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   Chapter 4 Familiar faces..

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"Ohh, yes! More I want more, ooohhh god yeess." the blonde beneath me screamed.

I was pounding her faster and harder. It's been awhile since I had a good fuck. I mean she did not please me but I let all my frustration out. Now, her p*ussy is taking all the damage.

I lifted her legs around my shoulders while gripping her thighs even closer. Picking up the pace, I pounded her even harder than before.

"Ooohhhhhh, god, " I felt her release on my c*ck.

'Shit, I wasn't even near finish', I thought to myself as I still went at it.

After a couple of minutes, I felt myself near, I pulled my c*ck out and started to rubbing it even harder.

Almost there, just a couple more strokes, I felt the warm sensation build up, not long after I felt my cum drip against my hand while I ejected the rest against her breast.

Breathing heavily and loudly. I grabbed my shirt that I had on and wiped myself off. I toss it to her so she cleans herself off too.

I help her off the pool table, grabbed my sweats and placed them on.

"Um, should I leave or do you want me to help you with anything else Mr. Gibnshy." she whispered.

Looking at blondie, I was thinking about bringing her back to my room for round two, but a knock on the door told me that was happening.

"You may leave, I let you know when you are needed."

"Yes sir, " and with that, she headed for the door only for me to stop her so I could ask her for her name.

"Gabrielle sir, " I nodded my head and turned my back. I heard the door open then shut quickly.

Another knock came through before Marco appeared. I faced him, he had a smirk on his face and I did not even bother to deal with.

"So, how was she, you must have grabbed those two balloon balls in your hands and..." I cut him off with a warning look.

He held his hands up and walked near the pool table.

"I wouldn't sit there if I were you, " he looked at the pool table and shook his head.

"Anyway, we found someone to keep the shipment with until we settle in place. The guy owns a tattoo shop and been working for us for a while now. His name is Ryan, he's trustworthy enough to leave the merchandise with him."

"I need all information about him, " I said walking around the bar and pouring myself a glass of whiskey. "I need everything, his age, spouse, siblings, parents, everything."

Marco nods his head, "Vlad is working on that but he was the one who recommended him. He's worked with this guy and says he's good."

"How come I only heard about him now?" I questioned.

Marco just raises his shoulders up.

"You do not know a lot of people who work for you Salvador, you just write their checks. You are not a?open guy you know."

I looked at him and smiled. "Good, I'll keep it that way."

I placed the glasses down; never was an open guy but hey, like father like son.

I was raised by nannies and maid's. Father was rarely around, So, I learned to manage on my own. Marco, Vald, and Alex were my only friends.

Pablo, Marco's father, did not like the idea that both his boys would be in line of business we do, but Marco went against him and became my right hand man. Vlad also wanted to be apart of the mafia world, not for the money or woman.

They wanted revenge on the one person and one person only.

Christian El Camin.

The person who destroyed their lives.

After what happened to their family, Marco, and Vlad were different people. They were cold and filled with anger, especially Vlad. The guy doesn't communicate only with his fists.

Marco is on the calm and collective side while Vlad was more on the rough side.

We basically grew up together.

Hearing how they miss their sister everyday was probably the hardest. Marco has a picture he carries with him everywhere he goes.

I was young when Marco showed me her pic. She was breathtakingly stunning, her long chocolate-brown hair that reached her hips, her full pink lips and honey brown eyes just took me by surprise. Kinda creepy for a seventeen year old to think a little girl was pretty, but she was.

Marco and Vladimir are also good-looking, but their sister had this beauty that doesn't resemble theirs.

She must have looked like her mother because Pablo and his boys looked way different then the little girl in the picture.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by Marco, "hey man, so what do you say. Should we give this guy a chance?"

"If Vald sees he's trustworthy then why not, but tell this Ryan guy, if anything goes missing. Then, Salvador will come after his family."

With that begin said, Marco get up and leaves. I walk out after him, he bids his farewells and heads down the stairs.

I walked down the hallway that lead to my room.and also to someone's else's room. I had to take a peek at my baby before going to bed.

