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"Let go of TESTUYA!" the black cloaked man demanded as he summoned a pitch black wand whose tip had a moon in the center of a wheel. He raised his sword at the young tanuki man.

What? Why does he care about my safety? This guy is just making things worse. Go! I don't need your help!

Yuko's uncle transformed his wand into a small black knife. "I won't hand him over until you face the same suffering that my siblings and I did as we watched you murder our parents!" he yelled, rage dripping with every single word.

This guy... he's filled with hate. Odd, why was it that I can feel it emanating from him?

Suddenly, I noticed that my rosary had a light purple glow. Hanketsu. Was he trying to tell me something?

The slave-owner jumped into the air as lightning gathered around him. "I said unhand him!"

The knife pressed against my skin, drawing blood out as Serrano and the girls looked on in sheer terror. Any move they tried could mean the end of me. Likewise for any that I dared to make.

The strange man's wand transformed into a black bow with the symbol of the moon.

Why did the man have access to magic? Was he part mage too? Prana wasn't something that could be used by angels due to the lack of a magicae organum. The only angels who could were those like the rulers of our realms and this one. Those who were part angel and part mage.

Purple angel wings with yellow and orange lines manifested from the man's back and wrapped around his body. Those same wings, I had seen them long ago. Even though I could barely remember the face of their owner, the was no way that I could forget those colorful feathers.

"!" I shouted, causing the man to strike the tree next to us.

The man removed his hood. Long dark purple hair fell over his chest. His golden eyes looked directly into my own. "You always were a bright kid."

Yuko's uncle glared at him. "Say goodbye to your son."

"Uncle!" Serrano yelled as he inched closer to me.

"Ahh, you're Seina's kid, " Father said before looking back at me. "I wish that we could chat but I got to save your cousin first." He formed a dark ball without even casting a spell.

Wait...shadows. I closed my eyes and tried to think back to what I did in my battle against Serrano. Slowly my body faded into shadows and reappeared behind Yuko's uncle.

"Stop, " I yelled out painfully as I walked over to Akane and Yuko. My neck was aching as more blood continued to drip down. I felt like I could drop at any moment "Dad, leave, now!"

Father reverted his wand back to normal. "Fine. You're an adult now. You should be able to fight your own battles."

I clenched my hands into fists. When did he ever fight mine? He died... or at least he pretended to. Why... did he do so?

I stumbled to the floor and spat out a wad of crimson blood. Curse this pain, I wanted to tell him more. Ask him about why he left us. Why had he faked his deat

Rosalba and have Setsuko joined Serrano in his mission."

Yuko's uncle stared at me. "Wait, you're one of the knights?"

"You've heard of us?" I asked, tilting my head.

He glared at my father with the same cold eyes as before. "This man had notes on weapons for five knights. Some of which we stole. In it were blueprints on the shield."

I stared at my broken shield. "Father, you made these?"

Father chuckled. "Who else could possible gather all of the ingredients to make them? Sadly that weapon of yours turned out to be the most plain." He scratched his head. "Had to remember it by memory."

"How long as this been planned?" Akane asked, looking at his with both awe some horror.

"When the most recent incarnation of Hanketsu was born. So over a decade ago."

Serrano's face grew as pale as it did when he first saw me wearing my new armor.

"You knew him?" my cousin asked.

Father smiled. "Did you?"

He turned away. "Shut it bastard, " cousin responded. He turned around and walked away. "We should continue the search. Eat your octopus balls and return to the stadium." He ran off as if someone were pursuing him.

I clenched my necklace. 'Hanketsu, do you know him?'

'Serrano, ' a young boy's voice echoed.

"That voice... who are you?" I asked.

There was no response.

"Is master okay?" Yuko asked as she held the container of octopus balls toward me. "Let's eat, it'll make master feel better!"

Was she unfazed by everything that happened? Wait, now that we found her uncle, would she leave me? She wouldn't, right? But... it was only right that she would prefer her family over staying with the son of the one who killed her family. I still didn't get as to why she seemed to lack her uncle's desire for revenge. Had being detained in that cell wrapped her emotions?

**Solar Note: Thank you so much for reading! What did you think of the revelation? Also any guesses as to what Yuko's future will be?**

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