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"Where is the scent originating from?" Setsuko asked, her face sweating despite the chilly air of the alien world.

"There!" Yuko said, still covering her nose. She pointed at an out of view location as we neared the end of the slide.

Setsuko jumped off the slide and ran on ahead. As soon as she turned the corner and let out a haunting shriek that made the world even more eerie than before.

I couldn't stand the smell of rotting flesh as soon as we got to the end. Yuko moved her head, as if in pain.

"Dead, dead!" she yelled, holding her head. She fell to her knees and out of a shriek. "So much death..."

Nori put his hands over his mouth and nearly stepped off the edge of the spiral into the depths of Abyss. Luckily Ximena grabbed a hold of his arm.

I wanted to comfort Yuko, but I needed to find out what had happened. I put a hand over my nose and ran over to join Setsuko. The ground was littered with light red cores, angel tools of varying shapes and sizes, broken armor, and half-decomposed bodies. Others however were picked clean, leaving behind nothing but ivory white bones.

Serrano... cousin... I fell to my knees and stared at the bodies in disbelief. I punched the black ground with both fists. No. It can't be... You fool. How could you have... how could you have... No!

Setsuko looked around at the bodies. Tears dripped down her face, landing on ivory bones. Whatever killed them must've devoured them soon after, that or there were vultures even in this realm.

"I'm so sorry, I couldn't help you. I shouldn't have allowed you to have gone without me." She closed her eyes in silent prayer. "I promise by the name of our Angelic ancestors that I'll avenge you all."

"So, are you now a widow?" Kohri asked, glancing at the bodies.

Hyosetsu hit him up upside the head. "You idiot! And you claim to be a good judge of people!"

The princess shook her head. "No. Wait, Yuko, didn't you say you heard the sound of breathing? Yuko?"

I stood up and ran back over to Yuko who was still on the ground. Nori and Ximena were patting her back, trying to consult her.

"Yuko, " I said. "Is there anyone who is alive? If so then please tell us now. If there is then we didn't arrive her to only retrieve skeletons. Please tell me that someone is alive!"

She continued to cry.

I walked over to her and patted her head. "Yuko, please speak. I need to know if someone is alive..." I glanced away. "Please, Yuko."

Why is she reacting this way? Even Nori is more stable. Could it be that she has seen something like this before. No... could it have been similar to her parent's death?

I held Yuko's hands tightly. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. "Yuko. Get a hold of yourself! You're a knight, you must act like one!"

Nori gasped. "Yuko is hurt. Yuko isn't a knight, either!"

"Shut up kid!" I said, glaring at him. "I'm talking to her, not you!"

Ximena sighed and said, "Nori, Tetsuya means well." She glanced at Yuko who had now looked up.

I looked straight at Yuko's brown eyes. "Now, tell me. Is someone alive or not?"

Yuko nodded. She pointed at a giant cavity within the rock cliff overlooking the bodies. "There's only one alive. He or she seems to be at the end of the cavern."

Setsuko extended a pair of brown wings which had been tucked underneath her silver and gold armor. "Are you guys coming?" she shouted as she flew up to the cliff.

I pulled Yuko into my arms and nodded as I extended my own pair of black wings through the slits in my shirt and armor. Ximena extended her emerald ones out and lifted Nori into her arms.

"Master?" Nori said.

"We're going up there, " Ximena said, her eyes filled with a mix of emotions. "I need to find out if that person is Serrano."

"Could we just study these bodies and find out that way too, while the others go check on the purpose who is alive?" Kohri asked.

"Finding that person will narrow it down, idiot, " Hyosetsu said, raising himself into the air on a pair of light blue raven-like wings.

"Okay, okay!" Kohri said, flying into the air. "Lets go rescue Serrano or whoever is alive!"

This guy is a little too honest...

Setsuko closed her wings and ran into the pitch black cavern ahead of us. I sped up and followed after her. She glanced back and grabbed my hand, and I grabbed Yuko's and the chained continued until Kohri who was the second to last person to enter. He offered his older brother his hand but he refused.

Setsuko and Hyosetsu managed to navigate the cavern without trouble. I on the other hand, could barely see much. However, I could sense what seemed to strange markings carved into the caverns walls around us.

Who made them? Were there people wh

e're in the clan's lands anymore."

"Nor do I, " I said, leaning my back against the wall again. "There are no beaches like these in our clan's lands. The beaches that do exist are small and don't have sand as fine as the ones from here."

Serrano touched his side and winced. " you have any more herbs?"

Setsuko shook her head. "The shield devoured all of them to create the medicine I gave you. We're lucky that it even functioned."

He closed his eyes. "To be saved by the scum's Angel Tool. Tch, I'm pathetic."

"Scum?" Ximena said, frowning. "Why are you calling him that?"

Has she not heard the rumors? If so, then maybe neither has my family back on the farm.

"Don't refer to him like that, " Setsuko said, putting her hands on her hips.

I glanced down. "It's fine. I'm starting to get used to being calling 'scum'."

"Tetsu, " Ximena said, mouth wide open. "What... happened between you two."

I avoided her eyes. "It's a long story..."

Serrano punched the wall in front of him. "Damn it...this is all my fault!"

I nodded. "Yeah, if you hadn't hurt me then there would've been no need for your fiancée to heal me."

He grabbed his side once more as he winced from the pain. "Shut up!'s actually your fault."

"Ohh?" I snickered. "I wasn't the one who went too far, that I almost killed my opponent. I'm not the one who-" I winced as a sharp pain spread throughout my face. Setsuko stood in front of me.

"Shut up, " she said flatly, eyes filled with fury.

She walked over to her husband and slapped him too.

"You too!"

"He's hurt!" Ximena said, pulling him away from the princess.

Setsuko took a deep breath. "Sorry. But this isn't the time to continue your rivalry. Even the Kuroyuki siblings have managed to put aside their rivalry for the sake of this mission. I can't have you two make our situation worse. Serrano, please don't pick fights, especially in your current state. Tetsuya, please ignore him. He's actually thankful that you saved him."

"I'm not!" Serrano shouted. He winced. "I'm... thankful toward the shield. Not its owner."

I stood up and climbed down the stone stairs. "I'm going to go find some herbs. I can't handle being dissed by a wounded person who can't fight back."

He laughed. "So, what you want is to fight? That's right, I did hear you say something about beating me into a bloody pulp. Fine, lets fight! I'll beat you again!"

Setsuko sighed and shook her head. "You two are impossible."

"Guys, " Ximena said, glancing back and forth between the two of us.

"You four!" a stern voice called out. It came from below. "Surrender peacefully or we'll be forced to attack!"

We rushed toward the openings on the tower and saw that we were surrounded by people dressed in black cloaks. They all held wands in their hands, all of which were pointed straight at us.

Setsuko raised her hands. "At least we found out where we are."

Serrano crumpled to the floor. He glanced at the opening behind him. "Mages...just what we needed. What could've happened to the others?"

**Solar Note: Mages ... I wonder what realm they might be in... :3 .**

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