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   Chapter 12 Flashbacks

Anything My Sweet By MarillaGarden Characters: 25650

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''When will I see papa Mr.?''

''Is mama and Necco alright Mr.?''

"Am I going to see them Mr.?''

''Do you live alone Mr.?''

''Here she is boss, she's driving me insane with all her questions. If she doesn't stop talking I'll.....

''Come her little one, I have someone you can play with until I take you home to your papa, but you have to take your medicine'"

''But I'm not sick''

''If you don't take it then you can't play''

''Finally, she out, take her on the plane''

''But what of we get caught, then what''

''We won't get caught, Pablo thinks Christian has her. And he will never find out it was us. Now go before the plane takes off.

''But boss''

''Look, Christian got his so-called revenge, even if it was never Pablo who killed his family.

''I will be the only Dom in this business.''


''Hey b*tch, you have company''

''Goodness garish, she's a child. What do you want me to do with her?''

''Shut up you b*tch, I still don't know why the boss hasn't killed you yet.''

''You'll soon have your fate, I'll promise you. My husband will find me and he will kill you''


''You poor little thing''

''Who are you? Where's papa? I want to go home''

''Don't be afraid little one''

''Who are you?''

''I'm Sara sweetheart, don't be scared. I won't harm you.''

''Well I've seen you two met. Care for her until I sell her off to the highest bidder.''

''You sick crazy bastard. You'll never get away with his.''

''Shut up, and I've already have.''

''Please Mr. Please......I want to go back. Let me go!''


''leave her alone you mad man.''

''I want to go home, please Mr. Please.''

''Alicia, Alicia wake up''

''Leave her alone''

''Alicia please wake up''

"Why do you have to apply so much makeup Bella'"

''Alicia, can you hear me?''

''Let's go hide in our hiding spot Necco''


"My princess, what color do you want your door to be''

''He's a good model papa, he'll always be my model''

''Mama who are these people"

''Necco, get behind your sister"

''No, I'm going to protect her''

''Leave him alone''

''Go away go away''




Why isn't she waking up? ''Doctor do something, '' Ryan yelled.

I was getting more worried. Does this always happens?

''Alicia, wake up'', Ryan said holding her hand.

Her head was moving from left to right, mumbling words here and there. Her hands fisted the sheets tightly, ''No, please. Let me go, Mommy'', she mumbled but it was clear for us to understand. She opened her eye's as her breathing went out of control.

''MOMMY'' she screamed so loud causing everyone flinch back at her agonized voice.

The nurse and doctor came by her side as they tried to hold her down but she continued to kick and scream with so much pain.

''LET ME GO, LET ME GO. I WANT MY MOMMY. SARA'', she cried out making my heart ache in pain.

''Please come down Alicia, we're trying to help you. Bring me something to sustain her'', the doctor yelled at the nurse. Before the nurse can move, Brad yelled

''NO, she'll calm down, just move'', Brad pushed the doctor away. He held her tight, ''Ali, it's us. Ali come on. Breath.''

She continued to struggle as they pinned her down on the bed. ''Shit Ali, please snap out of it. Please'', Brad begged as he pulled her up and wrapped his arms tightly around her.

He manage to get through to her. She stopped struggling and seemed to recognize his voice. Her body slumped against him, his hair covered his face, but the sound of his voice seemed as if he was crying.

I noticed that Ryan and Brad already knew how to calm her down but Brad seem to understand her more. ''Hey, it's us'', she looked into his eye's and cried. ''They're gone, OK. They won't hurt you'', Brad whispered low but I heard him. Ryan hung his head low while holding her hand. Her cries turned into soft sobs.

''I'll buy you chocolate cake, ok'', Brad said which caused her to laugh lightly.

''Are they gone'', he said and she nods her head.

''You want to talk to dad'', he asked.

She shook her head. "I need to hear your voice Ali'', he said.

''They're gone and I want coffee too.'' She spoke.

Ryan got up and left the room. ''Ryan, come back. I'm fine'', she said sadly.

''it's OK Ali, let him be. You know he hates it when you have these dreams'', Brad said letting her go.

She seemed to be in pain, not physically but mentally. Rubbing her head, ''I need my pills.''

''NO'', I yelled making my presence noticed. She looks at me as I sighing deeply. ''You need to stop taking your pills, you're blocking your memories'', I said in anger.

''GET THE F*CK OUT'', she yelled at me. ''YOU DON'T SEE THE SHIT I SEE. GET OUT, GET OUT.''

''What do you see Alicia, huh? Tell me, tell anyone but you need to stop taking those fucking pills.'' I stormed out the room, I needed to get away from her. She causing me pain and emotions that I don't want to feel.

The doctor comes out after me, ''I need both of you in my office please.'' I turned around to see Ryan sitting on the floor looking at me, ''we'll be there in a moment'', I said.

The doctor left, and sat down facing Ryan.

He was playing with a bracelet in his hand. ''She always had nightmare of people dying, abusing her, a woman named Sara, Neeco and some other shit. I always thought maybe she had a couple of loose screws in her head. Dad was always protective of her, I always asked him one day why? Weren't we enough? Brad and Liz we're happy and ok with it but I was a jackass to her for a good six months, telling her that she should just go back to where she came from and the only reason dad and mom adopted her was out of pity.'' He shook his head at the thought.

''Dad sat me down one day and told me how he found her, that how she didn't even remember her name or where she came from. That I was probably worst then those people who hurt her. That she doesn't deserve to be treated with hate. Dad and mom we're trying to fix her, and I still didn't care. I was on another level of stupidity, I was giving him all no good reasons why she should leave. He just said imagine Ryan, Imagine how much pain and suffering she went through. How much can person take and at what age is it fair to handle so much pain? What kind of people were they? Did they not feel or have and remorse to her cries. And here I was doing the same to her'', he ran his hand through his hair.

