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   Chapter 6 Blackmail gone wrong

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I waited patiently, the conversation was coming to an end.

"You send me these mixed emotions, I cannot understand sometimes. And it hurts! It fucks with my mind. Like, why? I am not a toy you can play with when you feel like it. I do not want to be wanted, I want to be needed. I want you to need me." She said with so much pain and hurt.

I looked down at my phone that vibrated, Vlad sent me a text to meet him at the harbor in an hour.

"Oh my lord, are you even listening to me, " she said pushing my shoulder.

"YES I AM, " I yelled in her face. Tears were forming in her eyes.


I rubbed my eyes shut and sighed loudly. "I am not a relationship kind of guy Lena, I hope you had fun as much as I did, " I said not looking at her.

I can feel her eye's on me."Fun, you had "fun, " she looked as if she wanted to kill me. "You're a fucking asshole, " she said laughing bitterly "and here I thought you actually had feelings for me." she laughs. "Wow! Look at me, am I the only one who sees this funny?" she violently bit her lips and pulls her hair away from her face.

She stood up, takes her purse and crosses it over her shoulder.

I watched her walk her way up the stone trail and hauled for a moment. She turned around and shook her head. "I actually thought you brought me out here so you can tell me how you felt about me. But maybe I was imagining things, " fighting with her tears so hard not fall and seem weak.

"Maybe you did imagine thing's Lena, " looking into her eyes, I knew that she would never feel for me ever again.

"I hope you find that someone Ryan, and when you do. I hope they won't feel the same way you feel about them, " she pauses and looks at me.

My phone rings, "Yea, bye Ryan." she said before leaving.

The second ring came through as I watched her until she disappeared.

"WHAT MAN, " I barked at Vlad.

The time wasn't right but I had a good to do, got myself into this now cannot seem to get out.

"Woah, what's up with you?" He asked.

"Nothing, I am on my way." I ended the call and got up.

I made my way to the car and started the engine. I drove off until I reached the harbor, today's shipment was double, which was rare.

I have a bad feeling about this.

I pull up and saw Vlad and a couple of men waiting for me. I step out of the car and eye the men closely.

I have never seen these guys before.

As I walked closer and closer. I hear Vlad and the men in a heated conversation. "Look here f*cker, you will tell your boss I want a share of this cut or I am going to call this in."

I reach them and stood next to Vlad. "Look, Mano, today is not the day. I will give you a share another time, " Vlad says.

The man threw his cigarette on the floor, giving Vlad a to

her day but he wouldn't listen so I shot him. I f*cked up man." I said all in one breath.

Marco didn't say anything.


He was quiet, then he spoke."Where's the gun, " he asked quietly.

"I handed it to Ryan, why?" I questioned.

"Take the serial number for the shipment and book the first flight to Miami. I will call the men to switch the containers to another ship in the harbor."

"What about Ryan? The cops will be there any minute man, we got to help him, " I said.

"Listen, Vlad, you have done enough damage. Now, I have to think about what I will tell Salvador." He said annoyed tone."He already knows by now thanks to Mano. Fuck!"

"Bullshit! How was that plan going to work anyway, huh? Tell me!" I yelled through the phone.

"We would have made him think that Ryan was in debt to Salvador. We would have hired men to kidnap Ryan, making it seem it was Salvador. Without him actually knowing it's us. Now, Salvador will do his own investigation into Ryan's life without us. Mano has probably told him everything by now. He will find out we kept information from him. He will know that Ali is our sister and will probably use her against us. All you had you do was give him the suitcase without the money in it. That's all! But did you? No! We would have blackmailed Ryan thinking the money was lost. We would have been his shadow without Salvador knowing. We could have been in her life without bringing her into ours, but you fucked everything up." He said.

"Now, what, " I said feeling like dumbass.

"Stay put, I will go face Salvador and try to make him understand why we did this." He remarked.

"He will take her, won't he, " I said stating the obvious.

"Yea, he will!" The line went dead and I knew we were going to get the shit beaten out of us.


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