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Our entire group stood up as we noticed that Setsuko was approaching the boy who had defeated the nephew of our Universe's Queen.

"Where are you going?" asked Serrano, running after his future wife.

"I want to talk to that boy, " she responded. "That guy owns a necklace unlike any that I've ever seen before."

"Master, wait up for Yuko!" Yuko yelled.

I paused and waited for her to catch up. "Want to do some sightseeing?" I asked.

Her face beamed as she nodded. "Of course Yuko does!"

"Hey, are those creatures angels?" I overheard someone whisper.

"I think so, " someone responded them. "Wait, that one with the strange silver bracelet seems to be looking out way."

I smiled at the two kids staring at us. One of them was a boy with weasel eyes while the other was a girl with horse eyes. Something about them reminded me of Yuko.

"Kids, didn't anyone ever tell you that it's impolite to stare?" Maki scolded them.

The weasel eyed boy leered. "You're also like them, an angel."

Maki sighed. "So young and yet so misguided."

Misguided? What was he referring to?

"Don't let it bother you, " Akane said as she walked behind us. "If you want to do some sightseeing then I can show you around. I'm no expert in Kyuu Seishinian culture but I do know a thing or two about it."

"Sure, we'll appreciate it, " Serrano responded.

We made our way to interior of the arena. The walls were made of grey cement and lacked the ornaments that the school and the outer part of the arena had.

Setsuko kept looking around for the strange boy. "Where could he be?" Setsuko said, running on ahead of us.

"Where am I?" asked a child. I turned around and saw a honey-brown-haired boy running around. His turquoise eyes scanned the wide dark halls. "Oh no... Kun and Yen aren't here!"

I sighed. "You go on ahead, I got something to take care of."

"Yuko will go with you, " Yuko volunteered.

"Me too, " Kohri said.

I ignored them and walked over to the boy. "Are you lost?" I asked.

The boy looked up at me. "Ahh, are you an angel?"

I recalled the words of the children, for some reason they seemed afraid of us. Mrs. Zettai also seemed alarmed at first until we revealed that we were Kuroriku angels.

"Do you fear angels?" I asked as I put my hand on my hip.

The boy smiled. "Nah, I love angels. You're the beings created by the youngest children of the Goddess, right?"

"Goddess?" Yuko asked.

"He's referring to the mother of the god and goddess who created our world and the seven angels. She is said to be the true origin of all light, " Kohri responded.

Nori's ey

o me after what you did to me!"

"You did something bad?" Lei asked, staring at me with curious eyes.

I shook my head. "I did no such thing! I'll... prove it."

"Wait, " Setsuko said. "Let's talk about this someplace far from children's ears."

Rosalba gave her a slight smile. "I am disappointed in you, siding with this boy... yet... I am also disappointed in myself." She ran off in the direction where she had come from.

Disappointed in herself? Why would she be disappointed in herself?

Setsuko turned around. "Wait up, sister!" She took one last glance at Eri. "I will talk to you later."

"Uh, sure, " he said, fidgeting.

"Sorry about this, " Kohri said, bowing. "I am not sure what Setsuko and Rosalba want with that necklace but it must be something important."

"It's fine, " Eri said with a slight chuckle. "I have met plenty of oddballs in my life."

"It was nice meeting you, " I said, waving at Lei. "By the way, don't let anyone that you don't trust get a hold of that necklace. It must be extremely precious if the likes of the Kurorikuian princesses wanted it."

Lei nodded. "I won't. I will only give this to one who I deem worthy of it."

I chuckled. "You're oddly mature for you age, well, kind of."

Lei laughed back. "I'm told that a lot."

**Solar Note: Those who read the first work that I published on this site probably had flashbacks reading the title of this Episode xD. What did you think of Tetsuya's interactions with Lei Lan and Eri Mikado? Also, any guesses as to what Rosalba is going on about?

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*Character Section*

Lei Lan- Age: 7 Birthday: September 29th, Kun Lan- Age: 7 Birthday: September 29th, Yen Lan- Age: 7 Birthday: September 29th,

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