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We left Kohri behind with Yuko, while the rest of us returned to the dense snow that ran on for miles.

My feet, hands, and face were numb already and by the time Father had us stop, they were number.

I glanced up at the only non-white thing in the distance, a heavily armored, black caravan. Whoever was inside, had to be important. At the very least a general or something.

Running downhill, I caught sight of a navy-blue dragon mark in the front of the caravan. On top of its head was a gold and silver crown. That insignia, where had I seen it before?

"Hey, isn't that the symbol of the Dragon Emperor?" Rosalba asked, glancing back at my dad.

Father chuckled. "Kind of. The Dragon Emperor's crown includes platinum. This one only has gold and silver. Hence this must be the caravan of the prince."

The prince of this realm, Ryonoko Sumeragi. I only knew of his name because he was the only child of our Heavenly Queen, Saya no Mikoto. Thus he was also our realm's prince.

"That Halfling is here?" Hyosetsu asked, glancing back at the caravan.

"Yes. How about we pay our young prince a visit? He might just prove useful in locating us a powerful dragon, " Father suggested.

I nodded. "Wonder if he is anything like Zyuuni, " I said, chuckling, recalling the prince's chunnibyou cousin.

"Might even be weirder, " Hyosetsu responded as he jumped down the low laying cliff and landing on a pile of thick snow. "What I'm interested in is fighting him."

We followed Hyosetsu until we noticed the caravan coming to a complete standstill.

One of the back doors opened. Stepping out of the car was a tall, handsome, blonde young man around eighteen years of age.

"We got visitors?" he asked, grinning as yellow sparks crackled across his hands. The sparks gave way to a twin pair of silver broad swords. Smile fading, the boy raised his swords at us. "Tell me, what do you strangers want? If the answer satisfies me, I'll let you folks go. If not then you'll just have to face the power of this realm and Zionia's prince."

"We just wanted to talk, " I responded, raising my hands in the air.

His ocean blue eyes fell on my armor. His eyes lingered there for some time before he finally spoke up.

"I see that you got one of the seven angel weapons. Did mother sent you here? If so then no need to take me with you. I am heading to the inter-dimensional gate right now." He ruffled his already messy hair and put a hand on his hips. "Honestly, am I that untrustworthy?"

"Who are these people?" called out a female voice. A green haired young woman stepped out of the armored vehicle. Her tanuki-like ruby eyes analyzed us closely as she walked over to us.

The prince held his arm out in front of her. "Stand back. I still don't completely trust these folks."

The girl slapped his arm away and scoffed. "You know perfectly well that I can take care of myself."

"Right, no need to remind me, " he said, rubbing his arm.

Hyosetsu gave the girl a smug grin. "I'll like to fight you one on you. It doesn't matter which one as long as you come at me with full strength!"

Father hit him over the head. "Listen, we are here to find a dragon. Do you think that you could help us find one? If you do then I'll teleport you back to Xeleria with us."

Ryonoko unsummoned his swords. "Is that's all? This is the Wynaga. Dragons are everywhere. You just don't know how to look." He pointed at the mountain in the distance. "If you're brave then head over there. That's where the strongest dragons in this region live."

"Thanks, " I said, grinning.

The young man stared at me again. "Hanketsu is your ancestor, correct?"

I nodded. "Isn't it obvious?"

He narrowed his eyes at me. Eri truly did resemble him. He had to be his cousin.

"But you aren't him, right?" Ryonoko finally spoke up. "You aren't the one who is meant to hold that necklace. No, that child has yet to even be born."

How could he tell? Was it because he was the grandson of one of the seven? Or was he just super intuitive?

He glanced over at the mountain once more. "Tell you what, I'll accompany you to find your dragon. Amira, go to town. This shouldn't take too long."

Amira smiled. "Alright. Meanwhile I'll look for the source of that smell."

Smell? What smell

Why hadn't he already done so? He certain had the ambition.

Lasers of light shot out of Ryonoko's wings and pierced through the clouds above.

"Shut up!" the prince yelled, covering his ears. More light erupted from him, causing the sky around the mountain to clear up of all mist and clouds.

Father and Rosalba landed next to the prince, their wings were covered with as much frost as mine. They certainly were more talented at flying, considering I couldn't even stay afloat with less than them.

I held my shield up as the red dragon was drawn toward to the prince.

"Ryonoko!" I yelled as loud as I could, but the snow muffled some of my voice.

Ryonoko removed his hands from his ears and noticed the dragon a few feet away from him, shaking the ground with the force of a magnitude seven earthquake. The ground around us was a slushy mess. If it weren't for us being earth angels (or an earth mage in the case of Ryonoko who was a light angel) then we probably would've sunk into it.

Hyosetsu remained afloat as he pointed his sword at the behemoth of a dragon. "Level 2: Ice Prison!" the ice prince yelled. Icy tendrils erupted from the sword and grasped the dragon's legs before it could strike down Ryonoko with one of its think claws.

Spinning his swords, the prince stepped toward the beast.

"Hey!" I shouted. "Are you suicidal? Stay out of the way!"

The boy's ocean-blue eyes darted upward. They analyzed the tendrils moving around in the air. "Those things are too weak to hold this beast, much like their owner." With one swift move of both swords he sent the dragon flying back into the crest of the mountain, several miles away. "I'll keep it busy while you all flee."

"Tsk, " was all that Hyosetsu could say at the display of the prince's power.

Rosalba nodded as the snow around the base of the mountain turned into a wave of steam.

Hyosetsu descended from the sky and snatched her up.

Holding my shield in front of Father and me; I shrouded the two of us in shadows.

"Take care, " I said.

Glancing back, the dimensional prince gave me a sad smile before running into the boiling mist. "If anything happens to me, please take care of Amira, " Ryonoko said before fading completely from view.

I reached a hand out. No... What is he planning to do? He couldn't actually have a death wish, could he?


Solar Note: I hope that you enjoyed this update. What did you think of Ryonoko and Amira?

*Character Section*

Ryonoko Sumeragi- Age: 18 Parents: Saya no Mikoto (Queen of the Heavens), Tatsu Sumeragi (Dragon King)

Titles: Scion of the Dragons and Angels; Inter-dimensional prince; Hybrid price; Future King of Existence; Holder of the two spheres; Dragon-Angel prince.

(No Pic)

Amira Amadeus- Age: 18 Parents:?

Titles: Uncrowned princess; Strongest boxer; Future Queen of Existence.

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