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   Chapter 3 Loved ones..

Anything My Sweet By MarillaGarden Characters: 17025

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Thirteen years later...

Alicia....[age 21]

"Let me go! Please take me back! I want my mommy, please Mr, please.."

I woke up sweaty and scared.

Same dream over and over.

I have always had these dreams, but I didn't understand what they meant.

'But who are those people?' I questioned myself every night.

Sighing to myself, I looked over to my left and check the alarm clock, 6:30am.


It was still early, but I decided against going back to sleep. Getting up, I went straight to the bathroom.

I finished my business and washed my hands, staring at the young lady in the mirror.

I shook my head.

The dark circles under my eyes made me look like a zombie rising from the dead. Dull dark brown honey eyes and long brown wavy hair gave this look of an island girl. Luscious full lips and a body I worked my ass off for. But, it helped a lot with the look, and the addiction I had. Being a foodaholic was not in my hands, I ate anything and everything in my way.

'Where did you come from Alicia?' I questioned myself everyday.

Turning off the water and walking back into the room, I walked past the queen size bed until I reached the mini closet and makeup area.

Why was it so messy in here?

I looked around the room and groaned loudly.

Why was my room like this?

Yeah, I would clean and organizes everything in place, but the next day everything would be out-of-order.

Hmm...probably I have a ghost in my room that likes to play dress up.

Or maybe it's my crazy sister that would come and grab whatever she wanted without asking.

'Ugh Liz, ugh!'

Debating whether I should clean my room now or get ready for the day. I went to check my telephone and read the "to do list, " before I started work at noon.

I'm a bit of an organizer.

Scrolling through my telephone, I see I have a messages from my brother Ryan.

{I texted her saying I wanna sex you up}

I laughed out loud & texted him back.

{she is not calling you ever again, and if she does, then she smoked that good kush}

I get a text back. {Ha-ha, funny, so how's dad? Did you sleep good?}

I texted back. { I just wish I knew who they were and dad's fine. That old man is stronger than you think}

I wait a few minutes and received another text. {You know that I love you right? We all love you! You are my baby sister and I am so glad that mom and dad adopted you. I am always here for you, do not ever forget that, tell dad, I will be over tonight. I miss you guys}

I replied back. { I love you guys too, and Ryan do not bring it up ok}

I was waiting for a reply but it never came.

Always felt like a heavy burden on the Washington's because I was not one of their own. Even though they treated me like I was one of the family and more, I just never felt like I belong with them. Ryan would be my older brother, after him was Brad, and finally Liza, who we called Liz.

I remember the first day they adopted me. Liz was happy having a sister, Brad thought I was hot and Ryan was in the distance looking at me.

It seems they were surprised at what their parents did, but never questioned why.

When I turned fourteen, I started to ask if they knew anything about my past. But all dad would do was kiss my forehead and say 'Forget about the past. We are your family.'

How can I forget, there were these horrifying dreams of people screaming and blood that haunted my nights. I would scream until I felt my body shake.

Mom would rush in and hold me so tight while dad stands by the door looking at me with sad eyes.

They eventually got used to it and took turns sleeping next to me, just so I would feel safe.

Every Friday I would go see a psychiatrist. I would lay there "expressing", what I saw in these dreams or how I felt.

But to no use, it never went away, but I managed to push them to the back of my mind, plus, those sleeping pills did wonders.

The Washington's all had these bright blue eyes and pale skin, and dirty blonde hair and I stuck out like a sore thumb at birthday parties and holiday events.

I felt I was not part of the family, but they have always proven me wrong. I felt love and care from the Washingtons and I would give my life to protect each and every one of them.

Ryan, now twenty-six, has his own tattoo parlor. Brad, twenty-four, worked as a mechanic. Liz and I are both twenty-one, Liz works at a Fashion boutique while I was working at a restaurant.

Cooking was a hobby but then became an a full-time job I loved. Also I get paid good.

Snapping out of it, I checked my "to do list"

- Clean the house.

- Do laundry.

- Buy groceries.

- Try the new desserts at the café plus check out the cute hottie working there, maybe get his number.

- After stuffing your face go exercise.

- Go visit mom.

Staring at the last line on my list, I felt pain. Mom passed away a year ago from breast cancer. We all miss her, but dad was missing her the most.

After her death, he would go and visit her everyday. I don't think he processed that she was gone. He would drink most of his nights and talk to a picture of her in his room.

Liza and I would snap him out of whatever he was in and try to comfort him; I still can hear her voice in this house, how she would wake us up for school or how she would force us to take a family photo together. Even when she was on chemo, she would have this smile on her face and would say. "Everything will be alright, just let me enjoy you all before I go."

Her words and memories will always be with me.

I noticed my cheeks were getting wet so I wiped the tears away and got ready.

