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When I awoke I was in the same room Setsuko had attended me in days prior. Yuko and Kohri were also in the room, sleeping on comfy red chairs.

"Ah, you're awake now, " Setsuko whispered as she entered the room. She put down a bowl filled with herbs on the nightstand. "I was about to make some more medicine. How are you feeling?"

"I'm...alive?" I asked.

She touched my arm. "Of course you are. Serrano might dislike you, but he wouldn't go that far. He did injure you pretty badly. It's been three days now."

I sat up. "Huh? Three days?" Damn, that jerk of her fiancé knocked me out that hard?

She grabbed some of the herbs that she had brought along with a bowl. She adverted looking at me in the eye. "Yes. It's partially my fault."

"How? You weren't the one who stabbed me with a rank three attack!"

She twirled her wavy hair. "It was the essence crystals that did it. I thought that applying them to your body would heal you quicker, but putting all of them into the same medicine caused you to fall into a coma."

I sat up and stared at her in awe. "You used your essence crystals on me? Why? You two won, didn't you?"

She nodded. "We did, but I thought you needed them more. Out of the five of us you're the weakest. Giving you the ten essence crystals has boosted your strength a little, hopefully it'll prove fruitful. Though they appear to have been also absorbed by your shield."

I smiled. "You first I thought you were a little on the rough side, but you're kind of a red rose."

She blushed. "What?"

I couldn't help but feel a little red too. "Nothing, ignore what I said. So, exactly by how much did my level and stats go up?"

"Your level has increased to five. Your defense has risen to 1% stronger than diamonf. Attack is still the same. Magic, I mean your special attack went up, so I'll say that you can learn some more complex basic spells. However, it'll be best to go to Xeleria to learn those."

Xeleria... Perhaps going there one day will help me strengthen not only myself, but Yuko too.

"Hey, are you listening to these stats or not?"

I laughed louder than I wished I had. "So your sister told the truth, you really are a gamer."

She covered her face with her bowl. "Please don't share it, it's embarrassing."


She grumbled. "Do you want to learn your stats, or not?"

"There's more?"

"Of course, there's skill, and special defense. Your skill stat determines your special abilities. You already had one."

"I have one? What is it?" I asked.

"It's responsible for your shield also levelling up. When I was making the medicine your shield absorbed the herbs and crystals. The result was a strong elixir. It's a broken ability if you ask me. The ability strengthens both your body and the shield with half of the amount of essence crystals that it would otherwise require."

"Yes!" I yelled. I slumped down a little. My face became red as I noticed her trying not to laugh. "I mean, before I know it I'll be able to defeat him."

"You mean Serrano?"

"Well there's him, but I was also thinking of Eiichi, " I responded. "I want to show him that this peasant can stand up for himself."

She grinned. "I hope you do, that guy annoys me. I don't know why Serrano has him as a friend."

"I'm not surprised. Serrano strikes me as elitist too, but in a more subtle form." Even though I had wanted to pretend he wasn't... "Excuse me for asking, but why haven't either of you broken up your engagement?"

She put down her bowl of


She shook her head. "Nothing, we might make things worse. Let's wait."

Suddenly Yuko's hat rose. Setsuko stared at the fluffy ears.

"She's...a tanuki? Yuko is a Kyuu Hyakuian? Where did you get someone who Kyuu Seishin?"

Ximena eyed Nori.

"He's one of them too, isn't he?" I said with my lips.

"Yes, " she responded.

I held Yuko tightly as her body burned up. "Please don't tell anyone."

Setsuko nodded and pulled the hat down. She let out a sigh of relief. "She appears to be leveling up. This have to be careful with her."

"Why? Because of who she is?"

She grimaced. "Kind of, but not because of what you're thinking of. Kyuu Hyakuians' natural energy takes the form of prana. It's slightly different than mana, so sometimes they can mix like now. Other times those differences result in the mix becoming lethal. Her body could've burnt up."

Yuko stopped convulsing. She opened her eyes. "Master...Lady Setsuko...what happened?"

I embraced her. "Yuko, don't scare me like that. Promise me that you'll stay away from essence crystals from now on."

She nodded, confused.

"Tetsuya, Setsuko!" Kohri yells, poking his head in. "The other knights are ready, are you two prepared?"

Setsuko stood up. "More or less. I just have to run a few quick health exams on Yuko and Tetsuya to make sure they're well enough to join us."

"Can you do the same for me?" Ximena asked. "I... want to save Serrano."

She glared at my friend but nodded anyway. "Alright. So long as you can fight."

"Nori too! Nori can fight! Nori was trained by soldiers!"

The princess took a step back. "Wait, you're that kid who Serrano said he found? He said that it was a twelve year old" She glanced at Yuko who now looked sixteen. "Oh... you're one of them too. Aren't you?"

He nodded. "Yeah, Nori is. Nori wants to go. Nori owes Serrano his life. Nori needs to repay mister and Ximena. Please!"

Setsuko grinned. "Alright. Now, line up! We might not have much time!"

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Yuko Akiyama- Age: 16 Birthday: October 27th

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