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   Chapter 27 Restroom Rendezvous

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The Italian restaurant wasn't quite as small as I imagined it. The store front might have been admittedly a bit small and the first floor not that spacious but the atmosphere was really agreeable, jolly even. We followed a waiter upstairs and I was surprised to find out that the 2nd floor's dining room was noticeably bigger. There were only 3 couples already eating and that made the atmosphere somehow more intimate –the dimmed lights played their part well too.

It was love at first sight and I was sure I would be revisiting many, many times.

"So, what's she like?" I asked as soon as we had sat at our table and the waiter had left us with the menus, "The Oracle, I mean."

"Is that all we're gonna talk about?" How he managed to sound half annoyed, half amused was beyond me.

"Hey, you brought her up, " despite my defensive tone, I was impossibly excited to know more about her and I could barely keep still.

The Oracle was a legend, had only one apprentice and no child of her own, not to mention that very few witches got to meet her. Needless to say, she was shrouded in mystery. When I had searched for information regarding her a few years back, there was close to none.

"Okay, okay, " he raised his hands in defeated surrender, a small smirk tugging at his lips, his eyes twinkling in amusement, "what do you wanna know?"

"Everything you can tell me, " I flashed him my most encouraging smile while mentally begging him with my best puppy dog eyes.

"Well, she lives in Canada, in a small cabin in the mountains." He stopped as the waiter came to take our order and then carried on with his little tale.

By the end of it, I had not learnt much really –but it was still better than what I had managed to find out at the age of 12. The Oracle only took a request every decade from the same person. And, even then, she would ask them to do something in return beforehand… and one should always expect the unexpected with her requests.

Jonathan had had to accept, the first time he went, the role of her guinea pig in some mind-control spell she had devised. Naturally, to relinquish such control, they had to make a blood contract in which it was stipulated that she wouldn't, in any way or form, make him do something that went against the well-being of the werewolf community, or that went against any supernatural or human law. And all he got in compensation was to learn that I was a witch.

When I let him know I felt like he didn't get much, he defended her. Clairvoyance abilities weren't easy and using the blood of someone to find out something about their mates was by no way easy. I found myself agreeing with that. No normal witch could do that, clairvoyance ability or not.

He also explained that knowing his mate was alive, and neither a werewolf nor a vampire, had made it slightly easier for him. Not all supernatural beings got that kind of clues in their search for their mates, no matter how much it was needed. And werewolves needed it most since, according to their laws, they had to be mated by the age of 100 –true mate or not.

The second time, she had only requested he found a special spider and bring it to her –alive.

'Okay, I do not wanna know what she did with it, ' repulsion filled me as I absolutely could not stand the idea of going anywhere near those creepy eight-legged creatures. Dead? Maybe. But, alive? No way in hell would I ever make a potion or use a spell that would require them living and kicking.

The lengths he had had to go through to find out I was a witch and I attended high school made me like his perseverance in his search for me.

"Now, my turn, " he said excitedly when I no longer asked for anything, rubbing his hands together in caricature-like delight, making me giggle. "God, I love that sound." I heard him mutter just as the waiter placed the two fuming hot pizzas in front of us.

"So, what can you tell me about yourself?" seeing as the pizza was rather untouchable at the moment, it was no wonder we were still playing 20 questions.

I pondered on what to share for a moment and then just let go, saying the first thing that came to my mind, "Well, I've been on a few dates but I've never had a real boyfriend." His eyes

ay into my panties, making me gasp and arch into his body.

When I finally recovered from the post-orgasmic bliss and my thoughts were finally coherent again, I realized the enormity of what I had just allowed to happen. I had basically just let Jonathan, a stranger for all intents and purposes – knowing a name and a title didn't count – finger-fuck me into my first ever orgasm in the freaking restroom of an Italian restaurant.

'In the freaking restroom! Have you lost your mind?' My sensible alter-ego was back full-force and it was almost giving me a headache.

Tears gathered in my eyes and he must have smelt them or something – having his nose pressed against my throat, he couldn't have seen them – for he was soon asking me what was wrong.

"I feel like a slut, " I whispered, not finding it in me to be angry at him. Truth be told, he hadn't done anything I hadn't wanted.

"You're not a slut, " he reassured me, nuzzling my neck one last time before pulling away and looking me in the eyes, "we're mates and the chemistry can get a little overwhelming at times. I'm sorry I couldn't hold myself back."

His apology was sincere and yet it felt wrong. I had wanted it to happen. It wasn't just him.

"It takes two to tango, " I muttered and he flashed me his brightest smile at that, making me unable to do anything but give him a small smile back.

'He didn't get his release, ' a snarky voice sing-sang in my head. Well, now that the lustful frenzy had died and I had sobered up, there was no way I could help him with that.

And just then, as he didn't complain or whine about not having his fun, I realized how selfless he had been and I could only smile more brightly at that. He had given me pleasure and had not demanded I did the same. He had not expected me to return the favor and I was really thankful for that for I didn't think I was ready to take that step just yet.

The walk of shame back to our table wasn't that bad. Nobody was looking our way but I did see the waiter smirk knowingly and it made me blush and drop my gaze to the floor. Thank god Jonathan had had the decency to kiss me when I had reached my peak or I would have screamed the place down.

As we ate our pizza in a comfortable silence, I could not look him in the eyes without blushing. He, on the other hand, smirked all through the meal.


"So, we'll meet up every day for as long as you're off school, right?" he reminded me as we were exiting the restaurant.

"Yeah, " I gulped down loudly and glared at his innocent car, "but no more kinky restroom rendezvous."

He chuckled and brought me to his side in a brief sideways hug before opening the door for me. I pouted but was feeling genuinely happy for once in his company. Maybe being an alpha-ultra's mate wasn't so bad after all.

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