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Tatsu flew out of the barrier of light and headed toward Reginald at the speed of sound. "Draconic Claw!" the Dragon Emperor screamed. The land dragon shielded Reginald with the sturdy hide of its arms. With one swing of its tail, it sent the Dragon Emperor crashing to the ground.

"Tatsu!" Saya screamed as she leaned forward. She shook her head and closed her eyes. "Get up, now! You can't fall after just one hit!"

Ryonoko's dad stood up from the massive crater that covered what was once a park. "Of course not, " he said as he wiped blood from his lips and summoned a giant sword similar to his son's. The only different was that his was midnight-blue.

Tatsu raised his sword at the sky. Massive amounts of ki danced around him. He flashed his opponent a grin and said, "I was merely warming up!"

"I told you to take things seriously!" Father yelled. He shifted his gaze to Rosalba and me. "Give me that shield and the orb you two. Kohri, I'm going to need your help. The rest of you destroy any blobs that might approach."

Rosalba and I walked over to him and handed him a red egg shaped orb and my shield.

"Where's my dad?" Zyuuni asked, glancing toward the stadium. He looked up and noticed the shadows making up Reginald fade. "A copy? Damn! The real one must be after my dad!"

"Daisuke will be fine, " Saya said, reinforcing her barrier. She stared at her husband. "He has your mother by his side just like Tatsu has me by his."

The mage prince sighed, looking at his aunt with a glimmer of hope. "Hopefully." He raised his scythe. "Ryonoko, Akari, let's destroy these creatures!"

His cousins nodded, summoning their own weapons. A whip for Akari, and twin broad swords for Ryonoko.

"Allow me to accompany you, " Zafir said, gathering water around himself.

"We're coming too, " both of my siblings said.

Suddenly another round of shadows struck the barrier, causing the thing to ripple uncontrollably.

Father focused all of his attention on the shield. With one swipe of his hand he removed the green sphere in the center and had it open up like some kind of capsule. Within was a strange, glittering matrix. Father closed his eyes and levitated the dragon orb above the sphere. The orb slowly shrunk little by little.

"Cool, " Lei said, snapping out of the fear he was in. For some reason I got the impression that the child was easily distracted.

"This is weapon synthesis, " Kohri said, awestruck.

"Is this kind of style rare?" I asked, attentively gazing at the wood within the shield. It was still moving as if alive, taking in some of the brilliant particles emitting from Saya's barrier.

"Not in this world, " Saya said as she destroyed the shadowy blobs with thorns of heavenly light. As soon as she did, her son, nephew, and niece ran out of the barrier and toward the stadium.

Suddenly, a giant shock-wave shook the land and people spilled out of the stadium screaming in horror even as the buildings around them threatened to collapse. Whatever had happened within must've frightened them more than the shadows or the quake.

Saya took care of the remaining shadows in the vicinity, allowing her relatives to help the evacuees.

"Woah, " Lei and his siblings said, gazing at the light.

"You really are angels!" the cheerful boy said, jumping up and down. A chuckle escaped his tiny mouth. "Kun, Yen. We got nothing to worry about."

I nodded and smiled a little. "Yeah."

"You foolish mortals, " Leviathan yelled as it opened its mouth. Gazing at it gave the same sensation as peering into the depths of the abyss. It was as if the creature was endless.

It swatted the Dragon Emperor as the latter's claws cut through the former's sapphire scales.

"Who are you calling mortal?" Saya asked, launching a barrage of arrows from the radiant barrier. The beast flew around, dodging the arrows with grace despite being as gigantic as it was.

Tatsu slowed his descent down and went after Behemoth by swinging his claws at it. The emperor unleashed a mighty roar, sending both demonic beasts flying miles away. He held his hands out. Green and light blue energy gathered in his right and left hands respectively. One them was embedded with wooden ki while the other contained water and ice ki. With a single tap of them, both spheres went flying at the beasts.

Behemoth jumped in front of the wooden ki, shielding Leviathan. Though it wasn't the best idea as a series of vines clasped a hold of the land dragon. "Gahh!" the titan of a dragon shrieked, causing the earth to tremble once more.

