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   Chapter 10 Sexy

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I tried, but nothing was helping. I couldn't imagine Gabrielle beneath me. All I could see was Alicia driving me crazy. Was it sick to want someone so much? Was it sick that I imagined her screaming my name? Was it sick that I was getting off thinking that it was her and not Gabrielle? God! wtf is wrong with me.

You just f*cking met her and look what she's done to you.

Distracting my thoughts, I sucked on every inch of her body. I pinched, grabbed even licked her off. Her body trembling in sheer pleasure.

But this isn't the girl you want at the moment.

My mind was with someone else. I was craving the girl who was sleeping in the next room.

"More, I want more." She moaned pulling me closer, making me realize that it wasn't Alicia.

I'll give you more so you'll never want to come near me again.

I flipped her over and pulled her near me. I positioned myself behind her, grabbed her hips and started to pound her without remorse. The sound of body slapping against each other filled the room.

"Oh, sir, you're hurting me, " but I didn't listen to her. I kept going."please stop, please."

Shut the f*ck up. Shut up!

I pulled myself out of her and turned her around."s*ck me off, " she grabbed my dick and placed it in her mouth. She strokes and s*cked then licked slowly but I didn't need that. She was putting my rage at ease, I grabbed her hair and fisted it with my hand. Pushing my d*ck forcefully, making her gag. She kept pushing me back but I didn't let go, I shoved my dick down her throat and felt my body shake wildly. I felt myself come deep down and groaned loudly. After I felt done, I pulled out.

Tears were sliding down her cheeks. Closing my eyes and exhaling I got up from the bed. "I don't want you here when I come out of the bathroom."

I didn't even look at her. This is all your fault Alicia, you made me do this to her. Placing my head against the tile as the jet shower ran down my body. I started to question myself. Why did I do that? Why couldn't I just get off her? What took over you Salvador? Was it because the certain person took over your mind? Or was it that you're a sick man?

Turning the shower off along with my guilt. I need to move Alicia into another room. Before I do something stupid, like a walk in and take her without her permission.

I stepped out of the shower and placed a towel around my waist. I opened the bathroom door and walked into my room.

Good, she was gone!

Grabbing a pair of shorts and gray shirt, I dressed and went to lay in bed. Evidence of what happened minutes ago stared at me and anger struck.

All her f*cking fault.

I wanted to go in her room and yell at her for making me think of her this much. I mean, Me! Salvador thinks of a woman. Why? I can get anyone I want.

But you cannot have her. She's not into you and never will be, the thought in my head spoke to me.

I got off the bed and headed out the room. I wanted to see my baby, I missed her so much. Opening her door slowly, I see Julie sleeping in the rocking chair and Anna sleeping in her crib peacefully. Julie is Anna's nanny and head housekeeper. I don't know what I would do without her. I'm forever in debt to her. She's the one who has cared for Anna ever since she was born and keeps this house running smoothly. I walked in and smiled at how Anna was sleeping. She was growing up so quickly and I was missing out on everything. I wanted to hold her but didn't want to wake her up seeing how exhausted Julie was.

"Mr. Gibnishy, " Julie whispered.

I turned to face her. "You can go to bed Julie, thank you for everything."

She smiled and went out the room slowly trying to not make any loud movement. I stayed a few minutes just looking at Anna. Gently touching her soft tiny fingers. "I wish you never had me as a father little one. But you're stuck with a heartless monster and I'm sorry. But I'll do everything in my power to make you happy. I promise."

Caressing her chubby soft cheek slowly. I took my time getting lost in her, why was it hard for me? I hated myself for not spending more time with my little one. I didn't want to be the father that wasn't there for his child. Do you think she knows that you're her father Salvador? She rarely sees you during the day. I don't think these late night visits count.

Sighing to myself. "Promise me you won't hate papa Anna." With one last gentle caress to her soft skin, I walk out the room, closing the door after me.

Turning around to stare at Alicia door. Was she sleeping? If not, did she hear everything that happened?

My hand had a mind of its own. Grabbing the handle and pushing it open, I poked my head to see Alicia laying on the bed. I walked in slowly. What the f*ck are you doing Salvador?

I reached the edge of her bed and faced her sleeping form. Her body laid in a sleeveless shirt that stopped mid-thigh. Her hair covered her face but I can see her lips pouting out, her arms were gently placed above her head while her legs slightly spread apart.

I guess that's how angels sleep.

I walked to the side of the bed, standing above her, mesmerized at how she looked. Would it be wrong to just glide my fingers across those lips? I answered my question. I kneeled on the floor, taking my index finger. I gently caressed the bottom lip from left to right, as light and as gentle as possible. The sensation made my body shiver.

I just want to...

Her body moved and I froze. Moving her head to the left, her slender neck came to view. My eye's followed the trail down to her shoulder blades then to her chest. My eye's locked on her breast nubs that were fully erected. Closing my eyes from the images that came to my mind.

Get the f*ck out Salvador.

