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I put my head on the table of the restaurant. All day we searched around, looking for a doctor who would attend her but none would take her in. We even went to look for that ghoulish salesman. However, even at night his shop didn't reappear where it was the night I had bought Yuko.

We had wasted a whole day's worth of training, but at least Yuko seemed happy, eating her food with joy. I touched my pouch of gold coins. I knew we weren't going to survive if we didn't get some more money. For that we needed to find and sell items we recovered from the Abyss or elsewhere.

"Are you alright, master?" Yuko asked. She fixed her blue hat which I bought for her to hide her ears. "You seem lost. Did Yuko do something wrong? I didn't reveal my secret, did I?"

I shake my head. "No, it's not you..." I let go of the pouch. "I was just thinking about what we should do tomorrow."

"Are we going back to that dark world? Yuko doesn't want to go." Her body shivered.

I couldn't blame her, even I didn't want to return to that awful world. We had barely made it out of there alive the first time. We haven't improved at all.

"First let's train with our weapons."

I recalled the training station at the castle, the place I got my first essence crystal. Rosalba mentioned that they could increase our power. Suddenly I recalled what it had done to her wound, it had healed it completely.

"I know this place...though I'm not sure if they'll allow us in."

She gives me a confused look. "Why not?"

I looked down. "Haven't you noticed yet? The way most people treat me? Only in this restaurant and at the weapons shop we visit am I allowed in. That's why no one would attend you."

"Oh, yeah. They all avoid Master, especially the girls."

I got up from the table. "It seems you're done. Let's go." The castle, would they allow me into the training station? Most likely not, but I had to try for Yuko's sake.

Yuko cleaned up after herself and came rushing back to my side. "Ready!"

"Ready for what?" a familiar voice called. It was Kohri. "Is this your new teammate?"

Yuko looked up at Kohri and smiled. "Yeah, I'm Yuko! Master found me!"

I patted Yuko's head. She really was a quick learner, I had only told her what to say if asked about her origins again.

Kohri studied her closely. He even sniffed her hair. "This girl, she's a member of the Kyuu-Hyaku clan?"

I grabbed Yuko's hand tightly. I was ready to run out of there.

He crossed his arms and chuckled. "You know, I have a friend who's one too. She actually smells an awful lot like this girl."

"Mister is a tanuki too?"

Kohri snickered. "No. I'm not." He glanced up at me with those icy-blue yet kind eyes. "Uh, actually... Hey, Tetsuya, would you mind if I tag along with you?"

"A friend?" Yuko asked. She glanced down at the table and bit her lip.

I let go of Yuko. "With us? Why?" I pulled him over to a corner of the restaurant. "You sure that's your final decision?"

Kohri laughed. "I told you already. I don't care. Plus I want to help battle those monsters. I can't leave you two, nor my brother risk your lives in that other realm while I stay here, doing nothing."

What an odd guy he was.

I grinned. "Sure, I'll be glad to have you back on me team. We need to practice. But first let's head to the castle, I'll like to get some essence crystals. We will need them if we hope to survive in the Abyss. I'll explain to you what it's like on the way there."

"Sounds good to me!"


The three of us left the restaurant and made our way to the castle.

"Kohri, " Hyosetsu snapped as soon as we arrived at the castle grounds. He stood guard by the main entrance. "What are you doing with this scumbag?" He took out his sword. "Don't tell me that you're in cahoots with him? Do you plan to overthrow the royal family?" Ice formed under his younger brother's feet. "If so then I'll destroy you here and now before you tarnish our family's name."

"Stop, " Yuko yelled, steppi

my shield for my dear life. The guy wanted to kill me! "Are you mocking me?" he asked.

I smirked as I managed to hold him at bay. "Maybe! After all, it seems that boy I once trained doesn't exist anymore."

His eyes narrowed and he pushed me against the wall.

Kohri swung his hammer, causing Serrano to retreat. Ice covered the entire space where Serrano once was.

Kohri was awfully fast with that heavy thing. "Stand up, I can't win this without you. Also, don't give too much attention to his title. I'll have you know that I'm also a former member of the Seven Hills." He moved swiftly and caught up to Serrano.

Serrano dodged and shifted positions with his soon-to-be-wife.

Setsuko's meteor hammer stuck Kohri's hammer, causing the entire room to tremble.

Yuko stood up. Her seat was showing signs of cracking. "Wow, " she said, mouth agape.

I struggled to move. Serrano glanced back at me and smiled. "Stay down, scum."

Scum? Oh that kid who I once played with was definitely gone!

I raised my useless shield in front of me. "Don'" My shadow danced under me as diamonds began to protrude from my back.

"You seem to take after your father." He charged at me but I was gone.

"I'm here!" I yelled, appearing behind him. I wasn't sure how I did that at the time, nor did I give it much thought.

Serrano covered himself in stone armor. The stones making up the armor danced around him elegantly, ever moving. "Oh great stones of the divine, come and aid me. Level 3: Precipice!" Seven crags rose around me, stabbing my legs and arms.

I shrieked even louder than when I was tortured. Dark crimson blood dyed the white floor deep red.

"Tetsu, " Kohri yelled, breaking away from Setsuko. He rushed over to me.

"Master!" Yuko screamed. She got up and stumbled across the sand to make it toward me.

Serrano reverted his sword back into an earring and walked away. "You're no match for me, boy. You should've known that the student out did the master long ago."

I kept my eyes on him. He was completely different... If I wasn't in pain then I would've lashed out at him with all of my remaining strength. But slowly my vision blurred until there was nothing but darkness.

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If you enjoyed the Episode then click on that star :). The song used for this chapter is called 'Story' which is song by Kensho Ono, the Japanese VA I imagine for Tetsuya if this story were ever made into an anime (and now you get what the 'cast' refers to xD). **

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