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"I get it that you don't trust my father and hence not me, but please, just this once, " Zyuuni pleaded with the snake-like woman. Staring her in the eyes.

"It's fine, " a child's voice called out. Floating toward us was Eien, followed closely behind by his older brother.

"Prince Eien, " all of the guards said in unison. "You mustn't get close to these foreigners."

Eien shrugged and got closer despite their warnings. "I said that it's fine." He turned to face them. "I know these people. Well, at least some of them."

"Which ones do you know?" the snake woman asked.

"The younger first branch girl, the tall and muscular black haired guy, and the two ice angel brothers. Not sure as to who the older first branch girl is. Nor the brown haired girl."

"This is Amira. Yuko's cousin. And the other girl is Setsuko's younger sister."

"Ohhh, " Eien said. "Then they can come too." He glanced at Ryonoko. "I guess that he and the guy on the head of the ice dragon are the only ones that I truly don't know or know someone who does."

"You know me, " Zyuuni said. "He's my cousin!"

Eien looked away. "Uncle Maki doesn't like you so..."

"Ryonoko!" a woman yelled. Cutting through the air on yellow wings was a pink haired woman. She tackled the prince out of the dragon.

"Mom, " Ryonoko said, trying to push her away. "Let me go."

"If I do that then you'll go splat. You know how you can't fly."

The prince gazed at the stadium several tens of feet below. "You got a point. Though I can use my powers to land safely."

"Your majesty, " Rosalba said, bowing down.

My group members, me, Zyuuni, the Zettai brothers, and even Hyosetsu, did the same. Only ones not bowing were Amira and the doctor.

Queen Saya gave Amira a look that seemed to question as to why she wasn't bowing down.

"I see that you brought your friend. Why haven't you responded to my calls for the past few weeks?"

Ryonoko looked down. "First, can we get down from here?" She nodded and warped us away, leaving the guards shocked.

"That was cool!" Eien said as he glanced around the park where Saya had warped us to.

"We better return back, " Boukyaku said. "We're going to miss the rest of our aunt's match."

"Oh don't worry. They seemed too shocked by all of this. They must still be wondering what just happened."

The elder brother snickered. "True. Dad included." The two raced off on their own.

"There's something that I need to tell you, " Ryonoko said, his blue eyes directed at the verdant grass.

"You sound concerned. Did something happen?"

My team, Hyosetsu, Zyuuni, and the doctor all started on our way to the stadium. Preferring not to be here for when Saya received the news that her son had eloped with his childhood friend and was about to have a kid.

"Uh, you see."

"We're married and going to have a kid, " Amira blurted out before we could be a good distance away.

I glanced back and watched as our queen's expression became difficult to determine.

"I see, " she said, stoic. She straightened her back and turned around. "I didn't think that you were the kind of man to impregnate a girl before marriage."

"It wasn't like that!" Ryonoko yelled. "Anyway, there's something more important which I got to tell you. It's about—"

"What could be more important than you eloping?" The queen shook her head. "I'm disappointed in you."

I grabbed Yuko's hand and raced downhill.

"Where do you think that you're going?" Saya asked. "You knew about this, didn't you? You are angels and therefore my subjects. Yet you didn't inform me about any of this. And you Zyuuni? I'm disappointed in you."

"Aunt. I didn't know!"

"We barely found out ourselves, " Kohri said, trying his best to smile.

"That's the truth, " Ryonoko explained. "I barely met these guys on the way here."

Saya glanced down at his torn clothes and worked her way up to his ashen face. Her blue eyes darted over to us. "You all look as if you came from a volcano."

"That's another story for a later time, " I said. "Can we go now?"

She nodded. "Yes. Sorry for falsely accusing you."

Great! Our clan's chief could learn a thing or two from his master.

We darted off, n


He stared at the ground. "My body might've been knocked out, but I was still with you in spirit. Literally."

Suddenly darkness covered the land itself as several blobs covered every inch. Screams filled the air as the entire city found itself in chaos.

"What?" Hyosetsu said, slashing one.

"They're moving quicker than expected, " Father said, grimacing. "Reginald must be giving them some of his powers. Fight with all that you got or be prepared to die."

"Wind!" I heard a young boy yell. I turned and saw Lei running toward us. Along with him was his sister and another boy who resembled them. For some reason the blobs were drawing closer to them.

"I told you not to wonder off again!" Yen yelled, cutting down a blob with a blade of wind.

"Relax, we just got to wait until Eri reaches us, " the unknown triplet said. He patted Lei's head. "Don't worry, little brother. We're here."

"Why... are they after me?" he asked.

I rushed to the three and took down several blobs. "Darkness smash!" I yelled, littering the ground with the creature's cores.

"Ah! It's you again!" Lei said, beaming.

"You three should get as far away from here as possible."

"That necklace, " Saya said, mouth wide. "Why do you have it?"

I stared at the fish shaped necklace. Why did everyone seem curious about it?

"Saya!" Tatsu yelled, slashing a blob with his dragon claw. "Pay attention or retreat."

Saya nodded. "Sorry." She pulled off a silver cross necklace and transformed it into a bow similar to father's. Except that hers was silver and gold. Raising it into the air she shot a radiant arrow at Reginald.

The stranger jumped into the air and gathered the blobs into his arm until they formed a giant lance.

"Get away!" Father screamed.

Queen Saya held out her hands, forming a barrier of light. A massive wave of reddish shadows echoed throughout the land, killing everything it touched.

"Woah, " Lei said, backing away. His eyes and those of his siblings started to water. "Get us out of here!"

"We're going to die!" his sister yelled, shaking her head.

"No. We can't die here, " their brother said.

I raised my shield. "Stay close to Queen Saya. She'll protect you, " I said, trying to sound calm. It truly seemed as if the end was near. I turned toward Father. Nori and Ximena were healing him. "Let's hurry up and upgrade this thing while we still can!"

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*Character Section*

Reginald- Age:? Titles: One of the Thirteen Unlucky Ones; Black Ox; Ancient Bull

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