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We made our way down the tower with our hands up, well at least Tetsuya and I. Serrano held onto Ximena for support.

A mage wearing a red cloak emerged from the ring of black cloaked mages. The mage removed the hood of the cloak, revealing the face of a white-haired woman with deep red eyes. On her head were fox ears.

A Kyuu-Hyakuian?

"Are you four spies from Mina?"

"Mina? Are we in Xeleria?" Tetsuya asked. "That's where some of the materials making up our weapons are from. Wait, are we close to Xian? I need to get some wood from there to fix my shield."

They mages stared at his shield, specifically the green core. "You're not from this world, " the woman said. "Are you from Wynaga? No, your style of dress is that of the angels. Are you of mixed blooded?"

"No, we're from Zionia, " Serrano said. "Though Ximena here does carry the blood of your people."

I stared at Ximena with awe as her ears vanished only to be replace by a pair of green cat ears.

These idiots, they were giving too much away.

The woman laughed. "You're awfully truthful, for members from the Angelic realm." She walked over to Serrano. She lightly touched him and a green glow covered his body. "Don't be afraid, you'll be fixed soon."

Serrano moved his body with ease once the light died down. He bowed slightly. "Thank you, wise lady."

"Butt kisser, " Tetsuya mumbled.

Serrano shot him a dirty look.

The lady laughed. "My, what interesting youths."

"Mommy!" a boy yelled. A red haired boy around the age of six ran up to the woman. He held the hand of a white-haired boy who resembled the woman.

"Mother, " the white-haired boy called out. "Who are these people?"

"They're from the realm of the Angels. The same beings that captured and tortured our kind during the first inter-dimensional war."

The red haired boy picked up a rock and threw it at us. Serrano used his power to send it falling into the ground in front of him. "Bad people, stay away!" the boy yelled.

"Well, these four appear to be somewhat trustworthy. That girl over there is even from our clan as you can see."

Ximena smiled and waved. "Yup!"

"Though the brown haired girl has remained quiet. Girl, tell me, where exactly are you from?"

I had to gain her trust like the boys did. "We're from the Kuroriku clan. My name is Setsuko Kuroriku, I'm the next in line for the throne."

"Though I'm actually from the Kasai no Ki clan, " Ximena pointed out. Her eyes moved toward the two children. "I guess that you can say that I'm the most similar to you in more ways than one."

The red-haired kitsune boy smiled brightly.

The mages lowered their wands slightly. "Ah, a Kuroriku, good. I was afraid that you'll say something else. Tell me, how are the heirs of Regina doing?"

"Fine, I guess? I don't really pay attention to those outside of our clan."

She smiled. "Ah, so your clan is like ours? We also are isolated...for good or worse. That's right, if I recall correctly your clan once tried to conquer the continent your clan is on. Likewise, we tried the same here."

"Excuse me, " Tetsuya said. "Have you seen four others? One of them is a boy with black hair and eyes as blue as your youngest son here.

The youngest child touched his eyelids. "Mine? Ah, that's right, we did!"

"Yes, we saw them with a girl from the first branch and a boy from the second. That's actually why we came to get you mother. Do you think that those two plan to kidnap them?"

"First and second branches?" Serrano asked, glancing at me. "Is the speak she speaks of Yuko?"


"No, Yuko! Yu-ko, not Yo-u-ko, " Tetsuya corrected.

The boy touched his head. "I see, so that girl isn't a shark?"

"He means the tanuki girl we saw, " Boukyaku explained. "That's her name."

"Oh, well we know a Youko too."

Tetsuya grumbled. "Kids these days..."

"Be nice, " I suggested. "Listen, can

a pile of open books. They also have a friend from your clan with them."

He raised an eyebrow. Laughter escaped his lips. "That's a good omen indeed."

I didn't know how to respond to that. We were only saying what we thought we could get away with. We had yet to tell them the truth about why we were in that tower.

The door snapped me out of my thoughts as it opened.

"We're back!" Kohri yelled out. He glanced around. "So this is the ruler's chambers. It looks like a principal's office, though."

"That's because it is, " Shin'en pointed out. He stood up. "I'm the principal of this school. This is my wife Katsura, and the little boy with red angel wings is my son, Eien."

"Thanks for helping us out, " Tetsuya replied, bowing. "We owe ya one."

Serrano glanced over at me. "Have you asked them about a way to return to our realm?"

"Not yet, but I did meet Maki."

"The prince of Kasai no Ki?"

"What's the prince doing here?" Ximena asked.

"Yes. He's here because his brother's country is hosting at event." I pointed at Shin'en. "Anyway, he said he was going to meet with a friend. I was thinking about staying for a couple of days to watch the Mahoulympics."

"Sounds alright, " Hyosetsu said, as he stared at his sheathed sword.

"What are the Mahoulympics?" Tetsuya asked.

"It's when the strongest mages meet together, " Yuko responded for me. "It's supposed to be awesome! Yuko wants to see it! Yuko's mama always wanted to see one for herself, and while she can't now, her Yuko can." She lowered her head and tried her hardest to smile.

Nori patted her back. "Same with Nori's family..."

Tetsuya laughed as he ruffled Yuko's wavy hair. "Alright, let's go to this big event. Seeing the mages might help us too."

Serrano stepped in front of me. His eyes had a mix of sadness and anger. "Why are you smiling at him like that?"

Yuko gave him a confused look.

"What are you talking about?" I asked in a whisper.

He shook his head. "Ignore it. We got more important matters to focus on. Let's hope that these games will help us out. I rather not waste time."

I nodded. We had to get us back home and make sure that Rosalba, the boys, and our soldiers were fine. That angel-dragon thing might've found them... Not to say that I would mind if Eiichi went 'missing'...

**Solar Note: Fans of another of my books probably found this Episode to be rather interesting xD. What do you think of the Kyuu-Hyakuian (ethnic natives of Kyuu Seishin) and/or Kasai no Ki royal families?**

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