I knew if I would stay any longer, I'll lose control. Just one more touch then I'll leave. I wanted to touch her so...."No, go away." I felt my hand paralyzed in mid-air when she spoke.

"leave her alone, Sara don't leave me."

Shit, she was having a nightmare. I stood up and left the room before she wakes up. Closing the door after me. That was close you sick bastard.

I decided to sleep in the guest room for the night. I walked down the hall until I reached the room. Why are you thinking of a girl you hardly know? She's nothing special, just a beautiful breathtaking sexy yummy...stop just stop.

I reached the bed and closed my eye's. Sleep you sick prick.



*knock, knock, knock*

Maybe if I ignore whoever is at the door, then they'll leave.

*knock, knock, knock*

"Go away, I'm still asleep, " I yelled placing the pillow above my head.

"Mr. Gibnishy, is waiting for you to have lunch with him Mrs. Washington."

Lunch, What time was it?

I got up and walked to the door and opened it. A beautiful woman, maybe in her late thirties with dark chocolate hair and pale skin stood in front of me. "Good morning, Madam, or should I say good afternoon, " she said, standing in a perfect form, straight, and tall.

"Why didn't anyone wake me up, " I pulled my shoulders back and stood up straight to look like her, but it was no use.

Team hunchback!

"Well, Mr. Gibnishy asked us not to bother you. He said you went to bed, late. He wanted you to rest, I'm Julie by the way, I will assist today."

"Nice to meet you, Julie, I'm Alicia but you can call me Ali."

"Very well Ali, Mr. Gibnishy wanted you to have this, she handed me a long black zipped bag. "Why don't you freshen up while I'll do your bed."

"Thanks but what is this, " I asked.

"It's a dress since your items are all in the suitcase still packed. He didn't want you to go through the hassle of finding something. I hope you like it, I chose it myself." She said smiling.

"Thank you, " I took the bag and went to the bathroom. I stripped out of my clothing and stepped into the shower. After the refreshing shower that was much-needed, I dried myself off. I unzipped the bag and pulled out the dress. It was a short sleeveless white dress that had small blue flower prints in the middle. I wore it and it fitted perfectly. I wondered how they knew my size? I walked out the bathroom and saw Julie unpacking my things.

"I hope you don't mind. I hung your shirts and shorts on one side and the dresses on the other side. Your jeans and tops are on the left side drawers and Your personal belongings are in the right top self. You're makeup and accessories are on the dresser, I only have to place your heels and flats and I'll be done. By the way, you look stunning."

I don't think she's human.

"Wow, Julie. Either I took a long shower or you're a fast worker, And thank you. it's a very beautiful dress."

She giggled, "Well, let's just say Mr. Gibnishy likes everything done quickly. He's a very impatient man that doesn't tolerate laziness. And don't thank me, it was Mr. Gibnishy that brought you the dress. I just picked it out, would you like to wear heels or flats, " she asked.

"What will go well with this dress?"

"Hmm, since Mr. Gibnishy will take you out to after lunch, you should wear these black and gold ankle heels. They will go well with the dress."

"Taking me out? Where, " I asked curiously.

"To show you where you'll be working."

"Oh, " was the only thing that I said. It's not like he was going to take you out on a date or anything Ali. I went over to the dresser and took my comb and started brushing my hair. I left it down so it can air dry. I grabbed a small locket and a pair of earrings and placed them on. I stared at my reflection, I need to put concealer on. I applied a small amount of makeup and mascara, took my nude lipstick and applied that as well. I went over to sit on the bed to wear my heels.

If I were a boy, I wouldn't put up with this shit????

Yea I'm weird, I make up my own lyrics. Taylor Swift move over, Alicia is taking over. I laughed at myself for how I talk to myself.

"Are you done Mrs. Washington, " Julie asked. I stood up, "led the way Julie, and please call me Ali." She nods her head and leads the way. Julie body was perfection. Her legs were long even in flats. The black knee-length dress fitted her well. She looked like she owned the place, walking after her down the stairs. I took glances of the house here and there. It was much mor

." She looks at me and then at Jake.

"Pleasure to meet you, " She said in the sweetest voice.

Jake takes her hand and kisses it. "The pleasure was all mine. Can't wait until you start working here, I can promise you that it will be fun." The bastard winked at her and she was enjoying it.

"You two can f*ck each other another day." Her head snapped, looking at me. Actually, everyone was looking at me, Jake gave me a wtf look.

She walks out the kitchen and I follow her. "Alicia, Alicia stop." But she ignored me. "Do you even know where you're going?

"Away from you a**hole, " She said going in circles. I pulled her arm and dragged her after me into the elevator. They're we're old couples in their late fifties. I pressed the top floor and heard Alicia soft cries. F*ck!

"You better fix whatever you did before you lose your girl." The old man whispered low only for me to hear. Alicia wasn't looking at me, she had her head low looking into the corner trying to avoid eye contact with me. Exhaling deeply I walk over to her. "Alicia, " I said but she just pushed me away.

"Don't f*cking touch me, " she said with so much anger.

