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Collapsing on the white snow; father's coughs dyed the snow crimson.

"Are you alright?" I asked, helping him up.

"I just need some rest." Looking up he smiled. "How about you? Aren't you exhausted?"

I glanced up at the grey sky. We had somehow warped back to the town where we had left Yuko.

Father, he had given me some of his energy before we left. That's why he was in the state he was.

"You shouldn't have intervened, " I snapped, standing up. "I'm going to check in on Yuko. Get up soon or you'll die."

Father chuckled bitterly. "You're still mad at me, aren't you? For abandoning you."

He was right. There was no way that I could forgive him so easily. Not after all the suffering he had inflicted on us and on Yuko. Especially Yuko.

Father raised his chin a few inches off the ground. "Before you go. Tell me, how is Anis doing?"

The remaining shadows danced erratically around me. "Mother is doing just fine without you."

A weak chuckle escaped his now blue lips and dropped his chin back down into the deeply frozen snow. "That's... good. I'm... glad."


"I'm back, " I called out. Kohri rested on the floor with his back against the wall, one hand tightly gripping his hammer.

He stood up and dusted off the thick blanket of snow that had accumulated on his coat and jeans. "Hey, that was quick. Did you get your dragon?" he asked.

"No." I punched the ice wall, causing it to shake. "I left Saya's heir to fend for himself."

"What?" His icy blue eyes widen to the same cotton ball size as the snowflakes currently falling. "Prince Ryonoko is here?"

"Yeah. He was the one who led us to the dragon. It turned out to be a legend of a monster."

He crossed his arms and smiled. "Want to go back and help him?"

I looked down at the snow, now hiding my cold tennis shoes. "I wish but doing so might make things more dangerous for him. Plus I'm not sure if I got the strength to warp back. Your brother and Rosalba should be heading here right now."

Kohri tilted his head, confusion evident in his eyes. "My brother retreated? That's so unlike him."

I laughed. "Yeah, but he's not a stupid man either. Seems that he knows when to quit."


"Go ahead and reunite with Tetsuya, " I said, dropping Rosalba off by the armored vehicle.

She pushed me away without warning. "Don't ever hold me like that again!" she snapped.

What in the world was he problem? Did I handle her badly? Wait, did I... what was that word that Hideo used? Oh right, trigger. Perhaps my brother was right, maybe I was a little too insensitive around girls.

"Sorry, " I said, turning away. "I didn't mean to trigger you dark memories. Tetsuya or whoever it was will pay for what he did."

She gave me the same suspicious look that she reserved for Tetsuya, at least she used to. Did she really discount him as the aggressor?

Leaving her alone with the self-driving vehicle. The prince's girlfriend or whatever was nowhere in sight. She must've left to go search for whatever she was looking for.

I made my way back toward the site of the land dragon.

My sword was made out of the fang of a dragon. It should be strong enough to slice through its thick skin.

"Wait, " Rosalba yelled, running back. "I'm coming with you. If I don't, you and that prince will likely kill each other."

Seriously? I wasted time trying to get her to safety?

Forming an ice wall between us, I continued on my way. "You stay back. I won't be responsible if anything bad happens to you."

She couldn't get hurt, not again. If she did then she'd likely collapse and if that happened, what would I do?


"Rosalba, " Setsuko said, knocking repe

need him for this mission." He patted his daughter's head. "You truly would've made a better knight than either Setsuko or this piece of slime barely clinging to his life."

Rosalba grasped the rails, looking sympathetically at him. "Did he... really do it?"

"There were those shield markings, " Eiichi said. "They look like they came from Agnes. To use one of the holy weapons to commit a crime, truly audacious."

The king nodded as he put a hand on her shoulder. "It was a mistake on my part to have had you join his team. The lust in his eyes as soon as he saw you should've been more evident to me."

"Lust you say?" she questioned. "To me it seemed more like admiration. Enough talking. If he is the one then Karma will strike him with his mighty sword when the time comes."

Eiichi snickered. "Karma? You honestly believe in those silly myths? A God-angel of retribution? Come on. Besides, if anyone is in charge of that, it is us. We're the descendants of Hanketsu, the angel of judgement. It is our duty to judge the world."

She snatched the key from her father and opened the cell. "This boy's words. They didn't feel like a lie."

"Don't fall for them, " Hideo stated as he walked in. "The poor have their own ways to trick others. They act as if they're morally superior to us nobles but in reality they're even worse."

"I agree, " I said, scoffing. "Avoid that plebeian's siren song. The 'nice' young man that you met days ago wasn't the guy you thought he was."

She stared at the blood Tetsuya and then turned away. "Setsuko, could you heal him? Once you do... get him away from me."

Setsuko nodded. "Alright."

She's still helping him? Why?


I glanced back at the wall of ice that I had formed.

Why did she help him back then? She wanted him dead, but then asked her sister to aid him. It makes little... Wait, could it be that she had fallen for Tetsuya? No. More like she still loves him. Could that be the reason for why she has such a hard time coming to terms that he did it? Or could it be that...

I shook my head.

Why do I even care? My duty is to slay the creatures of darkness, not to baby sit the princess. No, my real duty is toward myself. I still have much to learn. I need to become stronger, strong enough that I won't need to depend on others.

I opened my wings and flew off toward the mountain.

**Solar Note: What do you think of Rosalba now? Any idea as to why she was kind to Tetsuya?**

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