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Shin'en and Katsura teleported us to a room made out of what appeared to be high quality zircon or even diamond.

"Woah, " Nori said, gazing at the people down below. One could make out the anxious crowds of hundreds of thousands. Being this high up and in the center of the stadium basically gave us a perfect view of the entire place.

Kohri grabbed a black velvet chair and pressed his forehead against the back of it. "Ca... can we get down from here?" he stammered, closing his eyes tightly.

"Come on, this is the best view!" Hyosetsu said, hiding a smile behind his white-gloved hands.

He shook his head repeatedly. "No, this is a death trap!"

"Aren't you an angel?" Tetsuya said, raising an eyebrow at him. "You can fly."

"Sure I am, but still! I hate being this high!"

"If you want you can go and join Maki, " Shin'en suggested as he scanned the large crowd. "He's over there." He pointed at the far right to us. One couldn't even make out a single face, so how in the world did he know where his brother was?

Kohri nodded. "Please teleport us."

Ice enveloped us and we appeared in the middle of some empty seats next to Maki.

"That's so cool, uh no pun intended, " Kohri said, snickering. "I want to teleport! Hey, bro, can you do this? That sword of yours gives you the ability to use magic after all."

"So childish, " his brother scoffed. "And, no, sadly I don't know how to teleport. Though it'll be useful if I did."

"Hey, " Maki called out, waving at us. He was sitting next to a girl with short red hair and green eyes. She wore a white blouse and green shorts with black leggings.

Serrano sat down to Akane's right while I set in the following seat. Tetsuya on the other hand sat on the seat directly below Akane's with Yuko to his right. He must've wanted a closer view.

"Hey, Maki!" a joyful shriek erupted from Serrano's left. It came from the girl, Akane.

"What's got you so excited?" Maki asked, snickering. Her turned his eyes toward where she was pointing and instantly his smile vanished.

She stood up and pointed at the rock covered battlefield below."Zyuuni is about to battle!"

Maki crossed his arms over his chest. "I can clearly see that." He leered jealously at the scrawny black haired boy walking up to the middle of the stadium.

"Yuko senses jealousy, " the tanuki girl said, covering her mouth slightly with her hands.

Nori nodded. "Nori does too!"

Tetsuya covered up Yuko's mouth. "Shh, don't say it too loudly."

"Yeah, " Ximena whispered as she covered Nori's.

"I'm not jealous, " Maki protested as he reclined back on his seat.

Tetsuya leered at him for awhile before smiling. "Nah, you're completely jealous."

Maki's face reddened, causing his facade to shatter. "What do you know, you don't even know me!"

Tetsuya scoffed. "I don't need to know you to see that you are. Trust me, at this point I can recognize jealousy."

"Oh, really?" I asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

Tetsuya glanced over at his cousin and nodded. "Yeah. Both Serra and me were pretty popular..."

"Don't call me 'Serra', " Serrano said, his face red. "I've told you many times that I hate it."

Tetsuya grinned. "Oh, sorry Serra. It seems to have slipped my mind."

Serrano shot him daggers. "You want to fight?"

I sighed. "Serrano, Tetsuya. What did I say back at the tower?"

The two gulped.

I was starting to doubt my decision of going to see the games. Especially with multiple of us at each others' necks.

Shifting my eyes back on the short-haired boy that Akane was cheering for, I noticed he had a black chain necklace with a white cross that looked like something from our world. It was then that I recalled something my father had told

asked, raising an eyebrow.

"So that guy is a phony, " Kohri stated bluntly. "Figures, that other guy mentioned something about illusions earlier."

"So Akari's cousin's this strong, " Tetsuya said, crossing his arms. "Maybe I should recruit him."

"Akari?" I asked. "Who's that?"

"You know Akari?" Akane asked, gasping.

Tetsuya nodded. "She's the friend of my brother. She claimed to be the niece of Celestial Queen Saya and thus the niece of the Magus Maximus too."

"Well she is. Anyway, that guy Zyuuni is battling is called Eri Mikado, " Akane continued explaining. "Zyuuni refers to him as his 'cousin'. I'm not sure if that's him using colloquial language or if it's a biological relation, but considering that the guy looks like Takehaya..."

"Look!" Yuko blurted out. She pointed at Zyuuni who kneeled on the floor. Blood covered the prince's left hand.

"Blood magic, spider's tendril!" the Xelerian prince yelled at the top of his lungs. The blood seemed to move around the armored Eri. Eri cut down the illusions using a white sword with ease. The guy was well verse with the sword.

The Xelerian prince stumbled back as his breathing grew heavier by the moment. "You're... really something, blocking and destroying my attacks as if they were nothing, " Zyuuni said. He smiled before collapsing.

"As are you, " Eri said as his armor dissolved into crystals and light. It was at that point that I noticed a fish shaped necklace peeking out of his shirt.

An angel tool?

I gasped my mother's necklace. It's not just any plain one either but a unique one.

There are only few sets of unique weapons in the world, the Seven Angel Tools such as the necklace passed down in my family which Tetsuya was blamed of stealing. Then there are the seven-hill tools like Kohri's hammer and my Serrano's sword. Then there were the weapons Father had crafted for us. But there were also others, such as Lady Saya's angel tool. But all of those who had them were of high position. So what was a young man who gave off the vibe of a peasant doing with one?

I stood up and made my way toward the boy who had defeated the son of the Magus Maximus. Just who are you, Eri Mikado? Or should I say, Eri no Mikoto?

**Solar Note: What did you think of Zyuuni and Eri? Also, those of you who have read Novus Magus should probably recognize that fish-shaped necklace :3**

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