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   Chapter 11 Tease

Anything My Sweet By MarillaGarden Characters: 18001

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"I hate you, " he said grabbing my hand and placing it on his visible bulge. I felt my body shiver as he moved my hand along his shaft. Oh my God, he's f*cking huge.

I was getting horny by the second. I wasn't thinking when my hand was gliding up and down on its own.

"F*ck, " he hissed looking down at my hand.

I felt wet to the core, pressing my thighs together to ease the burning ache, but didn't help. What are you doing you, idiot?

I glanced up slowly. His head was tilted up looking at the ceiling. His heavy breathing echoed the hall. I admired how his chest and arms flexed as I touched him. His d*ck twitching underneath my touch, as he looked down at me. Licking his lips made me feel uncomfortable desire. Feeling a wash of confidence mixed with horniness, if that's even a word. I grabbed his cock through his slacks and applied pressure to the tip. His mouth opened in shock and I took the advantage caressing his lips with my fingertips, he took my fingers by surprise and sucked one by one. My body gave into the sensational shiver that went soaring from the depth of my core.

God, I am such a horny b*tch. I just wanted to bring him to the edge then let go but he had to go suck on my fingertips.

He pushed my hand away that was on his d*ck, grabbed my waist and pushing me against the wall. Trying to elaborate his breathing, I shut my eyes as he sucked on each finger. He bit on my middle finger. "Look at me baby, "he said as caressed my face. My eyes were closed, I didn't want to face him yet. I want to feel more of this guilty pleasure. He stopped. Why...

I felt his lips skim my neck. "You make me feel things and I hate it, Alica. I hate it so much, " he said outlining my features. Opening my eyes to only see his filled with lust and wanting, "Wuss, " I said pushing him back. I fix my appearance and ran my hands through my hair. I didn't dare to look at him.

Did you want more Ali cause I am sure if he wanted too he would have had you naked in 2.4 second

"They are probably waiting for you at the meeting. You should go, " I said ignoring him at all cost. I walk past him and press the button for the elevator. I felt his eyes piercing through my back. "Alicia, you are going to ignore what just happened?"

The elevator door opens and grandpa was still on it.

"It's not a seesaw grandpa, it's an elevator. You get off where you want. Not go up and down."

He laughed and I felt bad for yelling at him. Salvador wrapped his arm around my waist. "You will have to excuse my baby, she on his period and she tend to be cranky, " he said looking at the old man.

"I see you two worked things out, " the old man said. "She just needs to eat, " he said looking at me with those sexy eyes. "I know for a fact you would love a stuffed eggplant with cheese oozing out of it right about now."

Oh god! Did he just....

He smiled and pulled me even closer, I bit my lips at how good it felt to be in his embrace."You hungry baby, " he said chuckling. I didn't know why I giggled but I did. He pulled me so I was facing him, I felt his bulge but now it's harder than a rock and longer. "Don't move, " he whispered.

"What's your name sir, " Salvador said blocking the elevator door from closing. Locking me in his arm's. You are starting to get too comfortable Ali. Oh god that's a f*cking rocket. Is that even normal?

I tried to move but he held me even tighter. His scent was mixed with heavy cologne & cigarettes. My hands laid there as his were around me. I felt knots in my stomach, I didn't like what I was feeling either.

He just wants to have fun with you, Ali, he wants to blast off in you. He thinks you're a whore that fucks every guy. And what you did minutes ago just proved he's right.

"Salvador, " I said but he was still talking with grandpa. "Salvador, " I said again but he was in deep conversation with the man. God, he's so hot and I am so horny.

I placed my hand on his face, rubbing his cheeks, below his ears and behind his neck. I was enjoying it, I wonder if he felt what I'm feeling?

I'm really hating you now you c*ck blocking grandpa.

My hands went down his chest, I caught him looking at me.


I laid my head on his shoulder. "Salvador, I want to eat stuffed eggplant, " I whispered and felt his body trembling under my touch.

Oh, do I have your attention now?

He grabbed my waist tighter, pushing me close to his stuffed ...his. Yup, I have his attention but he's stalling.

