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"What's next?" I ask, jumping up and down. True, some parts of the story were dark, but I still want to know what came next for our hero. "What did the Knight of the Shield discover?"

Mother pats my head and points toward the window. Night had arrived without me noticing. "Mother will tell you the rest of the story tomorrow or some other day. For now go to sleep. You got school tomorrow."

"Ahh, " I grumble as I stand up.

Sister yawns. "Let's go big brother, " she says, rubbing her eyes with her tiny hands.

I grab her hand and smile. "Alright. Night mom!" I ran for the stairs but stop upon seeing Father toss and turn as if suffering his own nightmare. If anyone knew how Serrano felt, it was him.

Serrano... Hanketsu. Why do those names make my heart ache? Just what was it that he lost?

"What's up kiddos?" Father asks, rubbing his eyes. "Your mother finished the story already."

I pout. "Nope. It's night already. We're off to bed now. You should too." Both sister and I ch

t to know the end."

He sighs and rubs his long brown hair. "You will. One day."

I stomp on the stairs. "I want to know it now!"

A long arm grabs me. "Heavens. Who knew that you would grow up to be such a spoiled kid?"

"Let go of me! I want to know the end!" I cry.

**Solar Note**

And that's it for this first book! I hope that you enjoyed it. I will be revising things that I felt I could've improved. Please leave me some feedback on what you think I could've done better, and even what you enjoyed. Especially surrounding the characters. The feedback will go toward making the final draft.

Edit: The sequel is now out! It's called 'Shadow of Justice'

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