I grabbed a dark ripped jeans and white top while searching for my studded flats. I get dressed and pull my hair into a ponytail.

Hoping over to the dresser, I opened the top shelf, grabbed the envelope where I placed all my earnings. I took some money and push it in my jeans.

Our parents taught us that you have to earn your own living. They weren't rich, they were normal people, living in a normal house, in a normal neighborhood.

Passing by my full length mirror I took a double-check my appearance.

Looking at myself I started to sing, "I woke up like this, ladies, tell him. I woke up I did not wake up like this but hey, I woke up like this.... yes I know I am crazy!

Opening the bedroom door, a burning smell hit my nostrils. "Damn it Liza, nobody going to eat your food." I said to myself.

Running down the stairs, I walked pass the living room and down the narrow hall until I reached the kitchen.

Looking at the sight in front of me, I laughed. "Liza, what the heck are you doing? Are you deliberately trying to kill us?"

The blonde beauty spun around and flashed me a toothy grin. "Maybe, maybe not. You'll have to try it first, I'm sure it's not that bad."

Liza, or as we call her Liz, had short blonde hair, blue eyes, and big pouty lips. A couple of small tattoos on her body and long killer legs, her sassy and classy attitude made her stand out more. You can say that her milkshake brought a lot of boys to our yard but dad was waiting for them always with his shotgun.

Walking past her I took the burning pan and placed it in the kitchen sink.

"Can you please leave the cooking to me, we do not want to get food poisoning, and what is this? Oh god!"

She looked at me and gave me this look of 'duh, what else you think it is'. I examined it closely and yup! It was one of her own creations. I just waited for her to tell me what she was trying to invent.

"Well, you see, I cracked some eggs, added pancake mix, a zucchini, last night's leftover dinner all in a blender and pureed it. It would have been the best pancakes you have ever had in your life"

I stared at her in horror. "We had pasta last night, Liz. How the hell would it taste good?"

She started giggling, "Well, it's all ending up in one place."

I just took a deep breath. "Why cannot you just eat cereal? It's easy and less messy."

She looked around at the mess she made and whispered a 'sorry'. I kind of felt bad, she was just trying to help, but Liz is not meant to be in the kitchen or near anything flammable. She's your blonde bombshell that all men fell for. I told her that it was alright and to go make some coffee, while I clean up and make something quick. She went to place the coffee cup in the coffee maker.

I decided to whisk up some pancakes since Liz was craving some. I got eggs, buttermilk,

and flour. Whipped them together before grabbing the pancake griddle and heated it up.

While that was going on, I got to cleaning the kitchen surface and placed all the dirty plates in the sink. I went back and started on the pancakes. Liz handed me a cup of well needed coffee.

So, much for going to see that fine sexy coffee guy. I shook my thoughts away and placed the cup down.

After a couple of minutes. I flipped the last pancake and place them on the plate that Liz had already designed with strawberries. Turning around, I see the kitchen table set with fruits, orange juice, whip cream and syrup.

Looking up towards the wall, the clock said it was 8:00 clock, I heard footsteps and saw Brad walking in.

"Morning, " he said in his sleepy voice. Rubbing his eyes and yawning while stretching. He was still in his sweats, white tee, plus barefoot. He pulls his chair out and sits. "Thank god you cooked Ali, " I smiled at his nickname he gave me when I first arrived in this house.

Brad had long blonde hair that reached his shoulders, blue mysterious eyes. He was not muscular, I was surprised at the amount of food he would eat without gaining a pound. While my fat ass had to do was smell the food and Bam! Ten pounds automatically appears.

Brad was taller than me. Then, come to think of it, everyone were taller than me in this house. I was just a bit short, and trust me 5'7 is short compared to everyone that was above 5'9.

A couple of minutes and dad walks in, we all stare at him while he tries to pull his chair out to sit. Brad looks at him and continues eating while mumbling to himself. Liz pours coffee in a mug and hands it to him, places a kiss on his head while taking the available seat next to him. He gives her a small smile and drinks his coffee.

I went to take a seat when I heard Brad opening his mouth. "So, you just gonna drink away your life, not acknowledge that you still have a family around that needs you."

Liz and I give him a warning look to not start. We will have that conversation tonight, I thought to myself. "Do not Brad, ok, " I said while pleading with my eyes.

He looked at me then looked down at his food and continued eating. Utter silence was upon us that's until dad spoke. "I know what I am doing is hurting you all. Your mother was my everything and she left me. You will all soon leave to go on with your lives, And I will lack one. We planned how you all would come visit us when we are older. We would be old and waiting for our grandkids to come running towards us. How we would have spoiled them together, but she left and it was too early for her to leave."

Liz was already beside dad, hugging him with tears in her eye's. Brad covered his face with his hair and I knew well that he was crying too. I looked up to see dad's tired red eyes staring at me.

