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   Chapter 17 The Unexpected

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The rest of the night was spent calmly, peacefully, pretty uneventful. I had kept shamelessly flirting with Tim, feeling all the while Jonathan's gaze on me.

I had thankfully managed to get my act together before stepping out of the bathroom. I had showed up at the table as collected as ever, as if nothing had happened. I could only assume it had unnerved him since he didn't stay at the restaurant long enough to have desert. He had left some ten minutes before us, the skank he had brought trying to keep up with his angry strides but not quite managing to do so. I had inwardly grinned at that while keeping my face impassible, not showing any emotion whatsoever that might indicate the feeling of satisfaction I was experiencing.

Truth be told, the game seemed silly at times; nevertheless, it was serving its purpose just fine and that was what mattered most to me.

The drive back home was enjoyable; Tim and I joked around and teased each other a little bit. It then soon came to goodbyes as we reached our destination. Being the gentleman he was, he insisted on walking me to the front door and not just dropping me off.

When there were merely two feet separating me from the said door, I turned around, a smile adorning my face, and was surprised with the gentle brush of his lips on mine. I barely had the time to register what was going on that he was already pulling away. It wasn't a kiss per se, miles away from Jonathan's ravaging one, nothing but a soft peck really.

"Goodnight, Jas, " he whispered before worrying his lower lip, his eyes slightly expecting.

Not giving in to the temptation that was his plump kissable lips for a reason I could not fathom, I smiled his way and told him goodnight as well before raising my hand to ring the bell.

"See you soon, " it came out on a sigh, as if it pained him to know the date was already coming to its end, yet with a little hopeful edge to it, meaning he had every intention of asking me out again.


than sure he would have enjoyed and added some of his remarks as well.

"Where's dad?" I voiced out the question, my eyes narrowed in suspicion, not daring to hope for anything.

"He doesn't want to pressure you into accepting Jonathan even if the idea of you rejecting your mate doesn't appeal to him." mom admitted in an emotionless voice, and that meant she was angry with his decision but didn't want to show it.

'Not possible!' I inwardly squealed then grinned at the news. 'Now that's what you can call a surprise.' I had never thought he'd be willing to let me do as I pleased, to let me decide for myself whether I should refuse or accept being Jonathan's mate; with all that had to entail. That was really unexpected.

"Cool, " I commented joyfully before resuming my ascension of the stairs. Thankfully, mom chose to go to the living-room, probably to give dad a full report and a piece of her mind for probably the third time or so. She was definitely not fond of the idea of his not getting involved. I was sure she had made that crystal clear to him already but another venting-session wouldn't hurt her. Dad was one of those unshakable persons who once they've taken a decision, there was no changing it. I often described that as him being unnervingly stubborn but for once I viewed it as a quality.

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