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"Thanks, uh... what was your name again?" I said as I stared at my freshly hand washed silk cape. It took me awhile to track the girl I had given it to down.

"The name is Sonata Key. You're welcome, " the dark skinned, white haired girl said as we walked back to the stadium.

I smiled widely. "Thanks, Sonata."

"I'm surprised that you can speak our language, " the boy accompanying her said, crossing his arms.

That's right. How was it that I could speak fluently? Setsuko, Hyosetsu, and Eiichi were taught in the various languages, and so were the knights assigned to us. I was too but I often skipped class? Wait, was the peasant knight proficient too?

"Is something the matter?" the fair skinned, white-haired girl asked.

"Can you really understand me?" I said, trying to speak Zionian over Xelerian.

"Yeah, " Sonata and the boy responded.

"Wait, you were speaking Zionian just now, " the Kyuu Seishian princess said. "How did you two understand him. But... wait. You were speaking... How did I... " She grabbed her head. "This is so weird."

I stared at my angel tool. Was this thing the cause for my sudden proficiency?

"Well, I better go meet up the others. I did promise Setsuko that I wouldn't cause any more trouble."

"You should come see the tournament event, " the boy said, grinning. "The next match will be Sefa versus Kyuu Seishin!"

I glanced back at the huge white arena in the center of town. "Are all the games held here?"

"Nope, they'll held throughout the country, " the princess responded as she flipped her long, white hair back. "The tournament is the most popular and usually lasts the longest. There also are occasional breaks in-between to allow the other events some attention."

"Interesting. Wish that we had something like this in our realm. It would certainly make things more interesting. Ohh, but such events likely wouldn't happen over where I live."

"Where are you from?"

"Kuroriku... the backwaters of it. If an event like this were made, it would likely be at the capital and other major cities."

The princess' red eyes widened. "Our rivals?"

"Ah, right, you're a Kazai no Ki. I could tell as soon as I saw your eyes. I am half Kazai no Ki after all." I glanced up at her deep golden eyes which seemed to burn with the radiance of a yellow star. Suddenly my face felt just as hot.

The princess stepped back as if in disgust. She grabbed the hand of the boy. "Come, we're going to be late."

"Hey!" Sonata yelled, chasing after her. "Let go of him!"

I grumbled. What was with that reaction anyway? Was it due to being half Kuroriku or my staring. Didn't think I was doing it for too long. I pushed the thought aside and went to the place that Setsuko said that she'll be in.


I stepped into a restaurant filled with people donning dressed and suits. A few couples were dancing in the far side of the room as slow violin music played. Among them was a white haired young man who was with a red-haired girl with verdant eyes. More Kazai no Ki members.

Taking a deep breath, I made my way to the fine red pine table where my fellow knights sat. Only ones missing where Hyosetsu and the peasant.

"Welcome back!" Eiichi said waving at me with his free hand. His arm was wrapped around the shoulders of a girl whom I had never seen before. Of course, this guy always got girls wherever he went. As did Hyosetsu but he would reject their advances. And even that peasant seemed to be popular with the girls, prior to his accusation. Not to mention, he had that little girl while Setsuko had her soon to be husband. Me on the other hand? I didn't have no one.

"Why so glum?" Eiichi asked, raising an eyebrow. "You look as if

t of history nerd!"

Eri's face flushed. "I'm not!"

She leaned in and kissed him on the lips. "Are too!"

My face flushed. Seemed that everyone had someone. Why couldn't I have someone like that too?

I looked back up at the battle. The Masayoshi shaped spell attacked Sonata's friend with raging red flames that scorched the ice into hot steam. The young man tried to condense the steam back into water but what little liquid he could form quickly evaporated away.

The boy took a deep breath and stepped forward. His eyes turned golden as light blue energy condensed around him.

"Go brother!" a tiny blue haired boy yelled.

"You can do it!" Sonata who sat a few seats from the boy yelled.

The guy ran circles around Koukyuu, wiping up a powerful gust that lifted her floating guns.

Koukyuu looked around. "I won't fall to this, not at again. Burning Flower!" A giant seven-sided burning flower appeared in front of her as a shield. Her opponent jumped back as the seven petals spread out. Pollen-like embers from the center of the flower dyed the area various shades of red.

"The Kasai no Ki truly are stronger than I expected."

Maki snickered. "We're strong but lazy. At least that's how the old saying on us goes. You Kuroriku meanwhile are greedy and short tempered."

"We're not!" I barked.

"Hideo is but not the rest of us, " Eiichi said, snickering.

My face flushed. I had to start controlling my outbursts.

"How about you join us?" Setsuko asked. "You proposed that we do away with our old rivalry. Teaming up to save our universe would be a large step toward moving on from our bloody history."

Maki smiled. "Sounds good. Once the games are over I'll accompany you back home."

"Think that Koukyuu could join us too?" I asked.

Eiichi grinned. "I hope so. I want her to join my team."

The girl that he was with threw daggers at him with her deadly glare.

"Ohh. You can join us too."

I snickered. Eiichi could easily find a girl to go out with him, but getting one to stay with him for more than a few hours was difficult. Not that he seemed to care.

"Wonder what Tetsuya is up to, " Setsuko said as she watched the flames.

**Solar Note: I hope that you're enjoying this massive update thus far :).

So what did you think of Hideo's side of the story? Think that he'll ever find love?**

**Character Section**

Masayoshi Kasai no Ki- Age:? (Dead)

Titles: Angel of Flames; Slothic Angel; Hanketsu's mortal rival

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