I opened the door gently and walked towards her crib, only 8 month's old and I'd give the world to her. I went and put ha

nd sanitizer all over my hands until I reached my elbows, then wiped my hands with a clean cloth. I gently pick her up and cradled her in my arms.

"My beautiful Anna, " I smiled. "Princess is sleeping so peaceful huh, " I rocked her back and forth.

My heart ached every time I'm reminded by her mother's action's.

She said she wasn't ready for children, so she left her baby to pursue her dreams of becoming a model.

What kind of heart did that woman have?

Meeting Sela, Anna's mother, at the beach where I jog each morning was what I thought a destiny waiting to happen. She was enjoying the sunrise and I couldn't help but admire how beautiful she was.

I, being the confident man I was, had no problem going up to her and asking her out on a date. She said yes, then one date became many more, and before you know it, she said that she was expecting my child.

Shockingly, I was happy but that happiness did not last long.

She wanted to abort the baby like it meant nothing. She said that she had second thoughts about it, but I assured her that everything will be just fine.

She was keeping the baby against her will because I didn't approve of abortion.

I had a say in it too, it was my child also.

She developed depression throughout her pregnancy and I tried every possible thing to make her happy but still she hated each and every part of pregnancy. I came to a decision with her acceptance, that she was to leave once the baby was delivered. I will care for the baby, but under one condition. That she signed her rights off and to never shows me her face again.

She agreed so fast that I was lost for words. I asked her to think it through because I will never let her see the baby ever again, but she was 100% positive she did not want 'it', in any way.

Her pregnancy went by and it was time for delivering the baby. I thought in my head if she changed her mind after seeing the baby, then I will forgive her, but no, she didn't even hold her, let alone look at her.

Furious inside, I wanted to kill her but I couldn't, she was still the mother of my child.

Releasing a loud sigh, I place my baby back into her crib.

Walking out, I slowly close her door and place my head upon it. "Papa will always be here, you do not need anyone else. You have me and I will always be there for you."

Pulling my head up, I walked until I reached my room. I open the heavy oak door that was handcrafted from the finest wood. My eyes laid upon the Miami moonlight skies.

Shining as always.

The room was big, with full length windows from one side to the other. The lights were always turned off; as I? walk in, you can see the king size bed in the middle of the room. A TV hung across from it and a door that lead to the master bathroom. On the other side was a door to the walk-in closet. The room was black on black, from curtain to bed sheets. It described me as a person, cold, and lifeless.

Walking over to my closet, I grabbed a pair of shorts.

I headed to the bathroom for a much-needed shower. I pushed the handle up and letting the jet like shower drip over my body. The water temperature was cold and I loved it. Cleaning myself up thoroughly until I was satisfied. I step out drying myself and putting on the short.

Brushing my hand through my hair, I walk towards my computer. Trying to catch up on unfinished documents that needed to be finalized.


An hour later I was getting tired, I went to click the power off button but then an email sent from Vald appeared.

I opened the email and there is a file attached, I click on it and the information about the guy he was recommending appeared.

Ryan Washington


Age: 26

Occupation: Tattoo Artist

Spouse: None

Siblings: Three, Brad, Liza, and Alicia Washington

Father: Retired Police Officer.

Mother: Deceased.

"Ryan has worked with us for about 5 years now, I have met him a couple of times while visiting New York. He's the man for the job, if you think otherwise then you are the boss. But I give my full recommendation.

Also, I sent you his pic and pics of his family members. I am attaching them now. Later boss!"






I clicked on each image to get a closer look. They all looked the same except for the last one. She looked different, beautiful, she looked....familiar?

Where have I seen her before?

Going through each picture one more time, I stared closely to the last one.

She looks, it cannot be, she's probably dead.

I typed back and gave Vald the OK and asked more information on Alicia. He took a while to reply with an okay.

I take one last look at her before shutting the computer off.

She's dead....if Vald didn't, no. It wasn't her.

I head to bed and shut my eyes. I started to drift off and the last thing I was thinking about were those honey brown eyes.

I have seen her before.

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