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   Chapter 9 Taking action

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She was panicking uncontrollable."I need my pills, I need my pills." She screamed.

The plane just started to accelerating rapidly."I want to get off now." She said loudly.

I hear the boys in the back trying to open the door but the flight attendant is telling them to be seated. The plane took off and I heard a loud thump coming from the back.


She's breathing wildly."Hey, look at me, " I said but her eyes were shut seal. Her breathing going even more frantic. I see how she reach for her belt.


"Ali, don't you dare take it off, you hear me." I yelled but she seems not to even be here."No, no, no, I want my mommy." She screamed so loud while opening her eyes.

What the fuck is wrong with her?

She pulls the seat belt off and came crashing into the table between us.

"Aghhhhh, let her go. Let her go." She said while moving around like a crazy woman.


She's moving, kicking, and screaming gibberish words. I reach for her and pull her into my lap. Grabbing her in my arms and locking her tight so she won't her hurt herself.

I felt her face buried into my neck, her soft breaths against my neck. Her tears, I felt how her arms tightened around my neck and how she curled her body on top of mines.

"Let her go, " she whispered.

"Shhhhh, no one will hurt you, Ali, " I said holding her even tighter.

The plane is still going up in altitude.

10, 000 ft.

15, 000 ft.

20, 000ft.

Almost there.

20, 000ft

God, she feels good in my arm's.

30, 000ft.

Finally, I knew that it was safe from this point. Loud groans coming from the back, I pressed the intercom and spoke with the captain to send a little message to the boys in the back. She's wasn't moving but the slow steady breathing told me she was probably sleeping. I laid the chair all the way til the end, spreading my legs and pulled her into me even more.

Maybe I should put her back to her seat. But I didn't even listen to my thoughts.

Her hair smells good.

Her skin is so soft.

She feels so f*cking good in my arm's.



"Open the door Sal, " I said while turning the knob. Ryan and Vlad were standing behind me. The plane started to take off."Um, guys. we should sit, like right f*cking NOW." Brad yelled.

"Please, men! Sit down, " the flight attendant said while in her seat. I could hear Ali from the other side, screaming. I tried to open the door but the plane took off. We all fell to the back of the plane on the top of each other.

"F*ck, " I heard Vlad say as we land on him. We couldn't move. The plane was taking off, so we laid there feeling as If the plane was going to open at any moment. The pressure of going upwards while we're not being seated gave an uneasy feeling.

"Deep breaths men, " I heard the flight attendant say. "You will feel nausea and dizzy but stay still please."

Ears popping loudly and the sickening feeling in the depths of my stomach wasn't helping. I tried to get up but failed."Am I the only one feeling like shit here, " Ryan spoke.

"Nope, I feel like I'm going to f*cking die here, " Vlad's voice came through.

"That's why the seat help balance your blood flow while the plane goes up. But since you ignored me that's what you get." The flight attendant b*tched out.


"How you guys holding up down there, " Brad decided to say while laughing.

"Shut up you skinny wuss, how did you even get to your seat that fast, " Ryan said.

"Thanks to my skinny wuss actions. I'm lighter than all you chunky beef stews." Brad said while the plane took in more altitude.

After what seemed like forever. The plane finally reached the safe zone for us to be able to get up. But the flight attendant came before we could. "Stay still, please. Until your heart rates slow down and you don't feel nauseous." She said while holding us down.

"Get the f*ck off me, " Vlad said while pushing us off him.

"How was the ride boy's, " Brad said helping Ryan up.

"Shut up and go see if Ali is fine, " Ryan said while trying to even out his breathing.

"This is your captain speaking, Mr. Gibinishy has a message for you boys. Don't disturb him and as for your sister, she is sound asleep. Enjoy the rest of the flight."

"Guess that answers your question huh, " Brad said heading back to his seat.



"He came, he came. He going to kill me."

"Shhhh sweetheart. I will hide you from him but you have to promise me to not run or make a sound. If he finds out that I have you, he will hurt us both."


"SHHH, go hide, Now."

"What do you want."

"Come out, come out wherever you are."

"Go away, go away. Please go away."


"Leave her alone, she's just a child."

I snapped my eyes open. I felt like I couldn't breathe anymore. So, I did was what I always did, letting out a scream for help.



I was laying there with Ali still in my arm's. I felt her move her head rapidly from left to right.


She was probably having a nightmare. Her eyes snapped open and her breathing went hectic again. As if she were desperately grasping for air. Then, out of nowhere, she screamed into my face while moving violently. I hear the door shaking open. The boys yelling for me to open the door.

She was still screaming louder and louder. I got up to open the door. Ryan and Brad came rushing in. Brad grabbed Ali's arms and held them tight.

"Ali, Ali. Snap out of it, " Ryan said but no use. Brad took her off the seat and sat her down on the floor. Holding her in his arms, "Shhh, it's us, Ali. Shhhh, " Brad said.

