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"Finally found it. So this is where the smell originates from, " a familiar voice called out. Behind me was the prince's green haired friend. Her crimson eyes studied me. "You're here already? Where's Ryonoko?"

I lowered my head to the ground as a sense of guilt bubbled up from within. "Sorry. We had to leave him."

She walked up untjl her face was inches away from mine and grabbed me by the collar of my shirt. "What do you mean by you 'had to'?"

Kohri grabbed her arm and pulled her away from me. "Listen. It's not his fault. The prince was the one who wanted him and the others to leave."

I had briefed him about what had happened while he was here, waiting for Yuko to recover.

Amira let go of me and turned around. Her eyes were consumed by anger. Anger, lately I was seeing it a lot. Things were a lot different from back home. My siblings and mom never showed anger in front of me. Mother always said that one shouldn't allow it to consume one's self. Mom, did she ever feel rage toward my father for having abandoned us?

"Where did you last see him?" she questioned. She looked over her shoulder and leered at me.

"The tallest mountain, " I said. I pointed at the thick fog covering a radius of miles and miles in the distance. It was the result of all the melted snow.

"I see, " Amira said, closing her eyes. She rubbed her stomach. "I wish that I could help him."

Kohri's eyes widened as he stepped forward. "Hey, what exactly is your relationship with our prince?"

The green-head turned away. "Uh, he's my husband." She shook her head. "Goddess that still seems so odd to say."

"When did you marry?" he asked, inching closer to her.

Damn, Kohri. The girl is worried for her husband meanwhile you only care for gossip!

Amira's face reddened. "We sort of married in secret. His mother and father still don't know. Nor do mine."

Kohri jumped back. "What? Saya doesn't know? Great heavens, he might be better off fighting that dragon. The queen will be furious when she finds out. Honestly, you're younger than us and you already having a kid?" Kohri sighed. "Didn't think that the prince would be that kind of guy."

She roll-kicked him in the legs, sending him falling on the snow. "We married first! Wait, when did I say that we were having a child?"

"You were touching your stomach in the way that pregnant women tend to do. So, what will the kid's

ed, " Amira said, pulling back her cousin. "Is something coming?"

Again, she shuddered. "No it's not that. It's just that... Master had a scary look in his eyes."

I looked away. "It's just your imagination."

Yuko should've been glad to see Father in this state. He was the one who killed her parents. He did it all for his own selfish ambition. His greed would be his undoing, just like it was for our ancestors. Likewise for the fool who sat on the throne.

"I'll be taking this back. Try to get some good rest, " I said, patting Yuko's soft head.

"Where are you going?" Amira asked, rising from her seat."

"To search for your husband." I took the coat from Yuko and cracked open the door. "I'll return as soon as I hear from him."

"Wait!" the new princess said. "Let me go with you."


"Let me help you find him, it'll be quicker."

"But you're pregnant."

"I'll be fine, " she said, walking over to the door. "You will be doing all the fighting."

The doctor sighed. "I better accompany you then. I need to assure payment for my services, but note that this is also going into the tab."

"Stay here and heal that man. I will look for the prince on our own."

"Alright, " the doctor said, glancing back at my dad.

"But..." Amira began to say.

"I said no, " I said sternly.

"Will master be fine?" Yuko asked.

I patted her head. "Yeah. You can trust in me."

Yuko gave me a half smile. "Alright."

**Solar Note: Thanks for reading this far ^_^! Only seven more 'Episodes' left in this story! What did you think of Tetsuya's attitude toward his father?**

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