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"Tetsuya! Tetsuya!" a voice called out.

"Where am I?" I asked, standing up from the floor. In front of me was nothing but shadows pouring down like part of an eternal waterfall. It was similar the abyss and when I had met Hanketsu. I stared down and saw a gaping hole in my chest. How was I even alive?

Wait, was I even alive?

"Hey, Papa" said a familiar voice. I turned around and saw a bright light. It was Hanketsu, still trapped by the chains of his sin.

I glared at the guy. "Who are you calling 'Papa'? I don't even have a kid."

He chuckled. "Right. You haven't even had your first time yet. Not that I'm judging you. It's best to wait."

My eyes narrowed further as my face flushed. I could see why they said that Hanketsu was close to Saya's mom. "Why am I here?"

Hanketsu's smile faded. "Ah. About that. Well, you see... You're sort of dead, yet kind of not."

I raised an eyebrow. "What? I... died?" I thought of Yuko and the others. Were they dead too?

"Don't worry, my future mama and your friends are still alive, " he responded, his smile partially returning. "Now. In order to make sure that such a future is to come, I need you get out of here."

This guy is just doing things for himself... selfish. But then again, he is our ancestor...

"I would love to do that, " I said, scoffing. "Now, how do I do it?"

Hanketsu looked up at the gigantic walls of darkness pouring over us. "Fly. You'll be met with obstacles but that's the only way to return to the world of the living."

I spread out my pitch black wings which didn't seem all that dark in comparison to the walls of shadow. "Before I go. Where are we? In the center of the rosary?"

Hanketsu closed his eyes. "No. Currently we're in a world close to the Abyss. That's where the dead are said to go to. The Goddess of Death judges the dead. Normally there'll be no way out. But we aren't properly within it. But within the spirit of another who is within the realm of Abyss. One whom currently suffers at the moment."

I lowered my wings. "Suffering?"

"Yes. You leaving is causing this person unspeakable pain."

I shook my head and flew up high. Whoever it was, I couldn't stay. I didn't even know the person. And if they were in Abyss then mostly likely this person was a being of the Abyss like Takon, Aster, and Reginald.

"Good luck, Papa, " Hanketsu said, watching me advance high into the sky. He closed his eyes as the darkness envelop him. "See you soon."

A pain echoed throughout the hole in my body. What exactly had happened? Why was I in the soul of another? And why was Hankentsu here?"

Suddenly a brilliant violet pillar pierced through the darkness. This power. It's... Hanketsu's?

"Go, Papa. Your exit is there."

I nodded and sped up. Suddenly the waterfalls of darkness shook violently and unleashed their umber waters on me. Rapidly, I dodge them as they took the shape of black serpents.

By flying closer to the pillar, I managed to avoid them with relative ease. The shadows serpents dissolved as soon as they came close to it.

"Almost there!" I yelled as I saw white light.

A mighty roar pushed me back down. It didn't come from the darkness around me, but from outside. The cry was filled with a mix of sorrow and rage. It felt as if its owner was calling out to me. To come and save them.

"This voice... is this Yuko?" I asked.

"She is in great pain. As much as this being who is trying to keep you here. Go and save her. Save your beloved friend, and my future."

"Shh, you're really attached to the idea of us being your parents. Aren't you?"

He snickered before going silent.

I flew higher but the roars kept pushing me back. Who knew that Yuko had this much power? Why had she even fallen into such a state? Then it hit me, it was because I was dead. Yuko only had Nori left. But was he alone enough to knock her out of whatever pain she was feeling?

All of this was the fault of that man. My fat

ncia smiled at us before the two vanished.

I stood still, amazed and confused by what had just occurred.

"That boy..." I said, breaking the silence. "The person who Hanketsu transformed to. Who was he?"

Setsuko stared back at Serrano. "Someone who was close to him. Seems that the three of us being together and alone caused the two to show themselves. This is a good sign. With the help of both of our ancestors— we shall be able to overcome the trials ahead."

"Ca..." Serrano yelled, causing Setsuko and me to jump. Both of his hand covered his face. "It... was just a dream." He laid his head back down. His eyes were red. "Why do I keep having that dream?"

I recalled our time at college. There were several times when he would wake up screaming. No matter how much I pressured him to tell me what they were about, he wouldn't speak. Were they connected to Hanketsu? Why else would he take on that form and appear around him?

"Let's go home, " Serrano said, still shaking from the dream.

"Home?" I asked.

He adverted staring directly at me. "Yeah. I... want to go home. I think that it'll be best to return to where it all began."

I stared at my angel tool. Its bracelet form now had a single ruby instead of being pure silver like before. "Yeah. Good idea." Plus, I had somethings to talk with my parents about."


"This is Master's home?" Yuko asked, staring around at the quiet countryside as the car came to a stop.

"So calm, " Setsuko said, eyeing the surroundings. "I wouldn't mind living here."

Serrano scoffed. "It looks nice but life here is tedious, not to mention boring."

I stared at him and snickered. "Come on. You don't hate it. There were moments in which you really seemed to enjoy it."

Cousin smiled a bit. "True..."

"Plus coming here was your idea, " Setsuko pointed out.

"Why are we supposed to tag along?" Hideo whined.

"I already told you countless times. We're going to see if Tetsuya's father has returned from the Abyss, " Setsuko responded. "We require that he upgrades our weapons."

My father hadn't returned... he had gone into the Abyss in pursuit of the Rulers. Seeking revenge for what they had done to me. He had no idea that I was still alive... Setsuko had tried to contact him during the week that Serrano and I were unconscious. But she, nor the others, couldn't locate him. Father... I had so many questions to ask of him. Such as the new powers of my shield. But more importantly, why did the beings of the Abyss seemed to know him?

**Solar Note: Still one more part left! But what do you think of Tetsuya's story thus far? What about Serrano?**

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