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   Chapter 7 Bail

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"I was only his play toy Ali. He never had feelings for me, but I felt his love. I felt them in his kisses and hugs. He said that it was 'fun." What does that even mean? God, I hate him so much." Lena said crying on my lap.

Lena has been my best friend since middle school. Her smooth chocolate skin, brown eyes and lined up nose made her look like a real life doll.

We were in the same class but far away friends. It was in drama class that we got to know each other more. She was an auditioning for the part of Juliet and got it, I was the understudy.

I always thought just because she was beautiful that would automatically make her think highly of herself. But I was wrong, she showed me her real beauty from within and ever since then we became best of friends.

She always had a crush on Ryan. And would tell me that he was "so hot." She would try by any chance to come our house, just so she could see him. I remember this one day, she told him that she loved him. But was heartbroken when he told her that she was still young and should date boys her age.

We were 8th graders and Ryan was in college. So, I understood but she never did. I thought it was only a crush but I was proven wrong. She stayed far away from our house. If we wanted to go hang out, it would have been at her house or anywhere else.

Fast forward to her 19th surprise birthday party, which I planned. I asked Ryan to take us to a club, he had second thoughts but said yes after a lot of begging. Ryan hadn't seen Lena since that day. She avoided him as much as possible since then.


"Girl, where are you taking me? Who will go? God Ali you know I hate surprises." Lena said while slipping on her dark burgundy one-shoulder dress.

I tried the last strap on my heels, I stood up and walked over to check my appearance in the mirror. Not bad, I thought to myself. I had on a 2 piece beige crop top and shirt, black knee-length strap heels. My hair was down, I applied mascara and Rouge red lipstick to finish the look.

"Just get ready so we can leave. Our ride will be here soon." I said grabbing my phone.

"How do I look?" I heard Lena say.

I look up from my phone and whistled loudly. "How many men will I have to fight tonight, cause you, my friend, you look? sexy, " I stated while wiggling my eyebrows.

"Yea, I know. I am sexy." She said, making her way towards the full-length mirror to get a better look.

"By the way, who's taking us?" She asked as my phone rang, I pressed the answer button.

"Yea? Yea we're ready, are you outside? Ok! we're on our way." I ended the call and looked at Lena."He's outside waiting for us, let's go."

Without any warning, I grabbed her hand and went down the stairs. "you have a clutch because I didn't bring one with me." I said while going down the stairs with Lena right behind me.

"Yea, I got one. You can put your phone in there if you like later, I don't know why you don't like handbags. You stuff everything in your pockets." she stated.

Locking the front door, the hot breezy night wind blew us by surprise. "God it's hot outside, " I said loudly.

"Oh, it's more than hot, " Ryan said.

He was leaning on his car, we made our way up to him and stopped right in front of him. His eyes were on the beauty behind me, "Um, I.... Uh.... Why aren't you girls fully dressed? You both plan on given every man a boner?" He questioned while frowning.

"Eww, wtf Ryan, " I said, looking at him but he was obviously lost in someone else.

"Ahhh, ok. Gotcha." I opened the two car door convertible, I pulled the seat back and went to seat in the back.

Let the magic being I said to myself.

Ryan was eye raping Lena from head to toe. "Happy birthday beautiful, " He leans in to kiss her cheek. "Long time no see." They both were lost in each other.

"Well, are you two going to stand there or what? We have a party to get to and people are waiting. You two can have birthday sex later." I said while smirking at them.

They both gave me a murderous look.

Lena got into the car and Ryan as well. He brought his car to life and drove off. The car ride was silent and awkward. Ryan opens the radio and Lady Antebellum, "just a kiss" came on.

Well, would you look at that.

Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight??

Just a touch of the fire burning so bright??

No I don't want to mess this thing up??

I don't want to push too far??

Just a shot in the dark that you just might??

Be the one I have been waiting for my whole life??

So, baby I'm alright, oh, let's do this right??

The song ended just as we pull up to the club. Being a twenty-one and over club, we didn't know how Ryan will get us in but he did.

"How come they didn't ask us for ID, " I asked as we entered the club. Ryan didn't reply, he just lead us straight to a Vip lounge.

"You asked me for a favor little sis and I did it. But if I see you two on the dance floor grinding on anyone then you're both going home early. My friend outside already knows who's on the guest list, so he'll let them in without a problem. Don't over drink, " he said while pointing his finger at me.

He left and I was awaiting the fury of a certain someone. "Why?" She said. I didn't da

hope Ryan can convince you to come with us."

I nodded my head. I walked toward Ryan and followed him up the stairs. He took two steps at a time until he reached my room. I followed him in and shut the door behind me. I went to sit on my bed. "So, what kind of shit you got yourself into, " I asked pulling my hair up into a bun.

Sighing out loud. He came and sat down next to me."Salvador owns a lot on the harbor docks. I found some people trespassing and shot one of them in the leg. He turned out to be a cop, but Salvador bailed me out. An hour before all that happened I received payment for shipping orders. I put it in my car but it's nowhere to be found. I lost the case, now Salvador wants his money. He thinks I have it. I told him I didn't have it but he doesn't believe me." He turns to face me. "Please Ali, you got to help me. He want you or Liz as his insurance until I find the f*cking case. And I know Liz isn't strong like you so I told him that you will go and stay with him until I prove that I don't have the money. Please, please Ali. He will hurt us if you say no." He was squeezing my hands that I didn't know he had.

Pulling my hands out of his and standing up. "Because I'm not your real sister you gave me up, " I said, my heart was filled with hurt.

Ryan stood up and wrapped his arms around me."No, Ali. I love you just as equally as anyone in this family, maybe a bit more. I just thought that you will handle this better then Liz will. You're smart and can think of ways to get out of trouble while Liz just makes the situations more difficult."

I looked at him and tears were falling down. "What will he do to you if you can find money, " I asked worryingly.

"Don't worry Ali. I will find out who took it and give it back to him, you have to trust me. Ok!", he said reassuring me.

"What will you tell dad. I mean..what will be because me leaving, " I said curiously.

"Salvador has a five-star restaurant in Miami. He's probably already told dad that he wants you working as a head chef there, " looking at me and continuing. "There's another thing Ali. You'll be living with him in the same house. He gave me his word that he won't hurt you and I believe him, he's a man of his word."

"I want to talk with him, " I said.

Ryan gave me this look but then agreed. He left the room and I slump down on the bed. Do this for them Ali. They've given you so much love and care, at least pay them back. You'll be fine, everything will be OK.

I hope.

Hearing him clear his voice while speaking a different language.

I look up and see Mr. Edible leaning his sexy muscular body near the door. I frowned. "What did you say?"

Clearing his voice once more and standing up straight. "May I come in, " he asked. "Your brother says you want to speak with me."

Standing up, I pulled my hair out of the bun. I had an itch on my neck so I ditched it. I checked myself in the mirror and I can sense his eyes following my every move.

I walk up to him until I reached him. I had to tilt my head to look at him. I felt my breath hitch due to his sexiness. He skin was tan, his eyes were dark, his body seem to flex without him even trying. "What if Ryan doesn't find the money then what will do to him, " I asked while trying to moist my lips with my tongue.

He shut his eyes tight. Inhaling deeply then exhaling, he opened his eyes and started to speak. "Then, you will have to pay the debt."

"How?" I asked.

"By marrying me." He smirked wickedly.

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