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"Where am I? Where is Yuko? Did you do this oh great divine one? You're quicker to smite than to help, aren't you?" I yelled as I glanced up at the everlasting darkness around me.

"The Kyuu Hyakuian girl is fine, " a voice boomed back.

"Who is there?" I moved, it was as if I was moving around in the Abyss... had I been brought back into that chasm? I continued walking in the direction I heard the voice come from... It was then that I saw a bright light. As I more I moved forward, the more I became overwhelmed by the radiance.

Finally, after walking in the darkness with my eyes closed, I came to a stop. Floating in front of me was a sphere of darkness chained by light.

"You've made it, Tetsuya Kuroriku, " the voice echoed.

I raised my arm but my shield was gone. "Who are you? Are you a demon?"

The voice snickered in a manner that was similar to my own. "I was born an angel but in the end, I died a demon. You know my name well, young child. I am he who became corrupted by rage and fell from grace. I am he who created the night and the shadows of this world. You, meanwhile, are Tetsuya Kuroriku— a young man who barely sins but yet is treated as a sinner. You young man carry my rage and also my blood."

I couldn't help but bow down a little. "You're... Lord Hanketsu."

"Raise your head child. Your friend will be saved."

I smiled slightly. "Really? Thank you."

"It's not me who saved her, nor was it our Creator, but you child. You entered despair and raged against the heavens thinking your efforts were futile... well sometimes it takes time to see one's efforts bear fruit. Child, don't think ill of the Divine One... he has been asleep for ages, yet he left a part of himself behind to help those in need. One day both of the Divine Ones will awaken but that day I am afraid to say is still a long time away."

I rose from whatever was below us. "He's asleep? So, our prayers really have fallen on deaf ears."

"Not exactly, but you might see that first hand one of these days. Also, I don't mean to sound cruel but everything in this world has a beginning and an end. Sometimes there is no stopping death's door. Trust me, I have lived seven lives."


"Yes..." He stared at the armor that I was wearing and smiled. "And I will live an eighth one...but not now...the wheel of reincarnation for me is in limbo...that child though will be born in a couple of years. I want you to do me a favor... give your rosary over to that child."

I clenched it tightly. "This has been in my family for years... I'm not sure if I'll be able to."

"You must... my previous life was defenseless without it. Please, give it to the child. I will appear to this person in a dream and have an exchange similar to this one."

I nodded. "Fine, I'll give it over to you when the time comes. But wait, how would I know it's you? I can't just ask every child in the entire universe."

A gentle laugh filled the light and the darkness. "I always reincarnate into the Kuroriku clan so that should narrow down your search."

I grasped the rosary tighter. "I'm not sure if I'll

child but something told me she was older than she looked. "I don't...gah let's stop talking about this. Hey, Yuko...your parents...what happened to them?"

She stopped walking. Her ears flopped down. Tears welled up in her eyes. "Yuko is an orphan...Yuko is alone."

I wanted to hug her but I held myself back. I was starting to get too attached to her...I wasn't even sure if I had cured her completely. I couldn't allow myself to get close to someone who might die so soon. "Yuko...come here." I faced the city while raising my hand behind me.

Yuko ran up to me and grabbed my hand. "Yuko forgot...Yuko does have someone."

"You do? Do you know where they live?"

She pressed her head up against my arm. "Yuko has her Master and he lives in a tent in a forest.

My face became red. "I didn't mean me! Uh, one last old are you?"

"Yuko is sixteen. Why do you ask?" Her eyes brightened up. "Is master asking because he wants to marry Yuko?"

I felt like pulling away from her and running far away. "Of course not! You might be five years younger than me but you're still a child in my eyes."

She didn't seem to listen. "Ashi Kuroriku has a nice ring to it!"

"No it doesn't!" I protested.

She let go of me. "Master is as red as pizza sauce." She danced around. "Yuko hopes that Master finds a special someone one day, even if that person isn't Yuko."

I ran after her. "Don't wander on ahead without me."

I was about to grab her hand but stopped...she was still a child in my eyes...yet I felt like a child myself whenever I'm around her. I hadn't felt like a kid since the days in which I lost my father and my favorite horse.

"Yuko. Before we eat let's go see a doctor." I had to figure out how to get Yuko help...I couldn't lose her... Though I had no confidence in meeting that strange guy who sold her to me. A doctor would do.

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