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   Chapter 5 Brother's

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I left Salvador and walked straight to my car, looking back, I fought the urge to go inside and tell him the truth.

Stepping into my black BMW convertible, the engine roared to life before I drove out through the gates.

I felt bad for not letting him that we found Alicia.

She's safe where she is, even happy.

It was Vlad that found her, he called me, saying there is this girl that resembles our late mother he saw at a? café shop. From her eyes to hair, everything looked like mon. So, he did what he thought was right. He followed her for a week, found out where she lived, then did a little investigation.

It was shock when he found out that she was Ryan sister. Heh, even I was.

What a coincidence.

After a month of getting all the information he could on her, he had proof, it was indeed our little sister we had lost. But we didn't know how to approach the matter.

I flew in to see for myself, and as Vlad said, she looked like a mother but a younger version of her.

5 years ago....

Vlad was closing a shipment deal in New York. After the deal was done, he decided to get a tattoo. Ryan's shop was the first to appear in his sight. Being Vlad, he was drunk and high with a suitcase filled with money to even remember.

He got his tattoo done. He was struggling to even stand straight. Ryan didn't let him leave, instead, he took Vlad into a room in the back and let him spend the night.

Vlad sobered up the day after. He looked around and saw that he was still at his shop. He search around for the suitcase, but it was not anywhere near him. He went for his gun to only find it was also missing.

Panic hit him hard.

He went out ready to kill, but saw Ryan finishing up a client.

"Your done, leave the bandage on and come in a week so I can fill it in." the client left before Ryan gave Vald his full divided attention.

"Money and the gun, where?"

"You were drunk and high, I wanted to kick you out but the thought you might die in a car accident did not sit? well with me. So, l let you spend the night. Your stash of money and gun that you waved in my face are locked away in the safe. Now, if you would please leave and never show me your face again."

Vlad was stunned. "Why didn't you call the cop's?"

Ryan took out the suitcase and handed and handed it over to Vald.

"What does Neeco mean, " he asked Vlad.

"What, why?" Vald was curious.

"Never mind, " he said walking around him.

"It's a name, my brother's name, He was killed. Why do you ask?"

"Because you were talking about him and about your missing sister. My sister has that name tattooed on her as well, "Necco, " I just wanted to know what it meant." Ryan said.

"Yea, well your sister must be in love with a guy named Neeco."

"Yea, maybe she is." he muttered back.

"Since you helped me out, how would you like to work for my boss?" Vlad asked him.

"Knowing that kind of cash can only come from doing something illegal, So, No! I'll? pass."

"You do not have to do anything "illegal, " just check on the shipment, take the cash then leave, " Vlad said while lighting up a cigarette.

Ryan was thinking it through.

"This is my card, call if your interested, "Vlad walked out of his shop. Turning around, "Oh and Ryan, thank you!"

End of flashback.....

We kept an eye on her from that time, watching her grow into a beautiful woman. It was six months ago when decided to meet her. But she didn't know who we were nor did we tell her who we are.

Flashback...six months ago...

All I wanted to do was go and hug her. But it wasn't the time.

Vald and I went to the cafe shop she usually goes to every morning. Seeing her so happy made me feel good inside.

All the things I imagined her ending up from being dead to living in a hell hole. Never did I thought she would be living a normal life, I wanted her to actually stay, because she looked like she was happy.

Would she be like that if she were with us... I shook my thoughts away and took a sip of my coffee that was already cold.

I wanted to go and talk to her but couldn't.

What should I say? Um hi! But did you know that you are our lost sister we have been searching for 13 years?

How did she end up here... I thought to myself.

Vald caught me thinking and I could have sworn he knew what was going through my mind.

I rub my forehead to relieve the headache that was coming on, but no use. I went to say something to Vlad, but noticed that he wasn't in his chair.

Looking around, I see he was already talking with her & I couldn't stop him.

Fuck Vlad f*ck.



Just do it, Vlad, go up and say hi then try to make up a conversation. You cannot back out now.

I took at a deep breath, I did not know what I was doing.

F*ck, think of something.

So, I just bump into her.

Yea, nice move dumb a**.

"Hey, watch it, " she said a bit annoyed.

"Sorry, your kinda short to even notice, " I smiled.

She was short, She came up to my chest.

Her mouth went wide open, oh shit she looks pissed.

She stood up straight and started to talk. "Well, let me tell you something, green giant. Not all people are the size of the Eiffel tower, and I am not short. Actually, the average height is 5'5, and I am not your average person. Now, if you will excuse me I got places to go."

That's my baby sister.

She sounds like mom a bit. Her eyes had a look of satisfaction. But still mad, she walked past me and was about to leave.

Shit, fix it Vald...I thought to myself.

"Hey, I'm sorry if I offended you. I was only joking, See! Hahaha... funny, right?"

She looked annoyed as f*ck, but then smiled so beautifully. She leaned back and said. "You know, you are a lot like my brother, " then paused.

I froze in my spot. I am your brother, do not you remember? I wanted to scream.

I felt my heart beating harder.

"He's always teasing me about my height, he's coming off grumpy, just like you. but he's?sweet and your not." She stated before taking a sip of her latte.

Why doesn't she remember me?

I let out a breath I did not know I was holding. "I am? sorry, " I said feeling bad.

I noticed the tattoo on her arm, I tried to change the conversation. "Nice Tat, what does it mean?" I asked.

She looks down at her arm, then looked back at me."I wish I knew."

"Where did you get it done, " knowing very?well it was Ryan who did it for her.

"My brother has a tattoo parlor. You should visit him if you're interested in getting one, he's?cool. I'll even tell him to give you a discount, " she said with a wink.

"You love your brothe

r huh?"

I was mad she was calling Ryan her brother and not me.

