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I walked out of the castle's infimary and saw Serrano seated down in a bench with his hands crossed together as if in prayer. He glanced up as soon as he saw me.

"How is he?" he asked, his brow furrowed with concern.

I smiled and sat down next to him. "You care about him still, don't you?" I asked, poking his left cheek lightly.

He adverted his gaze. "No... well yes, but it's only because he's one of the five knights. Your father will be furious if I ended up killing one of the five."

"You know, you're just being a tsundere. Though you're right about my father needing him. He spared his life because of that, " I said as I crossed my arms over my chest. "Though you know that's not it. A friendship can't just die over night. Why you treat him like that, like you hate him?"

He sighed and glanced up at the starry night sky. "His crime, I can't overlook it."

"And if he's innocent?" I asked, leaning toward him. "What then?"

I closed his eyes. "I would love to think he is, but for now there's no proof that he wasn't. Kohri trusting him isn't enough proof. It isn't like he's is a living lie detector. He can make mistakes."

"Really? I don't know of any previous error in his judgment."

He opened his eyes and glanced directly at mine. His blue eyes looked gorgeous in the silver moonlight.

"How about him leaving the Knighthood until now?"

"You know why he did..." I gasped. "Wait, is the reason for why you don't want to trust Tetsuya until he's proven innocent because of what happened with your mother?"

He stood up. "I better go to sleep. I need to be ready for tomorrow's mission."

I stood up and grabbed his left hand. "Serra, you mustn't blame yourself for what happened all those years ago."

His reddened a little. "Don't... don't call me that. It reminds me of that guy. And you would be the same way if someone you loved got hurt because of you." He glanced back at me. "So... how is he doing?"

"He's healthy... though I sort of messed up in my treatment. I tried to give him a potion infused with the mana crystals I waged during our battle to strength him, but they were too much for his body to take. I don't think that he'll awaken for awhile. Kohri and that girl he was with are watching over him right now. Though I plan to stay here to make sure my mistake doesn't worsen his condition."

"I was hoping you would. I will be fine leading our group on my own." He stared at our hands. "You think my treatment of Tetsuya is unjust, but why are you threating him nicely? I know that you agree with Kohri that it wasn't him who raped Rosalba and your need to keep your father's knights alive and healthy for combat. But sometimes I feel there's more."

"More?" I asked, tilting my head at him.


Several days had passed since Serrano and I found Nori fleeing for his life. The child quickly adjusted to life here at the church.

Though it had been days since I last contacted Serrano. I hoped that he was alright...

Serrano, I hope that

istrict and sat down to eat. It was awfully close to the castle, but Nori didn't seem afraid. Which was a good thing. I had avoided taking him out beyond the slums in fear that he might have a panic attack. Serrano had told me that the guards were fired and detained for keeping a slave within castle grounds. Apparently the king had nothing to do with it...

Nori happily bit down on his fish. "Sooo gooodd!"

I patted his head which was covered by a baseball cap— meant to hide his cat ears. Though I wish he didn't have it. I loved petting his head. His hair was softer than any blanket I had ever touched.

Quickly, I devoured my roasted fish. Yeah, including the bones.

Suddenly I saw two soldiers limp by. One guy and one girl. I got up and saw that they were both badly injured. I would've been shocked that no one helped them, if I didn't know how numb the people here could be.

"Are you two alright?" I asked. "You both look like you could use some rest."

"We need to get a message..." the female soldier answered as she helped support the male.

"What kind of message? Maybe I can sent it for you, " I said. I glanced at Nori who had already made his way to the two. He closed his eyes and began to heal the two at once.

"It's for Lady Setsuko, " the male said as his feet gave in. I caught him before he could fall.

"The princess?"

"Yes... It's about Sir Serrano..." the girl said, coughing between words.

"Serrano?" I said. "What about him? Did something happen to him?"

She didn't. Thankfully she still showed signs of life.

"Let's carry her back to the castle."

Nori leaped, shocked. "The castle?"

"Yeah. Sorry for dragging you back there. But it seems that we have to get them a message" I glanced at the guy who seemed like he was ready to go unconscious at any moment. "Now. Before we go. Tell me, what happened to Serrano?"

"Sir Serrano... he and the others..."

**Solar Question: What do you think happened to Serrano?**

Nori- Age: 16 Birthday: May 21st

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