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Falling into the abyss was like falling from the sky and diving into an ocean at night...all at the same time.

We continued to fall until our feet struck a piece of a floating land made out of pitch black stone. Several single-eyed creatures latched the ground looked up at us and opened up mouths where there shouldn't be any.

I transformed my bracelet into its shield form. "Get ready to fight." I paused, I had forgotten to buy her a weapon and my shield only did little damage.

The girl took out a pen from her pants and raised it slowly. She was trembling as the creatures inched closer. She suddenly sprung up a long blade.

Where did she get that knife?

I shook my head. Now wasn't the time to ask questions. "Attack them!" I screamed, which in turn triggered the creatures to attack us.

She raised her arms and closed her eyes. I ran over to her and shielded her. "What's wrong? Fight, damn it! You're going to get us killed!"

"Yuko... Yuko's scared."

"Snap out of it and do something!" Blobs went around my shield and attacked us left and right. Thankfully they weren't very strong. I slammed my shield against several of them. They bounced to the ground like basketballs and came back down with a vengeance.

The blobs started to slam and merge with one another until they fused into a dark red, multi-eyed dog-like beast. The monstrosity leaped at my shield. I blocked it. The force sent me back. I felt the vastness of the abysmal space against my back. Behind me was the end of the cliff and rocks were falling down into the fluid-like world, but not before creating ripples— like pebbles hitting the surface of a lake.

Yuko raised her knife and charged at the beast. "Yuko won't let you push her master off of the cliff!" She stabbed the beast in the back multiple times. The beast stopped attacking me and turned its attention towards the girl. It charged at her and bit her arm.

I was a little dazed from battling it but I couldn't take time off. I slammed my shield against its multi-eyed forehead repeatedly. "Let go of her!"

The girl managed to move her knife just enough to stab it in the side of the jaws. The beast released her and flailed around with the knife still stuck in its gaping otherworldly mouth.

Darkness was pouring out of the wound like blood into water. It growled so loudly that I feared that backup could arrive. After awhile, the beast finally stopped screeching and fell to the floor with a loud thud. Its entire body dissolved; leaving behind only Yuko's knife and a white fang.

Squatting down, I picked up the penknife and fang. I raised the knife toward the only source of light; the sphere. It's long, thin bronze blade made me think more of a wand more than a knife. Wait, did she get it from her parents? She was a mage after all...

"Thanks, " the girl said as she took in deep breathes. She had her back against the rock wall. Her blood was flowing out similar to the beast.

It was strange. How was it that we should breath in such a watery realm? The water was like air... Though there was some difficulty caused by brea

k and wiped the blood from her mouth and poured the entire flask in at once. She coughed a little as it went down but it seemed to have worked.

It would take time for the medicine to take effect, I had to make sure she was breathing until then. I grabbed another clean rag and poured some water from my canteen over it. I applied the rag over her head to cool her down. It was then that a hand grabbed me.

Yuko opened one eye and tried to smile. "Mas...ter." She coughed up even more blood.

I looked away...looking at her brought back bad memories...sad memories from home. Back when I was her age I failed to save another living being.

I closed my eyes tightly. I needed help...but there was no one who could...the only one who could was him...

I bowed my head. I had stopped believing in a benevolent god ever since both my father and favorite horse died... and my experience these past few days didn't do anything to help me believe again. Though the only thing I could do, at that moment with a dying Yuko, was to pray...

"Oh great divine one, the one who together with the Earth Mother created this universe, I plea to thee to assist me in my time of need, " I whispered. "He who created the Seven Legendary Angels, he who created my ancestor, help this girl, breathe life into her anew." I kept repeating the prayer for some time until I tired of doing so.

I opened my eyes. Yuko was still in the same pain as before.

I snickered. Did I honestly expect a miracle to suddenly happen? It didn't happen all those years ago, and he wasn't there when I was all alone...

I raised my head toward the heavens. "Where are you oh great divine one? You must be sitting loftily in your throne, not lifting a finger at all...of course this rotten world wouldn't be so rotten if you did something about it!"

It was at that moment that a sort of miracle did happen. My hidden rosary glowed under my armor. The world around me transformed into a sea of shadows.


*Solar Question: Where do you think that Tetsuya is? And what, or who will he meet there?*

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