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Yuko, Kohri, and I went with Akane to look around town while the others went off to look for Hideo.

Yuko's eyes gleamed as she looked around the crowded stalls around us. The smell of various dishes ranging from sweets to the smell of meat cooking wafted across the area.

"Want something?" Kohri asked, leaning as he also looked around.

"We got no money to buy stuff, " I pointed out. The only money I had on me was from our home realm of Zeraphia.

"I can exchange your money for Ciels, " Akane said, taking out a small wad of paper money.

How nice of her. Though I didn't know the exchange rate so she might've been ripping us off...

"What's the exchange rate?" I asked, eyeing her skeptically.

Kohri sighed. "Come on, Akane is trust worthy."

My tanuki girl nodded. "Yuko thinks so too."

I shook my head. These two were too trusting for their own good. Sure Kohri managed to see through me despite all the lies about me but still, there had to be a limit to his skill.

Yuko glanced up at me with pleading eyes.

"Alright, fine, " I grumbled, taking out my bag of gold.

Akane chuckled as she handed me three hundred ciel for my bag of two hundred coins. Hmm, now that I about it, did they accept parts from the Abyss here?

"There, the ratio is two to three, " she was kind to point out, even though that was obvious.

"Alright, now you two can buy something, " I said.

Kohri slapped my back. "Thanks, man."

Wasn't he calling me 'master' some time ago? Now he suddenly drops the formalities? Shh, this guy.

"Hmm, " Yuko said, touching her cheek as she looked around. "I want..." She pointed at the stand next to ramen shop.

Personally I would've aimed for the ramen instead. Still, Yuko's nose was great so the food must've tasted divine.

We passed the ramen shop and made our way to the open air stand. They were deep frying meat of some kind. Some sort of sea creature was my guess as it didn't look like any meat we had back at the farm.

"Hello, " said a young man with dark lines under his eyes.

"Give us two plates of octopus balls, " Kohri said.

Oh, so that's what it was... balls made out of octopus meat.

"Right away, " he said, turning his back to us to fetch some recently fried octopus balls.

The young man had honey brown hair like Yuko. There was no sign of ears on the side of his head. Did he have ears under that hat of his? "Is everything fine?" asked a young woman as she looked up from her task. She also had dark lines under her eyes and her long hair reminded me of fur.

"Everything is fine, " I responded, lowering my head. Was I staring too much?

"Hey, are you into animal-girls too?" Kohri asked.

My face became red. "What?" Wait, too? Did he have a thing for Kyuu-Hyakuians?

Kohri chuckled. "Just kidding. I wanted to see your reaction. It's surprising adorable."

I curled my hands into fists. I wanted to sock the guy in the face, that'd teach him what happens when one teases me.

"Papa?" Yuko asked. Her wide brown eyes became teary. "Papa!"

The young man eyes widened as he came back with our order.

"Papa?" Kohri and I asked, standing up.

"He's your father?" Akane asked, tilting her head.

Yuko shook her head. "He

g down. "You aren't animals. But what I don't understand is what that guy wanted."

Yuko's uncle stared at me, his sad face became a scowl. "Now that I look at you again... You kind of resemble that man."

"Huh?" I said, looking up at him. His eyes were filled with rage.

He sniffed the air and suddenly a wand was against my throat.

"Master!" Yuko yelled, inching closer.

"Stand back!" Yuko's uncle advised. "This man is not to be trusted for he bears the blood of our oppressor!"

Right, the guy is a Kuroriku.

"I do but we're not closely related, " I corrected, raising his hands in the air as if I were being arrested.

The man snickered cynically. "I clearly remember his smell. You're his..."

"What's going on here?" Serrano asked. He was by himself. "Tetsuya, I should've know that you were up to something."

"Uncle, " Yuko pleaded as she pulled on his apron. "Master isn't like that guy, even if he does bear his blood."

Yuko thinks the same thing? Just who was that man who sold her to me?

Yuko's uncle glanced over at Serrano. He gave him the same distasteful scowl. "He too bears his blood but not as much as you."

"What are you going on about?" Serrano asked, walking up the hill.

"Your blood is like that of a normal nephew." His eyes darted toward me. "However, yours is..."

The stars above us blackened as if someone had shot them out of the sky.

"What's going on?" I asked. "Is this magic?"

"He's here..." Yuko's uncle said as sand grasped my legs. "Don't try to move, or I'll slice them off!"

The black cloaked man clapped his hands as he emerged from under the cherry blossom trees nearby. That guy had been the one who brought the other knights here, so it shouldn't have been a surprise that he was here too. Yet, it still was. Though, this was my fifth time meeting him... It was time for him to keep his promise. To reveal to me his true identity.

I wasn't ready, though. Not for what was to come.

**Solar Question: What do you think that Yuko's uncle means by 'you share his blood'? Who do you think the black cloaked man (Tekeshi) truly is?*

*Character Section*

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