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"Master!" Yuko yelled, tackling me into the snow. "You're back. Did Master find the prince?"

I shook my head. "No, but we think that we know where he could've gone."

"We?" Yuko asked.

Rosalba and Hyosetsu are waiting for us. "Seems that I'm going to need some help."

I followed Yuko inside the small house. Amira was busy stitching some baby shoes while Kohri napped. The doctor and Father were nowhere to be seen.

"Has that man woken up yet?" I questioned.

"The doctor is attending him over there." Yuko pointed at the next room over. I walked into room which lacked a door. Father was fast asleep.

"How long did he spend in the cold?" the doctor questioned, glancing up at me with those lifeless eyes of his.

"About as long as I have."

He narrowed his eyes. "I mean buried in the snow. You came with him so why was he buried? Did you leave this man out in the snow without helping him?"

I crossed my arms and scoffed. "I helped him in the end. Now, I need you to tell me something. Where is the closest coastline?"

The young doctor pinched my face, causing ice to encase my cheeks. "Listen here. I don't take orders. Especially not from someone who cares so little about the life of another."

I slapped his hands away. "That's funny coming from a guy who didn't want to let us in before. You practically did the same to us. You must know how cold it is outside! What changed your mind?"

The doctor sighed. "That child. She asked me to let you in."

So it was because she asked after all.

"It's hard to believe how she can be attached to a guy as heartless as you. Did you cast some sort of spell on her?"

"I'm an angel, not a mage."

The man chuckled. "You refer to yourselves as 'angels' but you're not. You're more akin to demons than anything."

"There certainly are some among us who come off as such." I recalled the king's smile "I won't pretend that we're all nice and righteous. Our world. At least our clan, has become decadent."

The doctor's cold eyes widened. "Rather blunt of you. What is it that you seek in this frozen land? We only ever get visitors that desire to take something from us. The angels, the mages, the current empire. That's how it has always been."

"I'm looking for a powerful dragon so that I can defend my world, " I said, raising my broken shield.

"A dragon? The most powerful dragon in this land is one that you shouldn't mess with."

"Too late."

The doctor slapped his head. "Oh my... You're going to doom us all! That beast nearly destroyed the entire village last time it was awakened!"

So it's lived here for some time now. "How long ago was that?"

"During the time of the conquest of Ryussia by the imperial forces. It was awoken by the parents of our emperor. They're the one who conquered our region in the name of the son."

"What happened to them?"

"They're said to have died in the encounter. The imperial army didn't even make any attempt to save our town from what followed. They just fled like cowards. Our people had to live in seclusion for the next decade until the beast calmed down and retreated back to its resting place."

"I see, " I said. I closed my eyes. Now it was the grandchild who had awakened it. I only hoped that history wouldn't repeat itself. "So the closest coastline?"


haired opponent and in turn he did the same. Both of us looked at us in amazement with a slight hint of terror.

"Descend now or we will be forced to shoot you out of the sky, " yelled a woman. Several black cloaked mages flew up from the stands and toward us.

I shook my head. "Not this again."

"We come in peace, " the doctor said, glaring at the mages. "We don't plan to get revenge on your for what you did to our people all those centuries ago."

The mages summoned identical midnight black wands and focused their prana on the tips. "Your tone says otherwise."

The young man chuckled. "Oh I wouldn't mind fighting. Looking at you I instantly recognize that you're the clan spoken off in our village's legends. The Kyuu Hyaku."

"Stop!" I yelled. "We don't wish to fight."

"He speaks the truth. At least most of us don't, " Ryonoko spoke up. "I am the nephew of your supreme leader, Magus Maximus Daisuke."

"Then that means that the guy is, " the audience shouted. "The future king of the angels and dragons."

"That's right."

"Settle down, " a familiar voice called out. Flying through the heavens is a yellow-winged Zyuuni.

"Cousin, " Ryonoko said with a smile.

Zyuuni flies in front of us. "Please spare them."

"Even if he is your cousin he might still be dangerous, " one of the cloaked ones said, this one a man.

Zyuuni snickered. "Really? You think that this bear hugger is dangerous?"

"Bear hugger?" Yuko asked.

"Ryonoko's favorite animal. He used to carry a stuffed bear for most of his life, " Amira responded, snickering.

So the badass guy who held back the fiery land dragon had an unknown cute side, who knew? Though I knew that he had to be weird somehow.

"Don't call me that, " Ryonoko said, his face bright red.

"Doesn't matter, " the woman from before said as she removed her hood. The woman had jade-colored snake-like eyes and long thick hair the color of grass. Looking at her gave me an unsettling sensation. Zyuuni and Ryonoko seemed to have had the same feeling as they both backed away from her.

**Solar Note: What do you think will happen now? Will Ryonoko be able to warn his mother about Reginald or will he be detained by the mages?**

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