Tatsu chuckled. A chuckle that seemed to contain cynicism similar to that which I had gained following the accusation. Nay, it was a cynicism which I still held.

"Did you expect for me to be like my parents?" Tatsu asked, giving it a cocky grin. "Well, you were mistaken, big league!"

The Behemoth's fiery eyes widened before it broke out into sinister laughter. "You're the child of those two. You're here to get revenge for them?"

He snapped his fingers, tightening the vines. The beast roared in pain as the vines started to leech off some of its energy. Its battle with Ryonoko must've weakened it somewhat as it didn't seem nearly as strong as when we had met. But, then again, it was up against one of the strongest people in the realm of Dragons. Nay, more accurately, one of the strongest in the entire known multi-verse. One such as him didn't become and remain Emperor simply by staying seated on his throne.

Leviathan swooped down, it's huge

e!" Maki yelled. With him were Akane, Eri, and several others.

"Momma, " the blue-haired girl who had angered Hideo said. Her sea blue eyes were focused on the red-haired woman clashing fists with the being of darkness.

"I never expected to fight you, " the man said, snickering as he sent the woman clashing into the ground. The girl's dad caught his wife and sent a wave of water at the sinister man.

I glanced around for Takon and Aster. Neither were to be seen.

"I'll take over from here, " said a man in a white kimono. He had long silver hair that reached to his lower back. His eyes were light blue like ice. Something about his reminded me of someone, but I couldn't figure who it was.

"Papa!" a blond haired six-year-old cried.

The man smiled at his son and ruffled his hair. "Be a good boy and flee with the others. I can take care of this."

The boy wiped his tears away. "Al...alright!" He turned around and ran toward us. A blond haired young man with light blue eyes landed next to him and gave him a piggy back ride. "Uncle?"

"Hold on, prince Iah, " the young man said, heading straight toward us.

"Huang!" yelled one of the people who was with Maki. She had long white hair and blue eyes like those of a white tiger. She waved at the young man.

"Are there any other kids?" he asked, putting Iah down.

"Only her, " she responded, nudging a pink haired girl forward.

"Mom and Dad, " the girl said, staring at two of the mages attacking the ring leader of all of this.

"Don't worry, " the blond boy said. "Dad will stop the bad guy!"

"No, Mom will!" the blue haired friend of Lei said.

"Stop arguing!" Huang yelled, shutting the three up.

The white haired woman glared at him. "Hey. Be nice."

Huang sighed and glanced at the ground. "You know, you shouldn't even be here."

"I'm not fighting, " she responded.

"Hey!" Hyosetsu yelled. "Are we fleeing or are we just going to stay here and fight among ourselves as the world comes to an end?"

"The world's coming to an end?" Adela said, startled. She gasped and took a step back. "No... the prophecy..."

What prophecy?

"Yuko knows, " Yuko said as if reading my mind. Her entire being trembled. "Perhaps this is the end." Her eyes darted toward the sky. "Will Goddess show herself?"

The one who predates the creators of the three realms? Why would she be showing up to this but not the other deities? Was she more useful than our realm's god?

Suddenly the stadium was covered in brilliant light. Iah's father and the upper ranked Being of the Abyss had vanished.

"Is it over?" the blue-haired girl asked, looking around.

"I think it is, " Iah said, grinning.


Eri spun around and saw a brown haired kid with hazel eyes being pulled away. Holding the kid tightly was Aster. "He's coming with us, " the female Ruler said.

"Hikaru!" Yen yelled. She jumped and went in for a kick but the attack was blocked by Takon.

The male Ruler snickered. "You're pretty brave for a little girl." He raised a hand in the air that sent all of us in the vicinity flying.

Huang shielded the white-haired girl with his own body, while I shielded Yuko with mine.

"Masteeerrr!" Yuko screamed as the stadium was shredded into pieces and a thick, hot fog instantly hit us.

It's chaos... the realm of magic is in chaos. Hurry up and fix my shield shitty Dad, before we all die!

**Solar Note: I hope that you enjoyed this chapter ^_^! Today (7/7/2017) is the first year anniversary of being on Wattpad and also one year since I originally uploaded Novus Magus. Fans of that story are sure to have noticed the Easter eggs xD

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