"Well, duh, of course, I do."

I did not know why I said what I did, but it just came out.

"You know you look like my sister, " I uttered, trying my best to smile.

"Oh yea, I bet you annoy the living daylight out her."

I lowered my head and she seems to notice something.

"Hey, did I say something wrong, "she asked curiously.

I shook my head, "No, you didn't, " I don't? know why I was saying this but I found myself saying it anyhow. "We lost her..."I couldn't bring out the words.

The look of sympathy was in her eyes.

"Hey, come on! For a grown man you sure have some emotional baggage huh, I bet she's happy wherever she is." She said trying to comfort me.

I smiled, "yea, I bet."

We both laughed awkwardly. I kinda felt bad Marco was watching all this. I wanted him to talk with her as well.

"Um.. let me get your brother's address for his shop." I knew where he worked. Hell! I brought him into this lifestyle of ours. I took out my phone and pretended that it was dead.

"Umm, my phone is dead but my brothers right there, how about you come and finish your Latte and I can write the address down on his phone, what do you say?"

She was biting her lips nervously. She was having second thoughts but said OK anyway.


Walking to where Marco was seated, I saw him look up at us then looked down at his phone. He's hands were shaking. We reached where Marco was at, He looked up, His eyes gave so much emotion. I tried to introduce her to him but remember I did not even introduce myself. "Hey, I didn't get your name, " I said while rubbing the back of my head.

I know your name, age, favorite color, favorite dish to eat, favorite TV shows but I guessed they have changed.

She smiled. "It's Alicia, but you can call me Ali."

"Well, Ali, I am Vladimir, but you can call me Vlad. And this is my old and boring brother Marco.

Remember us now?

"Nice to meet you both, " she said while extending her hand to Marco.

Guess not!



I looked at her hand and took it slowly into mines."The pleasure is ours for meeting a beautiful girl like you."

She was blushing. "You guys come here often?" she asked, pulling the chair out to sit down.

"No, We're here on business matters, how about you? You come here often, " I asked trying to get her to talk more.

"Yea, I do! They have the best latte and the cutest cashier." She laughed.

It felt good to hear and see her. She seemed?outspoken and kind hearted, funny as well.

I wonder why she does not remember us?

We chatted until it was time for her to leave."Well, guys, it was nice getting to know you both. Hope I see you around but I highly doubt it since you guys are only here for business. You still want the address?" She asked.

"Yea!" Vlad said and turned towards me."Give me your phone so I can write it down. My phone's dead."

She gave us the address and got up.

Pointing her finger at Vlad "Next, time watch where your going giant, and be nice."

Vlad rolled his eyes and she started to giggle. Turning to face me. "It was nice to meet Marco, you seem like a? nice person."

I felt happy and sad.

"Likewise, Ali."

I wanted to ask for her number but I did not want her to think I was a creep that wanted to date her.

I cringed at the thought.

"Hey, are you single?" she asked.

I stared at her in horror.

"You would?like my sister, she pretty hot and way funnier than me."

I almost had a heart attack.

"Yes I am, will she be willing to go on a blind date with me?" I asked kinda wanting to go out on a date.

It's been awhile since been on one.

"No, but if I snap a pic of you and show her maybe she will." she laughed.

"Oh, ok! Let me pose."

She was laughing out loud and that made me feel even happier.

"My friends on Snapchat will so appreciate me for this." she continued to giggle.

"Hey, what about me, " Vlad said. "Hook me up on a date."

"You seem like a heartbreak, So, No!"

"I'm wounded, " he spoke in a hurt tone before wiping a fake tear that wasn't even there.

"Yea, yea! Now, both of you smile, give my girls something to drooling about today."

With that, we pose in a ridiculous way and she couldn't seem to stop smiling. She said her goodbyes and we both watched her walk out.

She waved one last time and left.

"She's happy and safe."

"Why does not she remember us?" Vlad snapped at me.

I rubbed my face before shrugging.

"I do not know, try to get information about her from Ryan, " I got up and place a 20$ on the table.

End of flashback....

Every time Vlad was in New York he would go and get a tattoo done. And Ryan was the man for it. He was good at what he did. They seem to become friends. Vlad eventually talked Ryan into working for Salvador. The shipments in New York were the only ones that made the most money.

Weapons, antiques, gold, diamonds, drug's imported from all over the world. Salvador was more powerful & smarter than his father. Not to mention he had restaurants, clubs, and hotels all over the states.

He was a man you do not f*ck with.

And if you did, then pray to any god you believed in. He will hunt you down and skin you alive.

There is three bases for shipment to come to. California, Miami, and New York.

Alex was in charge of the shipment in California, Vlad in New York and I was in charge in Miami.

After finding out that Alicia was related to Ryan, we thought of setting him up so Salvador would deal with him.

But now, we are having second thoughts about the plan. She was happy with them and Ryan was a close friend to us. But father was going mad and weak not knowing where his baby girl is.

I had to something, but was this the right thing to do?

No! What if he hurts them? F*ck!

Hearing the phone ring. I looked at the screen and saw that Vlad was calling.

"Yea, " I answered.

"We have a problem." He said in a worried tone.

"What problem?" I asked.

"Salvador wants more info on Alicia, he waiting for an ok." He said nervously.

"Shit, f*ck! F*ck! F*ck!" Exhaling loudly. "Type ok quickly, then give him least information about her. We have to tell him before he finds out himself." I said.

The line went dead and I was starting to worry.

What if our plan backfires? What if it all goes wrong, then he will want Liz for payment or worse. What if he wanted Alicia.

"I am sorry Ali, but I have to."

I grabbed the phone and dialed the number. A rough voice answered.

"You have the green light, " I said before ending the call.

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