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When I returned to the mountain, there was no dragon and no Ryonoko. I rose higher to get a better view but a lot of the terrain was obscured by think mist. No matter how much I searched from the air, there was no sign of movement from within the mist. I doubted that the dragon would be so calm after having been attacked like that, nor did I imagine the prince would have been defeated so easily. He might not have been as strong as his parents, but he was still recognized as a strong individual in both Wynaga and Zionia. At the least he had to be as strong as his cousin, Zyuuni. Then again, the beast he was up against was a legendary monster.

"Did he lead it somewhere else?" I asked myself, rubbing my chin as I pushed away some of the mist. It was easy for me to do as the water particles making up the mist were in the process of turning back into solid form.

"Hey, " a voice called out. I turned around and saw our clan's second princess waving at me from below. She jumped and flew over to me.

"What did I tell you?" I said, glaring at her.

Damn, this girl is almost as bad as her older sister. The only thing that she has going for her is that she follows and believes what her father tells her.

Crossing her arms, she sighed. "I couldn't let you go by yourself."

"You're back to being part of Tetsuya's group, " I said, turning my back to her. I narrowed my eyes. "Also, what if I were the one who attacked you?"

She stepped back and raised her angel tool in front of her. Her eyes were filled with blood-lust.

Sighing, I put my hands into the pockets of my jeans. "I know that you can't use that. You truly have no sense of self preservation. It's worse than my brother's."

She lowered her arm. "You won't attack me."

I stopped walking and raised an eyebrow. "How are you so sure?"

"Because if you were then you would've already done so by now." She scratched her head. "We did have other instances in which we were alone."

I sighed. "With cameras or others around us."

She shook her head. "You're forgetting about that time in the Abyss."


"We're heading out now, " Eiichi said, flashing her a smile. He turned away and waved farewell. Hideo and I followed after him.

"Wait, " Rosalba said, chasing after us. She gave us a hesitant look. "I. I... wish to come too."

"Setsuko already set off earlier this morning, " Hideo said. His lips curled into a frown. "Are you sure that you wish to come with us?"

She pulled her arms closer to her chest. "I'll... join one of you! I...want to make myself useful. I... can't allow what happened to defeat me!"

This girl, she's forcing herself.

Eiichi grinned and held out his left hand toward her. "We'll be happy to have you. At least, I would."

"No you don't!" Hideo said, slapping his hand. "She'll join us. Right?"

Eiichi scoffed. "Come on, my group is stronger and bigger."

Hideo pouted and glared at him. "That's just more reason for why she shouldn't join you!"

Rosalba glanced at me. "I think that I'll join Hyosetsu."

The two knights looked at us like a bunch of buffoons.

"Why?" Hideo whined, stomping his foot like an imprudent child.

She looked back at me. "It's just... I trust him more than you." There were hints of blush in her cheeks.

Such reaction would've been flattering if it hadn't been so common a sight.

Starting as far back as elementary, girls around my age would get close to me. Befriend me for all the wrong reasons. They would try to do the same with Kohri but he was immune to their charms, unlike me. If I h

s in comparison to Serrano. Despite being a Seven-Hill like my soon to be brother-in-law and Kohri, I have not done much but cry and shiver in a corner. I am tired of that." Tears dripped down her face. "I want to move forward! I... I want to move on. I do not want to live with these awful memories! I just... I just want to move on with myself."

"Is doing it like this really the best way? Is aiding the accused how you plan to move forward?" I flew in front of her and stared her right in the eyes. "I can see that being by his side is painful."

"Yeah, and not just for me, " she said, adverting her gaze. "Tetsu, my presence back at Xeleria bothered him greatly. He's a kind person to forgive me for having lost nearly all trust in him."

"Having lost all trust? It would've been nice if you had. I get the impression that it never made it to that point, your belief in him. It might have been enough to have him kept far away and cower in his presence, but it was not enough to completely abandon him!"

"What's with your reaction?" she snapped back.

I shook my head. "You got to be less trusting! That plebian might not be who you want him to be! The person you danced with at the ball, he could be but a lie. It appears that Serrano is the smartest out of you new generation Seven-Hills, and Serrano is the guy's cousin and one time best friend."

"You speak as if you knew for sure that it was him. I ask you to wait until his trial is over, before casting further judgment upon him, " she said, shaking.

I lowered my head. "Fine. We have wasted too much time here... Let's go!"

Rosalba turned around and flew in the opposite direction.

"Hey, you're going the wrong way!"

"I sense something in that direction, something powerful. Go on ahead if you want, I'm going to check it out."

I pressed a hand against my face. Why did I have to get stuck babysitting a princess? Especially one was naive as this one?

"No, I'll help you. But let's make this fast. We need to locate the prince. If anything happened to him then Lady Saya will rain her fury on us who got him into this mess. Though it was him who volunteered to him."

Rosalba flew forward, not paying me any mind.

Will she listen to what I have to tell her when the time comes?

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed the flashback. What do you think that Hyosetsu was going to tell Rosalba?**

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