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Setsuko ran quick exams on Yuko, Nori, Ximena, and I. Apparently Yuko had a mini growth spurt from 'leveling up'. She was now as tall as a twelve-year-old rather than a ten-year-old. She also appeared to have gained a new power, but the castle's database had no information on them. Nor did we have the time to run longer exams. The same was the case with Nori who had grown since Serrano and Ximena saved him.

My body also strengthened a little as had my reflexes.

Following the exams, we headed to the vortex. There the other knights and our soldiers awaited, except for those of Setsuko.

"Sister, " Rosalba called out as she ran up to her. She tensed up once she saw me. "Why...did you bring him?" She took in deep breathes. "No... Don't come any closer... Let go of me." She backed away.

I lowered my head.

Rosalba... I...

I shook my head.

These feelings... why were they so difficult to suppress? Come on Tetsuya, numb them. Act indifferent toward her, that is the only way to help both her and you.

"Look, I was right. That scumbag is triggering her, " Hideo yelled. "Get out of here!"

"Yeah, " Eiichi agreed. His eyes shifted from me to Yuko. "Who is that girl?" He ran over and reached his hand out to her.

Setsuko slapped his hands away. "Don't touch her...Yuko, stay away from this man. He's a lolicon."

Eiichi eyed me and laughed. "That's not as bad as that-"

"Enough!" the first princess yelled. "I gathered us here to save Serrano. Sister, if you're feeling bad then stay here. As Father said, we have need for all the heroes. Even if some of them might be creeps." She wasn't looking at me, but at Eiichi. "Or better yet we can split into squads. Go with Hideo and Eiichi's groups. I'll be going with Hyosetsu and Tetsuya."

"Soldiers, accompany the other two Knights, listen to their orders unless if you think they're the opposite of what I would do in such a situation, " Hyosetsu commanded his army. "You two, take care of my soldiers. If anything happens to them then I'll hurt you."

Hideo glared at him. "I hate the privileged. They give you charity in the hopes of keeping you from rising up against them."

Eiichi smiled at Yuko. "Take care little girl, if you'll like you can join us."

Nori pulled Yuko away and bared his fangs at Eiichi. "Listen to princess. This man seems dangerous."

"Hey brat!" he yelled.

Nori continued to stare him down. And suddenly the Kyuu Hyakuians have proved to be my favorite people...

"Why did you send your soldiers with them?" I asked, glancing at the Sword Knight.

Hyosetsu snickered. "I don't need them at this moment. We have a Seven Hills Knight, and the two strongest of the five knights. Plus, a small group will keep us from attracting the attention of the enemy. If those two are smart, they'll split into two units or more. Also, be sure not to drag us down."

Yuko, Ximena, Nori, and I grumbled.

"Sure, " Nori said.

"I'll make sure that we stay out of your way, your majesty" Ximena said, rolling her eyes.

With that said, all of us jumped into the vortex. This time we appeared at a different place than we did last time. It was a floating plateau that stretched as far as the eye could see.

Yuko held on close to me. " you sense that?"

"Yeah, we're being watched, " I said.

Nori grasped Ximena's hand. "This place is scary..."

How odd...last time I couldn't sense much at all, but now that I had awakened my powers of darkness I could.

"Lucky, " Eiichi said, eyes focused on Yuko's hand.

"What a creep, " I muttered.

"He sure is, " Nori said, barring his fangs at the Spear Knight once more.

He pointed his spear at me. "Sh... Shut up! I don't get why you're

"Well it didn't, at least not without scars, " I said. Though it did endure the attacks of the bird creature and Takon. Not to mention countless blobs."

"B...blobs?" Nori asked, blinking.

"Weak creatures, " Yuko said, glancing around. "None to be seen..."

She was right... the creatures we just encountered were surprisingly strong. Why weren't any of the weak ones around? It was as if someone had lured us in and sent stronger foes...

Wait, is this a trap? By who? Takon?

"Hand that over, " Kohri instructed. He had a headband around his forehead. "I'll fix that for you. Meanwhile get us out of here. That monster might decide to check if he finished the job."

Setsuko and I used our powers of darkness to move the dark waters, allowing us to move the makeshift island.

"There, " Yuko yelled. She pointed to the giant spiral island from before.

Hyosetsu formed an icy road for us to walk straight to the middle of the spiral. The entire thing seemed to go miles and miles deeper. Hopefully Serrrano wasn't at the bottom of that thing.

"How's the shield?" I asked.

"I managed to fix the dents a little, but I wasn't able to make a full repair. We'll need to return to the surface and use fire or whatever was used in the formation of it. The wood in the center...I'm not sure if it's combustible. Do any of you know how it was made?"

"Wait, weren't you tasked to fix the shield in the first place?" Hyosetsu asked. "What kind of idiot doesn't know?"

"it's not my fault that the king didn't elaborate on the center being made out of wood when he hired me!"

"We'll need to ask Father about that when we return. We can get it fixed once we've found Serrano."

Kohri handed me back the shield and we slide down the icy slope. Thankfully Kohri thought of covering the edges so we wouldn't slip off and fall into the unending abyss.

Yuko's hat moved as we got closer to the bottom of the slide. "I hear something down seems to be someone from our world. The sound is slowly fading."

"Me too!" Nori said.

Setsuko moved down the slide faster. As soon as she reached the bottom she looked around. "Where was the sound coming from?"

"Could it be Serrano?" Ximena asked, hope evident in her eyes.

Both Kyuu-Hyakuians covered their noses as their eyes widened. "No, no, no... It smells like death!" Yuko said, her eyes shaking with fear.

**Solar Question: What do you think happened to Serrano and the soldiers who were with him?**

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