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Journeying through the latest blizzard was like walking blindly through a treacherous valley. One couldn't even make out the buildings making up the village, less alone the hills and mountains in the distance. Perhaps I should've allowed the new Heavenly princess to have driven me here.

"Tetsuya!" Rosalba called out. I walked right, hoping that I wasn't imagining things.

A light blue-winged angel descended in front of me. It was Kohri's older brother. "Here you are, " Hanketsu said. "Where's my brother? Is your soldier awake yet?"

"Yuko isn't a soldier. She barely knows how to fight. Once we return to Kyuu Seishin I might leave her with her uncle. She would be safer there."

"That's wise. The battle field is no place for a child to fight."

"What took you two so long to come back?" I questioned, crossing my arms over my chest.

"We went back to assist the prince, " Rosalba responded. "However, he seems to have gone missing. The dragon is nowhere to be seen either."

"We have to locate him. If we don't then we might get blamed for his death. Plus, I want him to hold his child."

"The prince is having a kid?"

Hyosetsu scoffed. "With who?"

"The green haired girl he was with, Amira. She's his wife. They married in secret. Anyway, enough gossip. Let's think of where he and dragon could've gone."

"A dragon that size can't move far without drawing attention, " Rosalba pointed out. "The prince must've teleported it someplace else. Now as to why he would do that and where that place would be..."

"It'll have to be a place where the prince would have the upper hand, " I said. "The dragon has earth and fire powers, correct? If so then the sea would be the best place."

"The sea?" Hyosetsu said. "Just where would that be? The snow here goes on for miles and miles."

"True. We're going to have to ask the doctor. He seems to have opened up to us. Not sure as to why but now would be a good chance to ask him more about this place." I bite my lip as I remembered that he was healing my father. "Though he's probably busy. We had another person get injured."

"Was it Kohri?" Hyosetsu said, smiling. "Did he try to go skiing and tripped, again?"

"Where would he even have gotten a snowboard from?" I asked.

Hyosetsu shrugged. "The guy has one in his hyper ring. He loved to snowboard when we were kids. He often got hurt, even though I warned him not to pull such risky moves."

Rosalba snickered and said, "So you did care for him when you were kids."

The sword knight pouted. "No, I just didn't want to get punished for not looking over my younger brother is all."

So he took care of Kohri like Takuya and Teresa did with me. Though I'm lucky that those two genuinely cared for me.

"So, who got hurt if not Kohri?" Hyosetsu asked.

"It was Tekeshi."

"Tekeshi is who again?"

"That's the name of my... father, " I responded as I turned around.

"It would've been easier to heal your father if that shield of yours worked, " Rosalba said, following after me. She kept a decent distance from me.

She's still cautious. Must be because Yuko and Kohri aren't around. Can't say that I blame her. It's best for her to keep her guard until she figures out for sure who did it.

"Or if Akane were here, " Hyosetsu added.

I nodded. If only Akane had decided to accompany us. Or if Tekeshi had taken the chance to restore the Agnes before setting off to fight a fre

path of the grave! Begone!" He raised a hand up and shot my familiar off of the dragon's back, sending it falling into the sea.

"Urs!" I yelled, lightning crackling across the still intact barrier. I transformed into my full dragon-angel form. A white beast with a black crest and a pair of mismatched wings. I undid the barrier and flew down toward my familiar. I caught it in my arms and closed my eyes.

"Sorry to have failed you, Ryonoko, " my familiar said, coughing.

I shook my head as I landed on the Leviathan's back. "You did your best. Now, rest." My familiar vanished, returning to the realm of dreams where I had summoned it from.

Darn it, that didn't work like I had wanted, and I wasted energy on that summoning too. Seems that I won't be able to flee by teleporting like I had wanted to.

"You're awfully caring for a prince. You're so unlike prince Osamu, " Reginald said, snickering. "Though there was one person he did care for during his youth."

"Osamu?" I said, glancing up. "You aren't speaking of King Osamu, are you?"

He crossed his arms as his beast continued to fight the land dragon. "So he's king now. My, how time flies. Yes. I speak of your mother's underling."

I narrowed my eyes. "How is it that you aren't aware of Osamu being king, but know of who my parents are?"

He rubbed his chin. "Ah. That's because I don't watch over small fry. That's the job of my children. I on the other hand watch over the top guns. Your parents and uncle. Those three are the ones whom I am to kill!" More swirls of reddish darkness covered his body. "And soon I shall get what I seek. All three shall be gathering in Kyuu Seishin in Xeleria right now. But first, we must rid ourselves of an obstacle."

I gasped and ran down the beast's spine as it began to thrash around.

Damn it, I have to get out of here and warn everyone! Or at the very least get help in defeating it. No, I don't think those knights my mother sent here will be able to fight off this guy. We need to get help from my parents and uncle... even if they are whom he is after.

**Solar Note: What did you think of Reginald and his plan for the leaders of the three main realms? Think that the prince will be able to reach his parents and uncle and tell them about the threat in time?**

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