''You know how many nights she would wake up screaming, EVERY F*CKING NIGHT. And I would stay in my room, raise the music up through my headphones just so I wouldn't hear her. One night dad and mom were at a party, they asked me to look after the house and take care of sister's and Brad. Liz and Brad were in their room, I knocked on Ali door and she didn't answer. I opened it and saw her sitting on her bed, holding her knees tightly. I asked her to sleep, you know what she said to me'', he said looking at me.

I shook my head.

''She said, ''you won't come and help me when they come'' and I just looked at her. She placed her head down on her knees and whispered to herself, ''don't sleep, don't sleep.'' I locked her door shut as I felt a ping in my heart. Because what she right, I never tried to help her. Cause I didn't know how to, I was a teenager that just thought she was a mentally unstable person that needs help. I wanted her out of our life's, I felt like she came and fucked up our perfect life with all her bullshit. I went into my room and received a text from dad saying th

g with my conscience.

I went out the kitchen just to come face to face with Salvador himself and he wasn't alone. He had a girl around his arm. Wearing a black three-piece suit that made his body oh so fine and sexy, his hair was a bit longer, he also grown a beard too.

When did that happen?

The woman who was wrapped around his arm was a b*tch. A very hot bitch.Wait, huh?

Aren't jelly we Ali?


But she was pretty hot. Long blonde wavy hair, brown eyes and dark red lips that gave her a classic look. Her body was wrapped in a white strapless dress that stopped above her knees, paired with red pump. And here I looked like garbage and smelled like garlic.

''Hi'', I said in a high-pitched voice. What the f*ck was that?

''Salvador, come on. Let's go!'', the stupid bitch whined.

''Salvador, come on let's go'', dumba**.

OK, Ali, that's wasn't how she sounded like but I feel you're the pain. But you gotta admit, she is hot.

Jake came out the kitchen, ''Ali, I was just coming to give you this. Are you feeling better'', he said handed me the cup of coffee. ''You got to eat, coffee isn't food but I know you love it.'' I smiled at how sweet he was, too bad he's married or I would have dated him.

''Bossman, welcome. Hope you will be pleased with tonight's course's.'' Jake said.


Are you mad bro, tell me what mad for??

Are you f*cking singing now conscience? Omg, I can't believe you.

''Esmahan, long time no see, '' Jake said as he embraces her with a hug.

Esmahan? What kind of name is that?

I think it's pretty name Ali, you don't like it?

No b*tch I don't!

Geez, what crawled up you pu**y? Oh, wait nothing did..hahaha....

That's it's I'm blocking you out.!

''Ali this is Esmahan, Salvador on and off girlfriend'', Jake said.

''Nice to me you'', she fakes smiled and pulled on Salvador's arm.

''You're not feeling well? Why are you even working?'' Mr. Not so edible at the moment said.

I felt pouring the cup of coffee in his face. ''I was going up to rest a bit before the party starts'', I said avoiding his eye's. ''Jake, wake me up when dinner service starts.''

I walked over to the elevator and pressed the top floor, It was the same suite, I took my phone out and checked the time, it was still five and dinner service doesn't start until seven. So I could take a nap but I knew I wasn't going to, so I decided to call Lena.

Stepping out the elevator and walking down the hall, I placed the key in the lock and opened the door. ''You little stupid a** b*tch, I ain't f*cking with you, leave a message after the tone but still. I ain't f*cking with yoouuu''....beep* ''hey crazy! I missed you so much, I wish you were here. How's Cali, call me when you hear this. Bye!''

I hung up the phone and went to take a long damn needed shower. After what felt like forever, I got out and walked out naked. My whole body was aching from work and from yesterday Brazilian body wax. The pain women go through just to be perfect, I grabbed the black dress that laid on the bed and wore it. It was a black long sleeve cocktail dress that reached my knees. I pulled my hair into a bun and wrapped a jeweled headband around it. I placed my earrings on. I was going to go back into the kitchen but if anyone called the chefs out then I'm ready and looked presentable. I walked over the dresser and checked my appearance.

At least I looked ok...

I opened the door and went back down to the kitchen. As I reached the elevator, I remembered I forgot my phone. I went back to get it, opening the door. I saw Salvador sitting on the bed..

Was he here the whole time? Did he just see me naked?

He stared at me, ''WHAT THE F*CK, HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN HERE.....'', I yelled and yelled. I didn't notice him charging my way. He pulled me into the room and locked the door. ''YOU SUCH A PERVERT, WHY DIDN'T YOU....''

''SHUT UP'', he yelled as he roughly kissed my lips. I tried pushing him off me but it was no use. He had his hands locked around the back of my nape, pulling me closer into his body.

Umm, conscience? Help!

Shut up and let me enjoy this.

I gave into his lips as they moved in sync with mines. I grabbed his shoulders, trying to bring him closer to my aching body, his lips worked their magic on mines and a long waited moan escaped my lips. I felt as if he unleashed a burning desire hidden in the depths of my soul. I melted into his arm's. I felt him shiver as my hands ran through his hair and tugged roughly, pushed me against the wall and losing all senses. He kissed, licked, bite and sucked violently on my lips and I gave into his domains. His tongue ran down my lower lips, down my chin, neck until he reached my chest. His hands gently touched my erect nipples through the dress. ''I....'', he swallowed hard. He pinched my buds and I shamelessly screamed in pleasure. ''F*ck, f*ck Alicia, you drive me f*cking crazy. I f*cking hate you so much.''

I felt stupid for giving in. I closed my eyes but the tears managed to fall even with my eye's shut.

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