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   Chapter 13 Father meets daughter

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Her eyes were shut as tears fell down. What do you expect, you just told her how much you hate her but I didn't hate her. I hated the feeling she was making me feel for her, I hated that, she didn't even have to try. I hated that she was so f*cking close, yet so f*cking far. I wanted her so bad, but couldn't have her. I was just to......

Love is a pity thing my son. Don't ever give your heart to a woman. Don't be a pu**y.

''Get off of me you a**hole.'' She said pushing me off her. But I didn't let her go, I pulled her even closer.

I missed her so much, does she even know how I feel? Can't she feel it?

''GET OFF OF ME'', she yelled as I stared into her eye's that were filled with hate at the moment, made me think of a plan to make her hate me more. ''Is poor Alicia scared? You know I won't bite only if you want me too.'' I stared at her as her anger began to show more. She didn't say anything. ''Do you want to share a bed with me? Be my f*ck buddy until you leave? I can decrease the payments of your brother's debt to me my sweet. You will do him a favor and I as well.''

Her shock was something I needed from her. I wanted her to hate me so I can give up on her and these stupid feelings could go the f*ck away.

Her chin and lips wobbled. Her eye's watered up to the max, tears ran down her cheeks quickly, her body became weak and numb in my arm's. I felt my heart twist violently over and over.

Why did my heart hurt right now?

''Can you please let go of me'', she said in a whisper. ''Don't ever touch me again, don't look at me, don't talk to me. Stay far, far away from me....please.''

Isn't this what you wanted Salvador? Are you happy now?

I loosened my grip on her, and stepped back away. ''I....'', she held her hand up.''Don't'', she said grabbing her phone that was on top of the dresser and walking out the room.

I didn't like this feeling I was having at the moment. Walking out after her, I watched how she slowly walked down the hall as if she was pain. My heart did another twist and then another, I felt I couldn't breath anymore. ''Alicia, I didn't.....'' I tried to explain but she kept walking until she reached the elevator.

Did you get a woman pregnant? You drowned into a woman's lie, you will see Salvador. She will leave you and the child, just like your mother did.

You can't give into a woman. Love is not real, let them love you but you never, ever return that love. They will feed on it Salvador. You hear me? Be a man!

''SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP, WHY DON'T YOU GET THE F*CK OUT.'' I screamed down the hallway.



He screamed so loud, I had to turn to face him, just so I can unleash my anger on him but then I realized, he wasn't talking to me, even though I was the only one here. He was pulling his hair with his hands while his eyes were shut. I started to walk towards him but stopped, taking a deep breath and really looked at him. His back was facing me now, his hand ranked his hair over and over, he pulled off his suit jacket and threw it on the ground. Pacing the small narrow hall back and forth, as if he was trying to calm himself down.

I was now inches away from him, ''Salvador, are you OK?'' He lifted his head that was cast down to the floor, he stared at me intensely, it seemed like he was really trying to control himself. ''Get away from me Alicia, I will only hurt you and I don't want to.''

But still you do, and all I want is to be close to you.

''I don't do relationship Alicia, just f*ck, have a good time then leave." He stated.

Closing my eyes, letting out an irritated huff, ''I don't want to be one of your many girls you just have sex with Salvador. I want you, to actually want me, not just physically but also mentally. But all you seem to want is to play around and I never stopped you. So, basically it's my fault for playing along with your game but a woman has need Salvador, but she also has dignity. There's nothing wrong with having sex but it has to be my choice, and it has to be on my terms. A woman is not a play toy for a man. I knew that you only want to use my body for your pleasure.'' I said walking up to him very slowly, his eyes shut automatically as I approached.

Was he scared of me?''You have plenty of women to warm your bed, why ask me?'' I questioned.

''Why do you give in to me Alicia? You love it just as much as I do'', he said.

I give in because a side of me thinks you might want something more than just to f*ck.

''Maybe in my mind, I fantasy about being with you but I'm afraid to give in. I don't want to damage my heart.'' I said.

I don't want to be the only one who falls in deep, while you get your ways.

''I don't want you to warm my bed, you're probably still a virgin and I don't like inexperienced woman.'' He said.

''So you like hoes, from different area codes?'' I stood back and began to laugh. Like really laugh. ''And what makes you think I'm a virgin?'' I asked raising an eyebrow.

He laid back on the wall and took out a cigarette from his pocket. Placing it in between his lips, he lit it and inhaled a long deep smoke. ''You were so shocked when I said f*ck buddies, so I'm guessing you're a virgin.''

''I wasn't shocked because of that. I was shocked because how you said it. because your kisses tells me something else, they have...this, or maybe it's just my imagination.'' I said as I watched his reaction.

He moved around as he ignored my gaze. ''So, you want to be f*ck buddies'', he asked with questionable eyes.

I stared at him in disbelief. ''What about your girlfriend, Esmahan?'' I said.

''Yes or No'', he braked.

''Sure'', The cigarette fell out of his lips in shock that I'm even considering. ''I thought you said you won't be one of my many woman that warms my bed?'' He said smirking.

''You haven't had me in your bed yet, so don't compare me to them.''

