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   Chapter 8 Marry me

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Ten hours earlier....


"Boss, something happened at the shipping dockside In New York, you might want to take this call." One of my men said.

I walked around my office desk and answered the call. "What, " I braked though the phone.

"I f*cked up Salvador." Vlad said from the other side of line.

I sat down in the arm-chair and waited for him to continue.

"That son of a b*tch Mano, he came by the docks and wanted a share of tonight's cut. But I refused to give him anything. Instead, I shot him in the leg and left Ryan there." he said before pausing. "They have Ryan in custody."

Something is missing here.

"Is there anything you are not telling me Vlad?" I questioned.

He was silent for a moment, then spoke. "Marco is on his way boss, he will tell you everything. Should I stay here or-"

I interpreted him. "I will let you know, but for now, stay put."

Throwing the phone on the desk, I laid-back into the armchair.

I swear to god if the la'sata boys are f*cking me over then their dead.

I heard a knock on the door, one of my men came in to inform me that Marco is waiting in the batting cage outside. Nodding my head, I stood up.

Heading out the office, I rolled my sleeves up to my elbows as I walked down the double staircase and through the hall which lead to the kitchen.

A couple of my men and maids were in there. Everyone stood still but I paid no attention to them.

Be heartless, dominant, cruel. Have no mercy. Have no friends. Never love anyone.

You are so pathetic.

You will fail this legacy Salvador. You are weak to even lead this empire.

I shook the thoughts away.

Heading out to the patio and down a few steps. I walked past the pool and into the courtyard. I passed the tennis court until I reached the batting cage.

Hmm, I should add a soccer field.

I reached the batting cage where Marco was waiting. The weird part was he was in the netting field.

What the fuck?

"Marco, you should be on this end of the cage. We wouldn't want any damage now, or do we?" I asked curiously.

I saw how he inhaled deeply and began to speak. "I want you to listen to what I have to say until the end, then you can decide for yourself boss."

I nodded and took a bat in my hand. I swung it back and forth so my body could stretch and my shoulder could loosen up a bit.

"Eight months ago, Vlad seen a girl that had similar resemblance to our mother. He was shocked and didn't know what to do. So, he followed her. I told him that he was a creep for doing so, but he should try to get as much information on her as possible." He started off.

"She was nine when they found her. Which had to mean, she spend a whole year, only God knows where until she was shipped in a container to New York. A cop name Anthony Washington was the one who found her that night. He thought he was going bust a drug organization but instead he found woman and kids being sold into human trafficking, Alicia was among them." His fists clenching hard.

"She didn't remember who or where she came from. She still does not remember anything. The only thing they found on her was a necklace that Neeco gave her on her sixth birthday. After that, she was sent to an orphanage and stayed for another year. The Washington's eventually ended up adopting her." He said somewhat relieved.

"We found out that she goes to a psychiatrist, So, I went and questioned him. It took a lot to make him talk. He said that Alicia has complex traumatic stress disorder due to captivate, abuse, and probably rape but he highly doubts it, due to the "dreams, " she talks about." He continued.

"She found a defense mechanism to blocked her own memories of that time. He kept going and going, I was about to leave when he told me that she mentions woman named Sara that she appears a lot in her dreams."

I watched Marco pacing back and forth while running his hand through his hair every now and then.

"I mean, I know it was not mom and dad. It was not me nor my brothers. And who the F*ck is Sara? It had to be Christian, thinking about what that a**hole did to my sister, for a f*cking year, God I am going to f*cking kill him." He said raging.

"Yes! I should have told you we found her. Yes! I made a mistake, But you have to understand that as much as I want her here as much as I want her to live there, with the Washington's. They did a pretty f*cking good job in raising her. The doctor said that she has improved over the year's." He said looking down. "I want her near but far from all this bullshit. I want her to live freely from all this madness we are in." He confessed while rubbing his face. "I haven't even told dad about her yet."

It was my turn to talk. "Well, that's a sad story Marco but why hide it from me? Am I not your friend? Or do you consider me as only your boss?" I asked as I grabbed a couple of baseball, throwing them to Marco.

He grabbed them easily. "I will try not to hit you, " I said while getting in position.

"Thanks to you I lost two shipment container worth over eight million dollars Marco, tell me how will you repay me, let us not forget you hid information from me." I said swinging the bat against the ball that hit Marco right in his arm.

I watched as Marco clutch his

s where my thoughts were, So, yeah.

"Sorry, " was what I got from her. I looked up to see her brother looking at me but didn't say anything.

We arrived to the airport and went straight to the runway. My private jet came into sight. "Woah, you own that dude, " Brad said with all excitement.

I nod my head an exit the car. I see Ryan, Vlad, and Marco all waiting for us.

Last night the la'sata boy's told everything to Ryan. I was there just in case things got out of hand. And it did. The boys had a small fight but eventually cooled off. What impressed me was how they forgave each other fast.

I framed all three of them for stealing money from me. Which didn't happen but I was trying to bring both families together in my own way.

Walking up to them."Everything good, " Vlad nods his head but doesn't pay attention to me.

Actually none of them are. They were all looking at her. "Oh my God, Ryan! I thought, I would leave without saying goodbye." She said running into his arm's.

She looks up and is shocked. "Vlad, Marco? What are you guys doing here." She asked curiously.

"What, no hugs for us." Vlad says earning a jab on the side from Marco. "We work for Mr. Gibinshy, " Marco said smiling. "Nice to see you again Ali."

"Nice to see you guys too, " she said.

"Why are you here, " she asked Ryan.

"Well, boss man said he needs my help in Miami to, so I guess I am coming." Ryan said while walking up to the airplane.

I was still looking at the her. How the light breeze blew her hair. Everyone was already on the plane except for her.

"Did he find the money, " she said looking at me with all hope.

"He never will find it. I am letting him work his way out of this. So, you are welcome. Now, get on the plane." I said harshly.

She walked ahead of me and I couldn't help but admire her nice round perky butt.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a lollipop...

I was brought out of my thoughts by the boys. "So, this is your first time flying, are you nervous?" Marco asked.

I walked up to her. "You need to sit with me in the front cabin. I need to discuss with you on a few matters, " I said looking into her eye's.

"Boss, maybe she ca..."

"Did I ask for your opinion Vlad?" I said annoyingly.

"It's OK Vlad, thanks anyway, " she said getting up from the seat.

I walked up to the front cabin and open the door. I let her walk in then closed the door after us. It was bigger, spacious, and more comfortable than the back of the plane. She stood waiting in front of me with her back facing me.

What if I grab her. Turn her around. Pull her on top of you. And kiss the hell out of her.

Taking a deep breath. "Have a seat Alicia."

She walks over and chooses the seat next to the window. "It's Ali, " she said looking out.

I sat in front of her. I didn't know what to say. There wasn't anything to discuss, I just wanted her to sit with me.

"What's your name?" She said so low that I barely heard.

"This is your captain speaking. We will be up in the air in no time. Please be seated and buckled up. Flight 211 from JFK airport to Miami Florida will be a two hour and thirty-nine minutes long. So, relax, and enjoy your trip."

I can see her nervousness taking over.

"Salvador, my name is Salvador, " I stared at her.

"Nice name, " she said.

The plane starts to move. She folds her legs into the seat and closes the shade of the window. Closing her eyes and snapping them open.

"My pills, I need my pills."

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