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   Chapter 2 Missing

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Waking up from a deep sleep, I fluttered my eyes open, staring straight to the ceiling in the room.

My body was aching, mere blurs of what happened were flashing by.


Realization came hitting hard, that's when everything came crashing down. I remembered Eros's men, take out Christian's men, one by one. I remembered being pulled out from the fire, but did my family reach to safety?

Bolting up, my mind goes crazy.

I needed to know. I needed answers now!

"EROS....STEPHEN, " but no answer.

I was stunned when I turned my head to see my son Vlad. His expression showed so much pain and hurt.

His eyes held no emotions, just a blank cold face.

What was wrong with him?

Why was he like this?

I tried to hold him, but he pulled back away from me and left.

I was screaming for Eros to come at this point and tell me where the F*ck was my family. A few moments later he walks in, followed by Stephen close behind. He came closer and pulls a chair that was nearby.

By the look on his face I knew that someone was hurt.

"You know this is affecting us all, I tried my best but there's nothing I have could have done. The men tried to save your family." he pauses then continues. "My men arrived as fast as they could. They attacked Christians men and tried to reach you in time, but the damage was already done. Marco was wounded badly but luckily the doctor managed to keep him in critical condition. He's resting in the room beside you with all the medical attention he needs."

I sat there silenced.

"You're wife!"

The storm was building up fast inside my body.

"She was dead when we pull her body out. There was nothing that we could have done, she was already gone."

My lungs need air, breathing heavily was not helping.

"Your son Neeco" he pauses for a moment.

God no, please no!

"Neeco didn't make it."

The storm came through and now lighting and thunder was raging.

"AAHHH, F*CK YOU, " I shouted while pulling Eros with all the strength I had in me.

He was beneath me, my hands locked ever so tightly around his neck.


Screaming in his face did not calm the storm down. It only made it worse.

I was pulled off Eros by Stephen but that didn't stop the punches that I marked my good friend with.

I was in pain but he continued to speak.

"We found Nata on the floor shielding Neeco. The bullet went through her, then straight to Neeco. We had to separate Vald from Neeco to pull both bodies out."

"What about Christian? Where is that son of a b*tch, huh, " I yelled.

"Christian was long gone before my men helped your family out to safety. He manage to kill some of my men, and get away with a couple of his men due to the fire. He fled from the back. He was prepared and thought it through. I am guessing it took him a while to find you and when he did. He knew how to played his cards well. What I want to know is, how did you know that he was going to strike at that moment?"

An ache shattered my heart. "Nata had a feeling and she was right. That's why I called."

I held myself together as my insides torn apart.

Sitting on the edge of the bed with my head hung low. It was what Eros said next that made my heart stop.

"We couldn't find Alicia, Pablo."

I felt my whole body shake.

Snapping my head towards him, I shouted. "What do you mean you couldn't find my baby?"

"We searched the house in every corner. We even waited until the fire was out, just maybe we could find a body. But nothing! No trace of her was found. My men questioned your son Vladimir, but he said the last time he saw her, was near the coffee table. He went to help Neeco and in the midst of everything, she vanished."

His eyes flickered back between mines and Stephen. 'I think he has her. I had my men contacted a few people they know in human trafficking. We gave the description of your daughter, but no word yet. Knowing Christian is a sick bastard, he would try to sell her."

I gave in to all the pain.

I was broken. Lost. Hurt. I fell to my knees, I felt numb. I felt alone.

It should have been me dead not my family.

Everything that I feared that would happen, happened, but even worse than I could have imagined.

I have never cried in my life, and here I was crying in front of Eros and Stephen.

I a pair of arms pull me up. Stephen leans me back to bed, handed me some pills and a glass of water.

I took them and just laid there.

"Sleep! The funeral will be tomorrow. You need to be strong for your boy's. Need strength to find your baby girl. You cannot fall apart; your boys need you."

And with those words being the last I hear from Stephen. I pass out.


The next day...

The skies were a bit dark, clouds were gloomy. Drops of light rain came from the sky and still, here I stand after I buried my wife and child.

I wish it was me Nata, I'm sorry.

Feeling a hand on my shoulder. I glance to my side to see Eros standing besides me. He was not only my boss but probably the only friend I had, we have been through alot together. I have see

n him in his worst, now it's his turn to witness me in mine.

