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"Sister, " Setsuko called out. She grabbed my arm, her eyes were watery as if she was about to cry.

I looked down. "Leave me alone, " I whispered, not wishing to call upon the attention of others.

"Rosalba, " she said as if pleading. "I want to help figure out what happened that night."

Shaking my head, I turned around and revealed my own tears. "I don't wish to talk about it."

She nodded. "Sorry for pushing you to speak about it, " sister said, looking away. "Uh, how did you get here?"

I smiled. Good she was trying to change the subject. "We ended up running into some weird man in a black cloak. He said that he could take us to where Serrano was. Voila! We appeared here. The troops are currently surveying the area, trying to determine where we are."

"And Hideo and Eiichi?" Setsuko asked.

"They were confronting some blue haired child. She spilled her soda on Hideo's cape."

Sister chuckled. "Oh?" Her hand covered her mouth. "That's hilarious. I wish that I was there to see that."

I snickered. "It was pretty funny. Well, Hideo was the only one who was mad. Eiichi seemed to act cheerful."

Setsuko crossed her arms and leaned in closer. "That girl had a guardian, right?"

I recalled the handsome blue haired young man who was holding her hand. "Yes, she was accompanied by who I assumed to be her older brother or father."

She sighed as if relieved. "That's good."

"What's with that reaction?" I asked as we stopped walking.

Setsuko didn't respond, her focus was on what was at the end of the hall. Mana bullets were going off and piercing through a dragon shaped blob of water.

"Hideo, " Eiichi said, shaking his head. "You're going to hurt the little girl."

"I don't care, she spilled her soda on me and thinks that she can get away with it! I won't let this injustice stand!" he barked as he launched another round of bullets.

"You jerk, " blue haired man said as he moved the water around him and his daughter.

"Help me out here, " Hideo shouted as water tendrils grasped his weapon.

"Papa, show them your true power, " the little girl said.

Eiichi sighed as he unstrapped his spear from his back. "Why must I fix your messes?"

"Because we're heroes! We have to stick with each other."

"Is that so?" my sister asked, causi

hing or two about silk.

"Alright, " I responded. "If you do a good job then I'll reward you."

The girl snickered. "No need, you seem upset about the stain so..."

"I am not!" I protested, my face turning bright red.

"Ah, a Tsun, reminds me of Koukyuu, " the boy said, nodding his head as he smiled stupidly.

"Don't compare me to a peasant!"

"Who are you calling a peasant?" asked another white haired girl. Unlike the other girl, this one was dressed in fine silks and had expensive looking ruby and gold jewelry.

"I stand corrected, " I murmured.

Koukyuu frowned. "Are you checking me out?" she asked, stepping away.

I turned away. "No, I'm not! Though you are very pretty."

Koukyuu glared at me with those golden eyes of hers. "Sorry kid but I don't like younger guys."

My hands curled into fists. "I am not a kid! I'm eighteen!"

"Ah, so you're older than us, " the boy said, failing to hide his smile.

I pouted. Why did people always think that I was a kid?

"Let's just get my cape clean so that I can return to where my..." No, those guys weren't my friends. Not even Eiichi could be considered one... Hmm, what was a friend anyways?

"Alright, follow me!" the girl yelled cheerfully.

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