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Sitting down with Yuko, we finished the octopus balls. Eating beside her felt like dining with family. Though the food was different. Very different. The octopus was oddly chewy, but at the very least it got that man who claimed to be my father out of my mind.

"Done?" Serrano asked, snapping me back to reality. He watched us with careful eyes, as if he were a prison guard. "We need to meet up with the others."

"Lighten up, " Kohri said as he finished his own plateful.

"Lighten up? We're not here to play games or pig out. We're only staying here to analyze the fight styles of these mages in the hopes that the five will learn some magic. Now hurry up and finish or they'll think that something bad happened to us."

Kohri rolled his eyes. "Shh, you're as uptight as always. One would have thought that almost dying would make you appreciate life a little more."

Serrano narrowed his eyes. "And you're too carefree, despite being a knight."

"I'm not a knight anymore, "Kohri said, his icy blue eyes on the empty container. "I am here as Tetsuya's blacksmith. I gave up on being a knight long ago."

"You should stop calling yourself a 'former Seven-hill Knight'. That title is ours from the day that we take the oath up to the day we die. You should be aware of that, considering your predecessor."

Until he dies? Is that why Father gave Serrano the jewel after he faked his death?

"I am not worthy of being his heir, " Kohri said as he closed the foam container. He stood up and threw it into the recycle bin. He turned toward his fellow Seven-Hill knight and walked past him as if they weren't talking a moment ago.

"What's his problem?" I questioned, tilting my head.

What came upon him to make him act like this? He's usually positive.

My cousin sighed. "You should ask him that, but I doubt that he'll tell you why he thinks the way he does."

I didn't doubt him, considering the way that Kohri avoided his question. Serrano also avoided my dad's question back at the hill.

"Hey, Serrano. What are you hiding?" I asked, tilting my head toward the right.

Serrano lowered his eyes toward my green armor. "Kohri should never have given you that armor." With those words he left, running off like some coward.

Perhaps this was my chance to get payback on that jerk. Still, I felt bad for teasing him. I chuckled. Since when had I started to care for others again? Especially that guy... Alright, maybe I did care a bit when we thought him dead...

I glanced back at Yuko. Right, it all began with her. Or did it? Perhaps I never truly stopped caring.

Oh, come on Tetsu. You're just saying that to excuse the way that you treated Yuko when you first met her.

"Is something bothering Master? Yuko asked, glancing up at me with curious round eyes.

I patted her head and did my best to smile. "Don't worry about it."

Yuko flashed me a toothy grin and knocked the air out of my lungs with a hug.

I couldn't help but laugh. She had grown stronger. No longer did she show as much signs of illness as she did when we met. Perhaps, the only reason she had been in such bad condition was because of how that man treated her.

Is that guy really my father? He can't be... right? No, who are you fooling, Tetsu? He is. You just had to get one look at his face to see it, the connection.

Yuko's uncle stared at us with narrowed eyes. "I don't know what kind of spell you put on her but I'll uncover your deceit, " he warned, eyes still filled with the same mistrust and hatred as before.

I tried my hardest to smile. He was just like the stupid king of my country. "Listen here, I won't hand over Yuko to you. Even if you are her family."

"Master, " Yuko said, her face red.

I turned around. Why was she blushing?

"Let's go, " I said, holding her hand tightly. I stopped by the banner and glanced back at her uncle. "Don't worry. I won't allow anyone to hurt Yuko. If my father dares to do something to her then I'll shield her with everything that I got. Plus, I rather avoid that guy myself."

Yuko's uncle smiled slightly. "You better or I'll shatter that shield of yours as revenge."

"I'll shatter it myself if that ever happens, " I said, looking down at the smiling Yuko.

My face reddened. Oh heavenly creator, was I becoming a lolicon like Eiichi? No way, that wasn't possible. Right?

I let go of Yuko's hand and ran out only to bump into my father. "You, " I said, startled that he was sticking around.

"Son, come with me, " he said as he turned around. The mysterious man walked forward and stopped when he noticed that no one was following.