"Now, now dear, I'm sure whatever he did he didn't mean to." The old man said trying to help but I'm sure he just added more fuel to the fire.

"Shut up grandpa, this man has been disrespecting me seen I've met him. He views me as a filthy whore who sleeps with every guy she just met. I swear Salvador if you ever do that again I will f*cking stab you." She Said meaning every word.

Rubbing my face with both hands I sighed. She paced the elevator, "I mean, why? What did I do to make you so irritated every time? I haven't been anything but nice to you, but you, " she said pointing her finger in my face. "You are mentally sick in the mind. I cannot change what you think about me but hell if I let you treat me like shit. There's a f*cking limit you cannot pass Salvador and you fucking past it. So, step the f*ck back before I lose my shit."

The elevator door opens and she storms out. "Go kiss her, my dear, if she melts in your arm's then she's the one. If not, then let her go." The old lady spoke. I followed her down the hall. She didn't know where she was going and I f*cking loved how she was at the moment.

Anger suits her well.

She reached a dead-end. "Are you done, yet Alica, look at me." She wasn't moving, just stared at anything but me. "Alicia"

"WHAT, " she screamed. I move closer to her. "Don't you f*cking dare come near me."

Halting my steps. I stared at her, "I was expecting tears Alicia but I can see you're strong. I'm not a kind person, whatever is on my mind, I say it. However, it is, I don't think before I say it. I just do and I'm sorry but that's how I am. You looked at Jake as if yo...." she held her hand up.

"I am going to stop you before you say something dumb."

"I don't like how men look at you, Alicia. And trust me, I know what they're thinking." I said which I shouldn't have.

"I can handle myself Salvador." She said. I knew she could but what about me? Can I handle it when men think of her in that way?

Nope, you cannot, the voice in my head spoke. Shit!

Kiss her if she melts in your arm's then you know she the one, if not then let her go. I stepped closer to her until I was near her. Her head was cast down so she didn't see that I was coming. Maybe if I kiss her then this stupid feeling will go away. It cannot be anything special.

"Alicia, look at me, " but she refused too. I tilted her head. "Don't f*cking touch me." She said Pushing my hand away from her. If looks could kill then I've would have been dead by now. I moved even closer, not knowing what to expect.

"Move Salvador" and I did, but even closer. I could smell her sweet perfume surrounding me. Her eye's burning through me, she knew what I was going to do but she didn't move. Why wasn't she moving? Did she want me to kiss her?

My eye's moved to her lips. Just one kiss and I'll let her be. But what if you want more than a kiss? Her lips look so full. These inches apart made it seem very distance, so near yet so far. I was carving every part of her into my memory, just in case it wouldn't happen again. Why was I waiting?

Maybe I loved the drowning feeling that was casting upon my soul. Never have I felt the need for a woman. But here I stand to want to but was afraid of what will happen after it was over. My fingers gently went through her hair until I reached the back of her neck. My other arm went around her waist, pulling her into my embrace. Pushing her head back, I locked my eyes into hers. I felt a shiver run through my body and it felt so fucking good. It was the longest I've ever held a woman with a passion that was real and realizing that it was, without even kissing her was terrifying.

"I need air, " she said looking at me.

"I need to f*cking kiss you before I lose it, " I said while placing my forehead against hers.

"You don't want to kiss me, I f*ck every guy I meet, remember, " I held her tighter. "Let go of me, " She hissed but I didn't. I couldn't.

Hosting her upon my waist, she wrapped her legs around me so she wouldn't fall. I pushed her back against the wall, which made my dick twitch in excitement.

"I swear you're mental, " she said trying to get out of my hold.

"I'll show you mental in bed when I go crazy in you, I'll have you soak the bed from all the orgasms you'll have, " I said which caused her body shiver. Goosebumps covered her body. I felt her body surrendering. Then, felt her legs pressed into my waist even tighter, her arms wrapped around my neck. Oh god, help me!

I was beyond lost in her. I felt her lips coming closer and closer, her fingertips went through my hair. Closing my eyes, Just a bit closer and I'll have my kiss.

But the kiss never made it. I opened my eye's to see her eye's shut, shit. "Alicia, what's wrong?" She opened her eye's and tears ran down her cheeks.

"I want to kiss you, but I won't. It will prove that you're accusation is true. You might think I'm a whore but I won't be yours." Pushing herself off me.

"Find someone else to play with." She said walking away.

Wtf, come back! You're not a whore, f*ck! Say it out loud you idiot.

"ALICIA, " I yelled down the hallway but she didn't stop. I walked fast-paced until she was In arm's reach, I pushed her against the wall and grabbed her face into my hand. I brought her lips close to mine. "You're not a whore and if you were, you'd be mine only. I'm not going to kiss you until you want me too but just know. I will have you all to myself and if I see any f*cking guy near you I'll kill them." I paused. "I hate you, " grabbing her hand. I placed them on my aching dick, Her lips parted while I rubbed her hand against my bulging dick even harder. I stopped and looked down.


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