"We are losing time Pablo, I know you are hurting, but if you ever want to see your baby again, then we have to move now, before it's too late."

So, many thoughts came to mind.

What if Christian hurts my baby? What if he doesn't not have her?

What if she ran away?

Staring intensely at my friend, I dared to question him. "Does he have her, " I asked with any hope.

"He does, and I think we should start looking. knowing that f*cker, he will sell her or ditch her somewhere far where no one can find her. And neither one is a pretty sight, but it's the hard truth." he stated in a low tone.

"Where do we start?" I asked, Stephen's voice came from behind us.

"We think he took her to Alonzo that sick a**hole is....., " he didn't continue his words.

My whole body shook in horror. I turn to Stephen. "Please tell me that the men already have him tied to a chair."

Stephen stared at me with this sadistic smile plastered on his lips. "We already did the pleasure in bringing him. All you must do is grace us with the Pablo we know."

Walking ahead, I found myself waiting in the car. They both got in and stared at me. I turned my head to look out the window.

The boys were sent back to Eros home right after the burial. So I knew they were safe.

"Here we go, " Stephen mumbled.

It's been so long since the old Pablo had been seen.

I was a crazy motherf*cker back then, but that changed because of Nata. Now that she is gone, the old Pablo had to come out for the sake of my baby.

But I didn't want to be that person again.

He cannot come back, I have Marco and Vald. I had my baby to find. If the old me came back, then all hope is lost for my children.


The car stopped, pulling me out of my thoughts. I step out and took in my surroundings, Eros bought this abandoned place when he took over leadership.

He patched it up from the outside, but the inside was still a mess. His father did all the integration in the comfort of his own basement, but Eros did not.

He wanted a place in the middle of nowhere and away from society. No one could hear your screams, as the men that worked for Eros loved to hear and feel the pain they bring upon others.

Stepping on the gravel ground, I walked into the place. I could smell the metallic scent of blood, hearing the sounds of agony with each step I took.

Cell after cell of men hanged, beaten, stabbed, tortured. Some still await their turn while others barely breathing.

I came to a halt, Eros open a cell door in the far back. I walked closer and the site was already sicking. Alonzo was sitting on the cell floor with his head down.

The sick part was his right leg was already chopped off, blood was flooding the floor. Taking his lit cigarette slowly up to his lips and inhaling deeply. He looks up letting it out in one puff. "Let get this show started boys, " he said with a chuckle.

I marched over slowly towards him.

"My baby Alonzo, where is she?"

He didn't say anything.

I landed a punch to his face so hard, I heard his jaw snap. Punch after punch, I was angry. I was hurt. I took out all that was in me on him.

I needed my baby, but I did not want him losing consciousness so I stopped.

Looking into Alonzo's eyes, a hint of fear came to him as he stared at me.

I was not playing any games. "Tell me where's my daughter and I will spare you the other leg and probably both arms to manage with the rest of you of your life." I grabbed him by his hair and yanked as hard as I could.

"TELL ME, " I yelled loudly into his face.

Chuckling a bit, he said something that made me lose all hope. "Dead, or as I was told she was. She's never arrived at my play house, although I was so happy when Christian told me he had Pablo's daughter as a present for me. But such a pity, I never got to have her. I heard she was a beauty and WA..", His eyes bulged out, showing me that he was in pain due to the knife that was twisting over and over.

I held it in my hands and deliberately stabbed his manhood upwards and twisted it violently. I wanted to hurt him even more.

The sounds of chains made their way to my ears. I look at Eros who had started a chainsaw before handing it to me.

I stood up and looked down at him.

"I'm back!"

He screams loudly, satisfaction hit my ears.

The chainsaw went through randomly through his body in every direction. Blood spatter everywhere, against my face, hands, legs.

I was not satisfied until he was in bits and pieces.

Covered in blood and sweat, I walked out knowing that the old me was back and maybe even worse.

Eros and Stephen walk behind me without a word that's until Stephen spoke. "I do not think this is the old Pablo we know, " while grinning from ear to ear. "but I love this one even more."

Asking for a smoke and lighting it up.

I take in the soothing smell and hard tobacco taste, finding myself lost once again in my thoughts, wondering where's my baby is.

"Dead end, " Eros said while looking at me. "I am so sorry, but we will keep looking for her until we find your baby. You will be at ease, my friend. I promise!"

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