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When I awoke I found that Serrano was gone. So was Nori. The two must have gone off to look for his parents or shopping.

I yawned and stretched my arms into the air.

"Time to start yet another day, " I said, jumping out of bed. I took off my clothes and changed into a pair of black jean. But before I could put on my shirt, the door suddenly opened. In came my father.

"Hey kiddo, ready to start the new day?" he asked.

"You know, you can knock, " I said, rolling my eyes.

"Ha, that's something I expected to hear from your sister, not you."

"Oh, if you entered in Tere then she would have kicked you. Hmm, I know maybe I should try that? Hmm?" I asked, grinning.

Tekeshi laughed. "Well, I brought you your new teammate." He turned around but there was no one behind him. He glanced out at the hall. "It seems that she ran off." He turned around and smiled. "Uh, seems that I did something stupid."

"Hey, wait. Is this person Ro..."

"I'm going to go find her. I can't lose her. If I do then her father will have my head."

I stared at the red shirt in my hands.

So, it is her...


Upon arriving at the lobby I saw father by the southeast corner where Rosalba and Setsuko were the other night. He stood up from his seat and smiled. "You're here! I found your newest member! She did have to go get changed once I told her where we're going."

"Where exactly in Wynaga are we off to?" I asked.

"You'll see!"

Ugh, this guy is irritating...

"Here, I had them bring you breakfast, " Tekeshi said, waving his hand at the food in the table. It was a pair of eggs with a side of milk-rice porridge.

Did he guess my favorite dish? Or did someone tell him? No, it's likely all just coincidence. Right?

I sat down in the other open seat and devoured the food. It tasted so good after having gone an entire day without eating nothing except for a serving of octopus balls.

"Master!" Yuko yelled, running across the lobby. She wore a thick brown coat which I figured was give to her by Setsuko as it seemed rather fine.

"Wait up!" yelled someone. Donning black pants and a white fur coat was one of the most beautiful girls I had ever laid eyes on.

"Hello again, Tetsuya, " the girl said, trying her best to look cheerful as she made her way toward us. It was Rosalba.

My blood suddenly started to boil. Though it wasn't all entirely directed at her. But also at my father. The man surely knew about what they accused me of doing.

"I'm sorry, " she said, her head lowered.

I stood up from my seat. "That's it? You must have realized that it wasn't me."

She glanced at Yuko and then back at me. "I shouldn't have accused you of having raped me." She closed her eyes. "I jumped to conclusions because you were the poorest among us and not to mention how you by my side the morning after. But having seen how Kohri and my sister trust you, I can't help but think that perhaps you weren't the one. Not to mention, the way that you risked your life to save your cousin who mistrusted you."

I would've laughed if it weren't for what she was implying. She really didn't feign being raped. One of the three other male knights had taken advantage of her, but who? My guess would be Eiichi but jumping to that conclusion without proof would make me no better than them.

"As for the jewel. The rapist put it there. I had my sister analyze it but there were no finger prints on it at all, " the princess continued.

I didn't want to forgive her so easily... It was her fault that my name was in the dirt throughout most of the capital. Yet... she had suffered too. A lot more than I probably had.

I sank my shield completely and held out my hand to her. I closed my eyes and recalled what my mother once told me. Words which I was surprised to have forgotten.

"Our ancestor, Hanketsu wasn't always the rageful one. Before falling he was the angel of patience. A patience that included bearing suffering and forgiving those who are sinners."

Though I said those words, I didn't ever imagine saying them to someone like Osamu or my own father. Rosalba was far easier to forgive, after all, she was the first girl I ever loved.

"Trying to clean your image by acting all high and mighty?" I turned and saw Eiichi. He and Hyosetsu made their way toward us, the two staring me down with eyes oozing doubt. The spear knight narrowed his radiant blue eyes. "I still don't trust you." He glanced at Yuko and Rosalba. "I hope that you two will be fine."

Rosalba eyed Eiichi and Hyosetsu with nervous eyes. It was possible that one of them was the one. At the same time it could also have been Hideo who did it.

"Worry not, " Kohri said as he entered through the front door.

Where did he go at this time of day?

"Tetsu is a good person. Even if he weren't the girls can protect themselves. And even if they somehow can't they got me."

"You're too trusting, " Hyosetsu said, shaking his head at his younger brother. He glared at him. "You should grow up and see the world for what it truly is. It isn't what you wish it to be."

Kohri put his hands on his hips. "I know full well how it is. Perhaps more so than you ever will."