"You have a meeting to get to, " I said pulling out of his hold. I grabbed his hand and went into the elevator, Salvador pressing the top floor while holding me from behind. Grandpa was there smiling at us, we reached the top floor and got out. Salvador shakes hands with the old man, "I look forward to seeing you again Mr. Smith."

"Likewise, my boy, as for you young woman. I hope you know the power you have against him, it looks like you can send him in any way you want." The old man said smiling. We stepped out the elevator and the door closed, I pulled out of Salvador's arm, he looks at me.

Now, what Ali?

"Alicia, I'm.."

You're what? What?

He didn't know what to say. "I..."

"Don't Salvador, " I said as the elevator door opens again. A tall blond guy comes out. "Salvador, " the Blonde said while extending his arms for a hug. They greet each other. "Go

d against my father. Hide. Runaway. Dig the deepest hole and live in it, because when I find you. I will invite everyone in the business, and crucify you in front of them. I will personally hurt you with my bare hands. I will let you rot to death ever so slowly Varroa, you hear me, " Frederic said in the most chilling voice I've ever heard. I turned the speak off and walked out.

"Your father is just like mines Frederic, I wonder if it's OK to just kill them, " I said and he laughed.

"Found you Malaya, I'll talk to you soon Salvador, " he said but I wasn't going to let him go that easily.

"Nice try, what's her name and since when do you buy girl's?"

"I'll talk to you later Salvador, BYE, " he yelled.

Demchk and Varroa walk out with their men, I watched as Varroa steps in front of me. "You will wish you've never, " he stopped and looked behind me. I turn to see what he was looking at, Alicia f*ck.

She looked scared, she was shaking. Ryan and Vlad step to her side, why the hell is she out here? I give my men a look to block her view, and they did.

Varroa was loosening his tie.

He left in a rush with his men after Demchk, what's going on?

I turned to see everyone over Alicia. "MOVE, " I yelled. She was on the floor holding her knees together, rocking back and forth. "Alicia, what's wrong? Alicia, talk to me, " Ryan said with a lead.

She looks up, "I need my pills, please, please, " she cried out. "He's going to hurt me." She whispered.

"Hey, you had a nightmare again, it's OK, they're gone, " Ryan said.

I kneeled down pushing Ryan away. "Alicia, who is going to hurt you, tell me his name."

"No, No, No, he's going to kill Sara, " she's said shutting her eyes tight.

Ryan tried to hold her but I give him a warning look."Everyone leave." Nobody moved. "Leave before I kill someone, " I said. They all walked down to the room, I sat in front of her. "Alicia, what's his name? Who's going to hurt you? Who's Sara?"

Her cries became louder. "He has her in his dungeon, he hurts girls, " she said as tears fell down quickly.

"I need a name so I can help Sara, you want to help her right?" She nods her head. "What's his name?"

"I don't know, he looks like." I felt my heart beat faster, "What man Alicia, the one you saw? Tell me, I promise I'll help you. You just have to tell me what you remember." I grabbed her hand. "No one will harm you as long as I live beautiful, you just have to give me something to work with, anything. You remember how the dungeon was like?"

"MOMMY, " she screamed so loud holding her ears and crying which caused me to jump.

The boy's run out, Ryan tried holding her tight but she was still screaming. "Ali, stop! Stop!"

"What the f*ck did you do?" Marco said.

"F*ck, F*ck what's wrong with her?" Vlad yelled.

"LET HER GO, LET HER GO, " she screamed like a crazy person.

I pulled her near and held her, "GIVE HER, HER F*CKING PILLS, "I yelled.

'I DON'T HAVE ANY ", Ryan yelled looking in his pockets.

I felt her body slump against my body, I looked down at her. "She passed out, someone do something, " I said pulling her close.

"Alex call for an ambulance, Ryan call Brad and see where the f*ck is he maybe he has her pills? Vlad get some water, Marco come see if she's still breathing?"

Everyone did what I said, I felt my heart ripping apart. I look at Marco, he nods his head letting me know she's breathing. I pull her closer, I'll fucking kill them, Alicia, I promise my sweet"

I felt everyone's eye on me but I didn't fucking care.

I'll f*cking kill him.

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