What the f*ck are you doing Ali? Are you really going to be his f*cking b*tch?

His hand went down his pants and rubbed his bulge that I was unaware of. "Don't tease me Alicia, you want to do this?''

''Your girlfriend is waiting downstairs, you should go. I need to rest for a bit.'' I said, feeling as if I was about to pass out. What the hell was I saying, God, I'm so stupid, turning to enter the room, I felt his arms wrap around my body from behind.

''No feeling Alicia, OK'', he said as he picked me up, locking the door with his foot and walked over to the bed.

What the hell is he doing?

He placed me down besides the bed while holding on to me so tight. I could feel his d*ck poking my back, I felt him taking off his tie. Then I felt him grab both my hands as he released me.

What the hell is he doing? And why aren't you screaming Ali?

Oh shut up and let him take you.

''Say yes Alicia, please say yes'', he whispered in my ear as his beard tickled me.


''Then why are you surrendering to me?'' Because I want you. And I really want to have sex. OK, it was offic

the kitchen.

Every night since I've worked here, a man around dad's age would ask for Seared Scallops with Lemon Orzo. I wonder who was ordering the same dish every night, so I decided one day to bring it out to him. Maybe my curiosity got the best of me because I remembered this meal at a young age. An image of a man sitting at the front table with a woman beside his right, the image was blurry but the plate wasn't. I went out with the waiter and placed the plate in front of him, but he wasn't alone. He had a wife and a beautiful daughter as well.


''I'm sorry for bothering you tonight but I had to see who was this person who ordered the same meal every night.''

He smiled sadly and had a look in his eye's as if I've seen him before. ''it's such an honor to have the chef bring it out for me.'' He said a bit nervously.

''I'm Alicia Washington'', I said extended my hand.

''Pablo La'stat'', he said grabbing my hand.

''I'm sorry again for the bother, please do enjoy your meal.''

''I will from now on.''

End of flashback....

Taking off my apron, I carried the plate out to the same spot he always sat. He saw me approaching and smiled, I placed the plate down and sat beside him.

''Bon appetit'', I smiled.

''Thank you my dear, how was work today?'' He asked as he took a bite.

''Exhausting but fun as always. How's Elena and Elenora ?'' I asked.

''They send their greetings to you. Elena brought you something with me'', he said, placing the silverware down and pulling an envelope out of his pocket. ''Her eleventh birthday is coming up and would love if you would come.''

''Aww, she so sweet, I would love to come, '' I said.

Mr. La'stat always had this sad look on his face which caused my heart to break. It felt as if he always wanted to cry but was holding himself in.

''Alicia'', he said which caused me to look up from the invitation card in my hand's. ''Yes''

''I wanted to tell you something, I don't know if you knew this but Marco and Vladimir are my boy's. I also had two other children but one die in a horrible incident and the other was taking from me.'' He said swallowing hard.

''On Mr. La'stat I'm so sorry'', I said looking at his hurtful face. Poor guy was probably heartbroken.

''But what do you mean taking from you?'' I asked.

''She was only eight years of age when someone broke into my home and took her away from me.'' He said trying to hold his tears in. ''I've searched for her ever since, she left a void in my heart.'' Now tears were really falling down.

I got up and wrapped my arms around him, ''don't cry Mr. La'stat, I'm so sorry. I hope you find her.''

''Papa?'' I looked up to see Marco and Vlad standing there. ''Is everything ok'', Marco said coming near his father. Vlad came next to me, ''hey, Ali, you ok? Why are you crying?'' He said in a worry tone.

''Your dad just told me about your brother and sister that was missing.'' I said crying out loud. Both boys looked at their father then at me. I don't know why but I felt like I wanted to cry some more. And I did, ''hey, don't cry Ali, please.''

My tears finally came to an end. I wiped my tears ways to see Ryan standing a few steps away. He was looking at me with sad eyes and a ghostly smile.

''I'm sorry Alicia dear, I didn't mean to make you cry'', he said holding my hand. I wrapped my arms around him again. ''I always wondered why your eyes looked so sad, but now I know. I hope you find her one day Mr. La'stat.''

''Who is the young man staring at you my dear.'' He asked looking at Ryan.

''That's my brother, Ryan, '' I said.

''Ryan, come'' Marco said loudly. He walked over to the table. ''Is everything ok'', he asked.

I released my hold on Mr. La'stat and nodded my head. ''This is Mr. La'stat, Marco and Vladimir father. Mr. La'stat this is my annoying big brother Ryan.''

They shook hands and smiled at each other as if they've already met before. ''I want to call dad now, I miss him, '' I said feeling as if I wanted to cry again.

''I would love to meet your father if he ever plans to come. I want to thank him personally for raising a beautiful soul like you Alicia.'' Mr. La'stat said.

He stood up and took my hand, ''I apologize for making you cry tonight. I don't know why I told you but you reminded me so much of my princess, she would be around your age by now.'' He said inhaling deeply. ''Please try to make it for Elaine birthday party and thank you for a lovely meal. I'll see you tomorrow evening.'' He said kissing my hand. ''Bye''

He left and I faced Marco that was sitting on the chair. ''How come you never talked about you sister?''

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