigh and relaxed back into the vanity chair. ''Sleep with me tonight no matter what happens. I promise no sex, just stay in my arms til the morning.''

How long will I keep running from him? I don't think I'll ever sleep next to anyone.

Oh shut up and give it a try. He seems to have feelings for us bitch. Can't you see it? He doesn't think you're crazy.

But what if he does after. Remember Blake?

Don't bring up that bitch pu**y, a**hole, motherfucker up ever again.

Calm down!

OK look, obviously I'm the brains in this relationship. If it wasn't for me you wouldn't have never even gone to first base. So let me do my thing, and stop worrying. He really has a thing for us, you're not crazy. See you're talking to me which makes you sane.

Yea, talking with my conscience. Not insane at all, Salvador brought me out of my little world and spoke.

''Alicia, why do you run from me? Tell me, do you not want to make this work. Am I putting too much pressure on you about sex? Is that what's bothering you? I won't ask ever again, I'll wait until you're ready.''

I inhaled deeply. ''It's not that, I really want to have sex with you. Like really bad to the point where I have wet dreams about you f*cking me senseless.''

He smirked and held my hips tightly.

''Then why after all we do, you leave and sleep here alone. I've never begged for my entire life for a woman to sleep in my bed. Only you Alicia and you denied me that,

n and not do nothing."

"Well, I know that she will in a somewhat way break down but we'll all be here with her. I want to know why she doesn't remember me, or her brother's." Mr. La'stat said.

"She remembers, it's just. There not all good memories, so she blocks them. If she remembers, then she remembers them all and I don't think she wants to go back in time." Ryan said. "I know she's your daughter but dad will kill me if something happens to her, I'm sorry Mr. La'stat. I told my dad everything, in my own way. He's on his way with my sister, He would like for you to call him so he can tell you a few things, he and mom only knew about Alicia."

We all stared at Ryan. What the hell did he tell his father? "What is it exactly that you told your dad Ryan", I said in anger tone.

"I told him that you knew who Alicia was, that you hired me to work for you just to get more information on her. I told him that all this was a part of your plan to get Mr. La'stat to see his daughter. He wasn't mad, he was relieved that she wasn't abandoned as she thought she was. He said I wouldn't understand anything because we never saw what he and mom saw, dad is waiting for a phone call from you Mr. La'stat. He will tell you everything he knows, he just wants to be here when you tell her and trust me. Dad is the only person that will calm her down, you need him. Ali needs him."

"Very well, call him", Pablo said nervously. Ryan dialed the number and handed it to him. He loosened his tie and inhaled a sharp breath, he walked a few steps away from us until he was near the old swing set under the tree. He kneeled and rubbed his eye's.



"Ryan, is your sister alright? Did something happened?" The man who raised my daughter said worryingly through the phone.

"I received a message from your boy, which saying that you wanted to speak with me Mr. Washington."

"It's Anthony, Mr. La'stat." He said calmly.

"Pablo", I said in a very low voice. The line went silent for a couple of minutes, I didn't know what to think or what to say.

"She is beautiful, isn't she Pablo", Anthony said. "I just want to say, that she is and will always be my daughter, no matter what. How I feel may not be compared to how you feel, because she is your own flesh and blood. But I assure you, Pablo, that she is a part of my heart which I tried to heal with all my will. I'm glad she can finally find answers to her questions, but I ask from you to let me a part of her life when she does. I'm not trying to come between you and her, you have every right to tell her. I....I promised her on her fourteenth birthday that I will never let her face anything in life alone. That I and her siblings will always be there for her. She was hurt badly, it took her years to finally accept us without fear. I've seen her at her worst, and it's not a pretty picture. I ask from you just to wait until I arrive, I don't want her drowning back in that state where I had to pull her out of for the past seven year's just to drown back in it again."

I felt as if I wasn't her true father, but Anthony was. Which caused a pain in my heart, he was there when I wasn't.

"I want to sit down face to face with you Pablo, I want to know everything that happened. I will be boarding the plane in a few hour's, I beg of you to not do anything before I come." He said in a pleading voice.

"Very well, I won't do anything until you come and Anthony, I owe you my life for saving my Alicia."

The line went silent again. "I'll see you soon then, bye." He said.

I ended the call and walked over to the boys. "We wait until Anthony comes, I've seemed to be forgetting that he is her father and I'm just a stranger. Let's go inside, Salvador your father is here." I said.

Looking at Salvador's expression, I knew this night will be full of surprises.

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