The tears clogged up my vision, I do not know how I said it, but I did. "How about we all go and visit mom after breakfast. None of us have anything to do until noon. We can all say what's inside of us, so we can know what the other is feeling." They looked at me and nodded at the idea.

"I want to buy her flowers this time, " Brad said while looking at dad. Dad nods his head.

We tried to eat, but no one had an appetite anymore. We all got up and went to get ready. After 20 minutes we were out the door and in the car. Brad took his motorcycle.

After 40 minutes drive we could see the cemetery gates. I heard dad sigh out loud, I rubbed his shoulders because I was sitting behind him. I saw Liz grabbed his hand and squeezed it tight. "This time you are not alone." she said.

I can see Brad was already ahead of us parking his bike and holding mom's favorite flowers. Lilies.

Dad parked the car and we all step out. Walking behind him, Liz grabs my hand and holds it tight. She has not been here since mom's funeral.

I would try to make her come with me, but she would always say, maybe next time. Ryan and Liz did not accept that mom was gone, I mean they knew, but never expressed on how they felt. Brad may seem like a tough bad boy, but deep inside he's a softy.

He would come in my room and cry his heart out after mom passed away. He found release in his cries and made peace with knowing that mom may have left us physically but mentally she was in our hearts and in our memories.

But for Liz, she kept it in. I felt her hand tremble in mine. I squeezed her hand and pulled her closer. We finally arrive at mom's grave.

{In the loving memory of}

Our supermom Mel Washington You left your mark on this Family. So, we will carry it until

{Our last living breath}

I can hear Brad talking to mom. "So, she tried to cook and as always major fail. But Ali came and saved us from her. Then, I kind of hurt dad with words, now we are here. I miss you mom! I miss you so much and I do not want to lose this grumpy individual also. He's killing himself slowly and thinks it's ok. I know he's hurting, but we are all in the same boat. He still has us, we will not leave him. Just tell him to stop, come, and strangle him in his dreams and tell him to individual the fuck up. He wants us to live without the both of you around. I do not want to bury him next to just, yet Let him hit his 90s then he can leave. I miss you mom, " he places her flowers. "I got you the flowers this time, so I get the extra love from you." He looks at us and turns back to say. "Liz is here so go easy on her." He walks and stands next to me while Liz make her way and kneels down.

I can see her struggling to speak. Licking her lips, she tries to utterly speak, but cannot form and words. I try to go comfort her, but Brad pulls me back. She's wrapped her arms around the headstone and cries. All you can hear were whispers of sorry. She placed a kiss on the headstone dad pulls her up. Dad looked into her eyes, "She felt what you wanted to say. No need for words Liza, she knows."

Nodding her head, she comes in between Brad and I, still crying her heart out. I placed my hands on her back and rubbed just to ease her pain.

Dad starts and laughs, "You are not actually going to come and strangle me sweetheart, right?" He sat on the grass and continued. "I just miss you, everything that surrounds me reminds me of you. Everything in our room is a reminder that you were once there, but now you are fading away. I do not want you to start fading. I see you in our girls, I see you in every corner of the house. But time goes by and slowly you are fading. I feel that soon everyone in that house will leave. They will eventually go on with their lives and I will not stop them. I just feel pity for myself that I will not have nobody with me to spend my nights with. And I will not lie, I tried dating to forget, but no one will ever compare to you. You left, you left me, you were supposed to die after me. Not before me."

I felt my heart shatter, I couldn't breath anymore. Dad was hurting more than all of us. And I couldn't do a damn thing about it. I walked near him and wrapped my arms around him.

His back was facing me. "I will not leave you dad, not now not ever." I tightened my arms around him and leaned my head on his shoulder.

I felt Liz put her arms around the both of us while Brad kneeled beside us. "This was much-needed, thanks to Ali, Mel. She always knows what to say at the right time, " He moves his head to the side and looks at me. "You want to say anything?" I nodded my head and started to speak in the same position I was.

It felt like it was a bittersweet moment. "They do not know I come often and rant about each one of them, Hi mom!" I took a deep breath.

"I wish you never left me, I have given you updates on everyone but not on me. I went into your closet and took some of your belongings without dad or anyone knowing. Whenever I feel sad or wake up from a nightmare. I would bring your sweater and lay it near me so I can hold it tight. I imagine you brushing your fingertips in my hair and soothing me. A form of peace comes over me. And I know it's you watching over me. I love you and miss you so much, you will never be forgotten. You are inked in our souls and hearts. And as for dad, please come and strangle him." I heard everyone chuckle.

"I also do not want to lose him, " I said while breaking down in tears.

We all sat there in peace. A bird came and landed on mom's headstone. We all stared and watched how it moved then flew away. Bye mom! I said to myself.

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