"Where to?" I asked, crossing my arms over my chest.

I wasn't going to jump through this man's hoops like some circus animal. Something he was probably used to considering his field of work included selling rare animals.

"To Wynaga; the realm of dragons, " he responded, lifting his hood over his head. "We are to take advantage of its broken state to upgrade it. Though first we got ourselves a new member for your team. Or better yet the return of an old one."

Return of an old... does he mean...

"For now go and rest, tomorrow we'll have a very busy day, kiddo."

I narrowed my eyes at him. "Don't call me kiddo!" I snapped, turning around.

I grabbed Yuko's hand again and went with Serrano and Kohri to meet

es drooped down. "Oh..."

My cousin ruffled Nori's red hair. "Cheer up, kiddo."

Nori smiled back. "Thanks, Mister."

"Now off to bed you go."

Serrano, he will make a great father one day. I... I hope that I will make a great one too.

I took the right side and closed my eyes as Serrano put Nori to sleep.

"Hey, " I heard a voice call out, waking me up from my half slumber. I felt the bed move slightly as someone climbed on the left side.

"What?" I grumbled.

"T... t... thanks, " Serrano said.

I opened my eyes. It was dark, but green light from one of planet Xeleria's three moons provided a bit of light. I spun around.

Did he just say what I think he did?

"What was that?" I asked, my eyes wide open

"You heard me, " Serrano said, covering his face with his blankets. "Now go to sleep."

I laid on my back and smiled.

Maybe one day he'll be able to forgive me.

"Hey, Serra?"

"Don't call me by that hateful name!" he snapped.

I snickered. "You know, the more you forbid it, the more I'll call you by it."

The guy sighed. "Just tell me what you were going to say."

"Do you still remember that day?"

"What day?"

"The day when we went camping."

Serrano laid on his back and stared up at the ceiling. "Of course I do. Why else would I wish for you to shut up about it."

I snickered.


[Fourteen-years Ago]

"Tetsuya!" Serrano said, running into our little red tent as I was preparing our sleeping bags. The guy suddenly hugged me.

"What's wrong?" I asked, staring at my shivering cousin.

"I... I heard moaning outside. It... it sounded like that of a spirit!"

"A spirit?" I asked, peering outside of the tent.

"No, don't go!" he cried out. "It might eat you!"

"Eat me?" I smiled and grabbed the wooden sword by the entrance. "I'll just cut it down with this if it tries that!"

"No, you fool! You can't possibly fight a spirit! Also, don't leave me alone! I might get eaten by that thing!"

I sighed. "Okay, I won't leave little Serra alone."

Serrano pouted. "Don't call me that!"

"Serra, Serra. The cowardly lion, Serra."

"Argh, don't call me that!" Serrano said, pushing me down.

I winced as something sharp hit my arm.

"Tetsu!" Serrano said, eyes as wide as golf balls. "I'm... I'm so sorry."

I turned to see the wooden sword. Thankfully it was only a scratch. I got up and sighed. "It's fine. I'm fine."

Serrano frowned. "Really?"

I smiled. "Yeah."

My cousin kept his head down. Tetsuya is too nice. "How can you forgive so easily?"

"I am?"

"Yeah. If it were me, I would hold a grudge."

"Woah? Serra hold a grudge? You sure about that? You don't strike me like that kind of person at all. Serra is as soft as the morning dew."

"You say silly stuff, Tetsu, " Serrano said as he walked over to a bag to take out some bandages and some disinfectant. "This will only sting a little."

"Ouch, " I said, wincing.

"Sorry, " Serrano said.

I tried my best to smile. "It's... it's fine."

My cousin lowered his head. "No, it's not. I hurt my cousin and best friend. I'm sorry, Tetsu. I promise you that I won't ever hurt you again. Well, not counting sparing matches."



"Why did you go back on that promise?" I asked.

Serrano turned away. "There are some promises not worthy keeping. Especially if it means ignoring an injustice."

So, he still hasn't forgiven me. Why is it easier for Setsuko to forgive me, but not him?

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