"Stop arguing you two, " I said. I glanced over at Eiichi and smiled smugly. "I am the shield. I protect, nothing else. It is you, the other knights who are tasked with attacking. So how about you do your job and I'll do mine? Eh?"

Hyosetsu smiled. "Correct. That's why the king gave you barely any attack capabilities."

"Not true, " my dad said coolly. "The lack of attack capabilities was due to the weapon being asleep. We will awaken it. Once we do then the five of you shall meet and decide on a leader among you."

Hyosetsu scoffed. "I'll be that leader. I wasn't born to be a follower."

"Yet you got no throne, " Eiichi snapped as he eyed Kohri. "Your little brother over there is the heir. So much for a leader."

Ice encased Eiichi from foot to neck. The ice slowly inched up his neck. Hyosetsu's icy eyes were colder than usual. Deathly cold. "Got a death wish?"

Eiichi shattered the ice around him with pillars of light a


"Hey, don't start a fight!" I warned, sighing.

These guys never learn... Though this guy doesn't seem like he'll help us.

"Relax, " Hyosetsu said as he waved his hand dismissively. "Listen here, we don't plan to stay the night in your shoddy little village. We just want to see a doctor. One of our colleagues became inflicted with some strange illness. Once she's healed then we will leave."

The young man's icy blue-green eyes shifted toward Yuko. "That's the girl? Bring her in, I'll attend her. However, I want the rest of you to stay out here. I don't trust angels."

Hyosetsu's hand curled around the hilt of his sword. The first Kuroyuki no San prince's eyes landed on me. "Do as he says, plebian. If you desire to save the girl that is."

I didn't need him to tell me. I gently but quickly handed Yuko over to the strange boy.

"Please, save her, " I said, keeping my head low.

The young man sighed. "No need to lower your head before me. I am not some king. I'll inform you once I've figured out what's inflicting her. As for healing her, that'll depend on her affliction. Hopefully I'll have the resources to heal her here. If not then she likely won't be able to make it past the night." The stranger slammed the door of his house shut, causing icicles to stab the two feet of snow in front of us.

A thin wall of ice formed between us and the rest of the town.

How kind of him to do so, not! First the people of Xeleria and now the people of this realm. Did we angels do something to make everyone else hate us so much?

I shook my head. That wasn't important, though. What truly mattered was Yuko's health. I just hoped that the boy knew what he was doing and that he was a trustworthy person. Normally I wouldn't have handed her over to a stranger but I could tell that the town wasn't big enough to have more than one doctor.

"Is that guy even a doctor?" Rosalba asked as she crossed her arms in front of her chest.

"It seems that he is, " Kohri said, looking into the house. On the ice wall was a large hole.

I ran up to him and looked in. It was hard to see past the frilly white curtains but I could make out the guy listening to Yuko's pulse.

The stranger glanced over at us and rose his hand.

"Look out!" Rosalba yelled as she kept her distance.

I glanced up and saw icicles crack off from their source. Raising my shield, I ducked. Kohri moved the ice with ease.

I peered in and saw that the boy had returned to attending Yuko.

"Let's go and wait, " I said, taking in a deep breath. "I rather avoid upsetting him."

Kohri shattered the icicles and followed me out of the town. The wall behind us closed as the clouds overhead completely blocked out the sun.

"I think that you unsettled the guy, " Rosalba said as she crouched by the wall. Hail was raining down rapidly.

"Kohri, could you stay here and wait for the boy to finish treating Yuko?" Tekeshi asked.

"Wait, where are we going?" I asked.

"To find you a dragon, remember?" he responded with a devious grin. He marched on ahead, as joyful as a child on an adventure.

"Kohri, stay here and watch over Yuko's recovery."

Kohri raised an eyebrow and said, "You sure?"

I nodded. "I trust you to keep her safe. And not to start a fight with that white-haired jerk."

He flashed me a wide grin. "Got it! I shall do what you order, captain!"

Somehow that managed to get a chuckle out of me, despite the situation.

I put my hands on my hips. "Don't go and call me that! Tetsuya is fine."

"Okay, Tetsu!" Kohri said, still saluting me as if I were some army general.

"Are you coming or not?" Hyosetsu yelled, glaring at us.

I turned around and waved goodbye to the younger brother. "See you later. Hopefully with an upgraded shield on my arm."

Kohri pouted. "I hope not. I want to see how your father repairs it!" he yelled with a grin on his face.

**Solar Note: Thanks again for continuing to read Rise of a Guardian Angel ^_^! I hope that you enjoyed this chapter :3. So, why do you think the Wynagas and Xelerians hate the Zionians?.**

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