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Yuko opens her eyes and sees master on the ground. A pool of blood covers his and the others as they lay scattered across the ground, some of them with limbs twisted in shapes that should even be possible. Meanwhile others lay lifeless. Standing in front of her is the Dragon Emperor.

He glanced back and grimaced. The barrier that he had formed around them was shattered in the far ends. At least he had managed to protect the children.

But Master and Yuko laid near the edge closer to those who died.

"Yuko, " Master said in a weak voice. His wings were wrapped around Yuko. He tried his best to smile past the pain. "I made it."

"Master, " Yuko said, eyes wide. She stared at the blood around him. "Please don't leave Yuko." Tears streamed down her face, sobs escaping her lips. "Please don't do what Yuko's parents did to her! Please!"

He patted Yuko's head. "Continue to live on... my beloved Yuko."


"Huang?" asked the white-haired tiger-like woman as she woke up. She shook the young blond male. "Hey! Wake up! Huang!" She glanced at Yuko and the others. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breathe. She stayed still for a while, before finally saying, "Seems that some of them are still alive. Including Huang" She glanced at the duo as they took the hazel-eyed boy called Hikaru. An amethyst haired young man who resembled Saya was engaged in battle with them. Alongside him was a beautiful violet haired woman.

Yuko shook her head, barely able to listen to the white-haired girls words as rage bubbled within her.

"Tsk. Who are those two? Why are they kidnapping a kid?" the tiger girl asked as she covered everyone who was still hanging on to life. Master wasn't one of those...

Yuko glanced back at her lifeless master. A bubbling feeling surfaced from within her, more painful than when she had swallowed the mana crystal potion. A sensation that wanted to rip out of her heart and consume the world. She summoned her sword and rushed at the duo, bypassing Tatsu, the Magus Maximus, and the unnamed woman.

"Hey!" the Magus Maximus yelled. "Stay out of this!"

Sand enveloped her. In an instant she transformed into the shape of the red-haired shadow being, Aster, and sent Takon flying, freeing the child.

The violet haired woman caught Hikaru and glanced over at Yuko. "Be careful. You could've killed the kid." She handed the child over to Daisuke. "Take care of him."

"Fine, " he said, begrudgingly, staring at the crying six year old in his arms.

"Sorry, " Yuko said after sometime. Her tone was half sincerely and half emotionless. Her emotions, it was as if something was ripping them part until all that would be left of her, was a husk.

"What?" Aster asked, turning around. The violet haired woman took the chance and attacked the shadow woman from behind with a staff. The red-head grimaced and slashed the air, almost cutting her neck off. "How many of these vermin are there?"

"You killed master!" Yuko screamed, causing the very earth to shake.

"This power, " Tatsu said, starring at Yuko.

Aster snickered. "What's with this power? Your power, it's like an imitation of mine. How can such a lowly being such as yourself copy the power of a goddess?"

Yuko grips her by the neck, sinking her claws deep into the woman's smoke-like skin. "You are no goddess! A goddess would never attempt to do what you just did!"

Aster dissolved into shadows and reappeared behind Takon. "I don't know who you are. But you appear to bare some strange powers. I take it that you're one of Tekeshi's experiments?"

"Experiment?" the three adults asked, starring at Yuko in surprise.

"Yuko is Yuko!" she yelled, covering Aster and Takon in sand. "Die!"

The red-haired villainous destroyed the sand with a simple swipe of her hand. "Seems that your real powers are weak. All that you got going for you is an imperfect imitation. An upgraded version of a Tanuki's shapeshifting powers, but an imperfect replica regardless."

"Let's retreat, " Takon said as he stared

lt for the mistakes of his father, so why did he have to pay with his life? He'd suffered too.

Tekeshi and Anis followed after the duo while Saya and Amira left anew, leaving Nori alone with Ximena, Kohri, and... Yuko.

"Yuko!" Nori yelled. The shadow Tanuki lurched at us, sending waves of darkness in all directions.

"That girl's Yuko?" Ximena said.

"It's hard to believe, but it seems to be, " Kohri responded.

Nori closed his eyes and moved the shadows around him. He hated using this power, but he had to. Save his best friend.

Yuko let out a roar.

Ximena held Tetsuya's shield in front of us, shielding us from the incoming attack.

"Tetsuya, " Yuko said, tears of blood raining down her shadow covered face. "Masterrrrr!"

The three closed their ears. Her shriek caused the entire valley to shake. Her shrieks caught the attention of the two beasts in the distance who were busy fighting two purpled haired strangers.

Shadow Yuko raised a claw into the air, striking the shield. The force of the attack sent the three and her several steps back. She let out another roar.

"Stop it, Yuko!" Nori yelled at the top of his lungs. He reached his hand out toward her. "Don't you remember me? I'm Nori!"

The umber Yuko didn't listen, she charged directly at me. The Dragon Emperor jumped it and shielded me from her attack.

"She's gone, " he said sympathetically. "We have no choice but to kill."

"No!" I yelled. "There's got to be away."

"You already tried, " Ximena said, putting her hands on my shoulder. She held back a sob. "I hate to say it, but that's the only way. Only Tetsuya and you are capable of stopping her. Sadly Tetsuya is dead, and she doesn't seem to be responding to your scream."

I wanted to scream. Why was this going on? Heavenly Father, Nori knows that you have no influence in this Universe, but please ask your siblings who created this realm to help in your place. Nori's friend is in need of salvation. A salvation he can't seem to give her.

"We will stop her, " Setsuko screamed as she held her weapon high in the air. "We mustn't give up hope... I was unable to save someone once, but I won't allow it to repeat."

"Same, " Serrano said, raising his sword up high. "Please, Emperor Tatsu, allow us to deal with her our way. If we fail then spare the girl the grief of living out the rest of her life as a mindless beast."

**Solar N&Q: Thanks for reading. The final Episode of this book and the Epilogue will be released on my birthday, the 15th of July :). So, what did you think about the events of this Episode? Think that Nori and the others will be able to calm down Yuko through force or will she join Tetsuya?**

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