She seems to realize their voices. She starts to calm down while both boys still talk to her. Marco, Vlad, and I, stood there looking at them.

"Hey, hey, breath Ali, breath. It's OK they're gone, " Ryan said comforting her. Brad rocked her back and forth. Tears streamed down her face. Her breathing evened out.

I felt the urge to f*cking kill whoever at the moment caused her this pain. Facing Marco and Vlad, I see there in pain."Is she going to be OK, " I asked breaking the silence.

"Yea, she's OK now. Can she please sit with us, " Ryan said.

"Brad, take Ali. I need to speak with Ryan alone for a moment, " I said.

I want to f*cking know what that was. Brad took Ali into the back where they were sitting. "We're not going anywhere. We want to know everything, " Marco said leaving no space for negotiation.

"Very well, close the door and take a seat, " I said but Ryan stopped us all.

"You don't have a right to know anything Mr. Gibinishy, " he said looking at me then turning to the boys. "As for you two, I'll let you know later."

With that, Ryan walks out. I

"Do you like it, " Salvador said, sitting on one of the double staircases that lead to the second floor.

"Very elegant. Where's Brad, " I questioned him.

"He's already in his room. You were too busy looking around to even notice him. He even said goodnight but you didn't reply."

"Oh, sorry."

"Don't be. You want to see your room, " he asked. I nodded my head and followed him up the staircase.

"You can explore the house tomorrow. Your room is beside mines and Anna's." He led me until we reached 'my room."

"Hope you like it, if you need anything press the button next to the nightstand. The maid should answer at any time but if they don't then I'm only a door away. Sweet dreams."

With that, he opened his door and went inside. Feeling exhausted, I grabbed the handle on the door only to be stopped by a woman's voice. "Oh, please baby girl, just sleep, " saying exhaustively.

My eyes were heavy and my body was too weak. All I wanted to lay flat on my face. My hand grabbed the handle on the door and pushed it open."Wow, " was all I could say. It was freaking huge but I wasn't interested in anything at the moment besides the enormous bed that was calling my name. I was searching for my bags. "Where did they put it?"

Sighing to myself. I need my pills, I went back out. I knocked on Salvador door but he didn't answer. Was he asleep all already? I knocked even harder but no response. I opened the door to peek in. Just to see if he were sleeping but the room was empty. Why is everything black?

I can see that my suitcase is in the corner next to his bed. My head was throbbed uncontrollably. I needed sleep, but I cannot sleep only with my pills.

Addicted much? Yes!

I gently opened the door, went straight to my suitcase, grabbed it, then left. I was going out but something caught my eye. There was a picture of young Salvador, Marco, and Vlad. But there was an another boy in the pic as well, my heart started to beat faster and faster. I heard footsteps behind me, I turned to face him.

"Who is the boy next to Vlad, " I asked, wanting to know. He took a while before answering me.

"That's Vlad twin, he passed away in a horrible incident. Why do you ask?"

He talks to me In my dreams...I wanted to say.

My tears were rushing down my face already. "Sorry, stupid hormones. I just came to get my bag then leave, good night." He held my hand before I had the chance to leave.

"If you want, you can stay, talk about it. Oh, " he said as he walked back into his closet. He came back out with a big box in his hand's. "Here, I had one of my men order this for you. I asked them to put it in your room but I guess one of the maid placed it here but accident."

He held the big box. "I didn't know what kind you like so I just made them order everything they had in the store. Open it!"

The red velvet box had a black ribbon wrapped around. It looked too pretty to even open but I did anyway. Curiosity was getting the best of me, I pulled the ribbon off gently while wrapping it around my arm. My fingers loved the feeling of velvet fabric, lifting the lid. I glanced at what was on the inside and my heart did a double flip.

He actually bought me chocolates.

The sadness I felt was gone. It was replaced with knots and butterflies going crazy inside me. "The first six layers are alcohol free, but the last four layers are not. So, please go easy on those, " he said winking.

Breath Ali, it's just f*cking chocolates. Bet he gives all the girls he knew chocolates. "Thank you, " I took one and ate it. "Mmmm, this is good."



Why does she have to moan like that. This girl is making me feel like a wuss. Get a grip on yourself Sal, you just need a good f*ck. I handed her the box of chocolates. "You should head to bed and get some sleep, " I took her suitcases and walked ahead of her. I entered her room and placed the luggage on the side, waited until she came in. "Hope you like the room." She went to say something but I didn't give her a chance to speak. "Goodnight!" With that I left her room and entered mines again. Headed to the edge of the bed and picked up the phone pressing the number two.

"Yes, Mr. Gibinishy. How may I assist you?"

"Come to my room, now." I closed the phone and waited. A knock was on the door in no time." Come in.

"You called Mr. Gibinishy, " Gabrielle said.

"Yes I did, " I laid on the bed and looked at her. "Strip and come s*ck me off."

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