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   Chapter 13 Nostalgia

The Alpha's Seduction By La_Rose_Semsem Characters: 6237

Updated: 2018-03-04 18:26

Just as we stepped inside the house, I heard Karl whisper from beside me, "Home sweet home." It was easy to take note of the adoration in his voice.

He was my cousin but, to me, he was the best brother I could ever ask for. When my aunt, after years of solitude, and a seemingly never-ending mourning over the loss of her beloved husband, passed away in a car accident, my dad had done everything he could, the fastest he could, in order to become his legal guardian. The day he arrived, the sky had been of a stormy gray and raining cats and dogs.

Since he had been drenched from head to toe because of his little, slow, insouciant-like walk from the car to the house, it was difficult to say whether there were tears or not among the droplets of water trickling down his face. His green eyes were sad though; everybody could see that, even little me –I was five at the time, he was ten.

As his blond locks sticking to his grim face and his lifeless pools of green had come into sight, I had run towards him, held on his shirt-tail and tugged until he bent over my little form.

In that bubbly, innocent and oh-so-endearing manner children only could talk, I had asked him to smile, my forefingers tugging at the corners of his mouth. He had knelt on the floor and then forced a smile on his face. Had I been older, I would have seen that smile for what it had been –a rueful one. I was, however, only five at the time and just as I thought that maybe I had been able to bring some much needed joy into his saddened self, his eyes allowed the tears he had been desperate to hold to make their way down his cheeks.

I wasn't even given the time to wonder why he was crying –though, admittedly, the reason was pretty obvious– that he was already engulfing me in a bear hug like I had never had before. I had awkwardly hugged him back for what seemed like hour

ok, urging me to tell him whatever I was thinking already.

"But if there was no school, we could go to the festival; right?" I had wiggled my eyebrows at him suggestively.

He had given me a quizzical look and I had hurried to explain my plan to him, in hushed tones so as not to be heard, an evil grin adorning my lips.

We had gone straight to the gym, hoping it would be deserted and, luckily enough, it had been. Then, we did our best igniting an impossibly small flame just under those little devices which sole purpose was to sense fire and start pouring water. Just as we managed doing that, we had rung the alert then fled out of there.

We had not been the only ones benefitting from that little prank. Some had been groaning about a quiz, others complaining about the teacher they would be having first thing in the morning; and others, just like us, had been just looking for mere shimmer of an opportunity to skip.

'Fun times, ' I thought, smiling, feeling a tad bit nostalgic.

"Nothing of the sorts, " I reassured him. 'The prank I'll be doing today will be so much more fun, I'm sure.' I had kept that little detail to myself though, not wanting to alert the parents to the upcoming little mess I would be causing.

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